Saturday, 22 October 2016

Irish Spring

Dear friends,

Sorry for the long delay in my entries.

I haven’t been well, to be honest. Not STI but equally challenging. Still fighting the good fight, and I’m sure I will be ok soon.

I’m still single, despite the number of dates. So far, no luck.

So I’ve resorted to one night stands and such. The best one was an Irish guy, mid-50’s. We met in a movie house in Kings Cross. Yes, it was one of **those** cinemas that showed straight porn.

See, the nice thing about places like this is that it attracts the guys who are masculine (my type) and rough around the edges. The last guy I met there was so hot who reminded me of my hot ex (who happened to be a model). He was a drunk Eurasian  muscle boy… who turned out to have a 2 inch cock. So, thanks for the fun 2 minutes but gulay, no thanks. Walang challenge.

ANYway, I was there, waiting and watching girl on girl action (sigh. yuck.) and in he came. He was wearing a construction outfit, but (thank goodness) he was not smelly. In fact, in fairness to him, he smelt of vanilla and musk.

That was the first thing I noticed when he sat beside me.

The second thing I noticed was that he was looking at me. At first, deadma kunwari but I was looking out of the corner of my eye. As always, Maria Clara.

But I decided to go for gold and look at him. He was cute, wrinkly but given he was a labourer, forgive. Olay model, he was not.

ANYway, he sat beside me, and I saw immediately the wedding ring. Ah, yes, you must love these closet cases.

It didn’t take him long to pull off his pants, and he was already half-hard. It was cut (how sad) but it was long and thin. It wasn’t the ideal, but it was good enough.

I went down on my knees, and he was ready to go. He pulled down his pants and jocks, and I saw his thin but muscly legs. Hairy sha, but I love it. He kept his top bush slightly trimmed, but his balls and legs were untouched and hairy.

Loved it.

I began my bit, knowing all too well that other guys were around, watching us. I kinda liked being watched, and I think the Irish guy knew it too. He spoke to me in whispers and I have to say that I only understood him half the time. He had a beautiful accent which truly got in the way of my understanding.

Anyway, I stood up and was hoping he could suck me off. But sadly he said he was not into that. He was willing to jack me off, but I decided it was not fun enough. He was willing to suck my nipples and while that was erotic, it was… not me.

I went down on my knees as he stood up, and I continued my thing. He was bucking like there was no tomorrow, and I grabbed his ass – my God. Super firm. My hands continued up and down his body, and his shirt eventually came off, with the name of his company on it. My hands reached up and tweaked his very small nipples.

At that point, he came in my mouth, and that was that. He had roughly four rounds of cum for me, the third one being the biggest load. His spunk was bitter, and not quite tasty, but I do appreciate cum when it is warm and fresh.

He thanked me and his accent made his thanks even cuter. I wish I took his number. I would not have minded his juices in me, but I guess I could chalk that to coulda shoulda woulda.

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alen said...

welcome back! toast for the singleness. may it end soon! haha! mwah.