Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Brazilian Beef

Okay, so I have been massively remiss in my posts. Sorry. I have been very busy at work, sadly. I was promoted kasi to queen bee. Iba na talaga kasi long-leggedness, with matching side slit hanggang kilay. To be honest, I started this entry two months ago. Anyway, read on...


I was making visit a client the other day, and we had high tea (tszenez!) which lasted pretty much the whole afternoon. It was a productive meeting so I decided to reward myself... with a visit to a local beat.

Now, beats are a tricky little thing. Sometimes feeling ko Winona... sometimes, feeling Wet Sister (read: basang sis). It's really luck of the draw and no amount of botox (truckload, mga hija, TRAAAAK) in the world can help with that.

Anyway, I went into one of the cubicles, and peering out, I saw a head of curls across from me. That meant Mr Curly would be around 5'8? Or thereabouts? Not that it matters much; to be honest, ako naman, tall, short, young, old, whachevs!

Back to the story: I assumed he was standing on tiptoes at this point, and somehow found that very cute.

So I decided to stand up and unlock the door. I had been playing with my batuta so it was getting ready for action. He peered up from the door and saw that my door was open. There was a preview of my ewan, and he gave a "Pwede na" shrug.

Ako naman ang reakshen, "Tangina mo."

I was about to close my door (sheer gay pride!) when he opened his and I saw his body in its entirety. He was shorter than I am, around late 30's, and I'm sorry, walang fez value. Talagang Chaka the face till ever and back to Neverland, round trip. He was smiling sheepishly, and while it was a nice smile, it really could not redeem.

He had unbuttoned his flannel shirt, which was oversized to begin with, and it revealed a very thin body, no muscle whatsoever, with a bit of chest fuzz - definitely not enough to muzzle up against to. He was wearing torn grey jeans, and it was unbuttoned. I was about to close the door when he revealed his soft member...

... which was around 7 inches. Uncut. Soft.

At that point, my knees bent and I fell to the ground with matching Beyonce' whiplash. The clouds parted, light shone down from the heavens, and ... it was glorious!

I opened my door again and seeing that the coast was clear, walked to his cubicle and closed the door behind me.

My golly gulay, up close it was even better than I imagined. It was definitely porn star level. His foreskin was super thick which made his penoy look even bigger than normal.

Ka. Low. Kah.

I began making chupa and I have to say it's the most beauteous feeling ever. Of course, you can't make subo everything - I could only fit half of it in my mouth. The other half was enough for my hand. Yes, ladies and ladies, it was THAT big.

I continued sucking him off and my gulay he was loud! Gusto kong sabihin, "Hija, we are not alone, ha." Well, actually we were alone, but that was not the point.

He stopped moaning and looked down at me while I was doing my chupaliciousness. He pulled me up for a moment, said "My goodness, you are beautiful." Ako naman, CHENK YOU with matching blushness! Let's face it - I'm 7,000 years old, medyo (ahem) "chunky" and well, overall, not nice to look at.

I thanked him for the compliment, and asked him where he was from. "Brazil," he said.


The closest thing I've had to Brazilian meat was in a barbecue. And if this is what Brazil has to offer, well, YES-NESS!!! For sure!!!!

I sank down again, all the while, running my hands all over his body. He had no fat whatsoever, and he moaned as my fingernails dug deeper on his back. I licked him everywhere and my gulay, the more I explored, the more breathless he became.

He had an 11 incher, for sure, and was thick to the point that I could not wrap my hand around his penoy. Even if I tried to deep throat the guy, there was enough for one hand and a half to help him along. It was undoubtedly the biggest penoy I have ever had. I sucked on that for a long time, and I enjoyed it. He stopped me at one point because he said he was close, so I started on other things.

His balls were dark, hairless and slightly bigger than normal, although they looked small compared to his batuts. They were sensitive so that he told me to stop licking after a few minutes because he wanted to enjoy me more.

Ako naman, sige. Pero continue to explore of course! I spread his legs and saw his hole. He shaved so I could see where the hair starting to slowly grow, but it give a clear view of his virgin ass. I could tell it was unexplored territory which he confirmed later on. I licked it slowly at first, and then with more vigour.

That took him over the edge. He whispered he was cumming, and I quickly put his penoy back into my mouth. He came - not too much though. Maybe 3 bursts and after that he was spent. His juice was a bit bitter - I was not a fan personally. Pero since it came from that horse, I was ok with it.

We both washed up and walked out, talking like old friends. He said he didn't do this too often but his wife was mad at him (or something like that - honest, the accent, like his batuta, was very thick). He said he was very happy to meet me and would like to meet again soon, because he was not able to help me out.

Well, let's see how next time pans out.


Anonymous said...

Winner ang lolah!

alen said...

kaloka nga. parang upo ba?