Thursday, 1 December 2016


Now let's fez it. I've gotten to the point of no rechurn. I've finally truly aged.

Napapansin ko lang na the glances are getting few and far between, and those who glance are now past the bingo numbers themselves. The fag-gets no longer smile and their raised eyebrows now vomit out a different meaning.

And such is life, nough?

But once in a while, may himala. Case in point: gym showers today.

On days like today, I love taking long showers. If not for play, then maybe for perve. When this guy entered, automatically I Linda-Blaired. Mega-kalukray! He was clearly Lebanese with matching full beard. He was one of the few gym members who was really beautiful, totally porn worthy. He was built like a fafa and ... just speechless akish!

Anyway there were only eight shower cubicles (no door so easy to look), four each side, super convenient. As in mega love!! He took a stall that was farthest from mine, which also happened to be the closest to the liquid soap. In my head, winner! That means may I tingin ako while pretending to get more soap.

And that was the plan. I wash myself a bit under the running water, tacos soap with matching tinggin. Walk to shower and rinse again.

To be honest, in hindsight, I think he knew. Let's face it - there's only so much soap a man really needs. So medyo I was surprised na by the 6th time, I went to the dispenser to realise: syet. May hardon ang Lady Gaga! He was still slightly turned away from me so at one point I wasn't too sure but as I was removing my doubts, he turned full on to face me.

Definitely nota republic!

He looked at me straight in the eye, and smiled. Abba! Chiquitita! With both hands, he gestured to his penoy and had a look of "sige" I walked closer to him and reached out to grab his penoy. 

It was a nice nota, very hard and the skin was very tight. It was around 4 inches, semi hard, pero very thick. It actually matched his frame well. Sadly circumcised pero such is life. He shaved everything from chest downward so it was so weird seeing him with a hairy beard and nothing else. No chest or armpit hair - it might be a Lebanese thing. Who knows?

Anyway I reached for the penoy and managed to tug it for 5 seconds and then he pulled my hand away. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down, a little too rough for my liking pero at least I got the hint.

I was on my knees and in front of me, a shaved penoy. That was when the earthquake really began. He grabbed the base of my head and pumped away. Ako naman sanay as action but this was really different to usual. Talagang galit sya!

What made things more difficult was that the water was still running and water running down his body and onto my face... well it made for good porn pero tangina I needed to breathe!

Still, professional! I kept at it. A few times I popped out to catch my breath pero he just forced it back in. Gusto ko tuloy kagatin! I was starting to not enjoy myself despite the fact he was truly a specimen.

In a few minutes, he grunted and came in my mouth. No warning, ha. To make it worse, I could tell he ate asparagus recently. Yuckness!
He pulled out of my mouth and turned around to resume his shower. He sighed and grunted something that sounded like disgust as I walked away.

I guess the lesson here is that some eye candy is not worth biting into.

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Anonymous said...

Luz Valdez, kahit na laman tiyan pa din nabingwit mo.