Sunday, 13 November 2016

Screwing Sandpaper

Hi Alen: Thanks for the comment. I am back for a bit - not sure how long I can keep it up, but hey, you can never can tell (haha).

This little event happened a few months back. I didn't post about it then, because it wasn't my favorite event in the world... but hey, it was what it was.

I walked in to a local Marrickville sex shop that had a sex room in the back. Some of these guys are really not gay - a good chunk of them are sad, closet cases but hey, that's their drama and I'd rather not focus on that.

Anyway, I sat down, and watched the film. It was not the best show in the world - a chick with a dick who was jacking off and playing with her butt hole at the same time. Since no choice naman ako, I decided to just sit and wait for a better movie.

As my eyes adjusted to the dark room, I noticed that there were only three of us. One guy was in his 60's, black and big, and he was obviously stoned off his face. The other guy three seats to my right was a different story - he had muscle under that fat, but he was still cute as.

I decided that I should take matters to my own hands - or in this case, my mouth. I stood up, and walked over to the black guy first. His pants were unzipped, so it was really just a matter of opening up a flap and taking out his cock. It was surprisingly cut and thick, around three inches. The guy slid down his seat for a bit, giving me better access to his cock. His pubes were short and his cock was semi-hard and smelled of smoke.

I normally don't like smelly cocks, but his cock was really quite nice to act on so I decided why not. I began pumping like a train and it was getting to hard... ish. He began moaning and was clearly enjoying it.

After a minute, I heard shuffling of seats and I looked behind me. The other guy was now an arm's length away, and my gulay he was rough looking. He was around mid-50's, white but tanned to a rough leather skin. He had brown, tousled hair, and under his jacket, he had his construction outfit, dirty and smelly... and somehow sexy.

Anyway, I continued sucking the black guy off, but angled my head so that I can see the other guy as well. Not stopping the sucking, I reached out and started massaging the other guys crotch. His zipper was wide open and his undies were pulled under his hairy balls. I began massaging his member and it was thick. Super thick. And uncut. And rough.

Okay, I was not sure why, but his cock was really dry. But ... that never stops me.

I turned my attention to the other guy - and began sucking him off. He was clearly enjoying it and raised his hand to the other guy, who high-fived him back. He then leaned back and reached over to the other guy to jack him off.

Personally, I actually liked the white guy because he was really into it. He also had a better cock. However, part of me thinks that the black guy would be a challenge, and I wanted to see if I could make him come.

So I went back to the black guy and went to town. I continued to jack the other guy off for a few seconds but he stood up. Initially, I thought he had lost interest or just wanted to watch. But in a few seconds, I felt a couple of hands managing my belt loose. I continued sucking off black guy while my pants and jocks pulled to my knees. He spread my cheeks apart, and started licking my ass. Like his cock, his tongue was surprisingly rough but hey, it felt really good.

I continued to suck on the guy while the guy went down on me. He then stood up and lubed me up. He fingered me and then, angled his cock onto my hole. With a gentle nudge, he was inside me. Even then, I could feel the roughness of his cock on my hole. Pero no complaints!

The white guy began pounding away, and my God, I felt his power. His hands were rough on my waist and it was clear that he meant business. Talagang walang patawad!

The white guy did not have the biggest member, but my God, he was definitely into it. He began grunting with every pump and it was just kalukring! It was like getting a gorilla fuck me raw.

He was definitely hard as fuck, and because he was really thicker than usual, I really wanted to get more lube up. I stopped sucking the black guy, and said "Can you add more lube, mate?" But the guy just kept on pumping away, and to be honest, I just felt like I just wanted to finish anyway.

I continued sucking on the guy, with his semi-hard dick getting harder and softer in intervals.  To be honest, I wasn't too sure if the black guy was really into it, but I was also starting to get a bit sore down there.

I looked up and voila, the black guy was officially passed out. Wow. My talents were clearly not enough. Letche.

At that point, the white guy began grunting louder and with one trust, he came in me. I could feel a couple of bursts of cum in me while his hands slammed down on my shoulder blades.


He turned around and saw him breathing hard as he slowly pulled out of me. He said "Don't worry - I'm negative"

(Like I totally believe that)

As he slipped back on his butt. I looked up at the black guy and he was still out like a light.

At that point, I felt it was time to make my exit. I stood up and pulled my undergear together. I turned around and the white guy was on his corner seat. He looked at me, gave me a weak salute and began watching the porn again.

I conjured a weak smile myself, and walked out the door. I looked at the black guy and he was still asleep, his half-hard cock leaning against his leg.

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alen said...

baka naman nag kolap sa sarap? hahahaha!