Sunday, 28 February 2016

Red Cherries

Now, of course, the date with Red has come and gone.

Let me sexplain. He was a Grindr date, and to be honest, he was one of the more peculiar ones around. We talked about chuvah and chenez for around a week, and decided, "sige, let's meet up." I normally don't date 18 year olds, pero ziggy ziggy sputnik. He was very strange about the entire thing, and what I found weirder was that he deleted his profile after we started SMSing. Ako naman, JUH-HURL! Warning bells. Baka naman it turns out he was a stalker or nut job. Afraid akish.

Anyway, day comes, and here he comes, dressed quite nice and casual in his black jeans and white shirt. Hindi kagandahan ang fez (as in. truly.) pero cute naman siya dahil super boyish ang appear. Toned, for sure. We talked for a bit and decided to go for coffee. I went to a cafe that's not too crowded so we could chat na kami lang.

It was a nice conversation naman. It made me feel at ease. While sipping my chai latte, he confessed na, he was horny and ready to go... and beergin zsa.

At this revelation, nalukrey akish. Chai latte spilled, quite graciously I might add, out of my nose.

Graciously, of course.

We chatted about this kasi, well, I don't like forcing people into situations. I told him, in my most Lola Basyang voice, "hija, are you sure about this? Do you want me to be your first?"

He shrugged and smiled.

O sige. Game, game, mga bakla!

We paid (well, I paid) our bill and decided to head off to my place. Of course, may I light the incense, pull the curtains closed, and dim the lights.

I turned around and he was already naked and super hard na sya.

Oh, the wonders of youth talaga!

Anyway, he was toned, as I noted (trained eye talaga) but definitely not gym buff. He still had baby fat in him, and I thought it just increased his cuteness value. He was definitely pale all over, and his reddish pubes were a sight to hold against his raging penoy. His foreskin was tight naman but he said it was ok.

I knelt down and said "it's definitely ok" and proceeded to suck it hard. My gulay... it was heavenly. It was around 7in long, thin on top but the middle part was very thick. Para syang butt plug.

I love it. I had to stop at one point and say "Your dick is one of the best cocks I've ever had in my mouth" and continued to play around.

At this point, he was lying on the bed and his legs were spread wide. His ass had deep red hair as well, and at one point, he guided my hand towards his hole. Ako naman, why finger when you can tongue? So I proceeded to rim him and that's when his legs really spread apart. Ang sarap niya talaga. At that point, he was playing with his nipple and his other hand began jacking his penoy.

Ako naman, No no no, hija. You don't touch. It's all about the service. So I alternated between his ass and his dick, and he just went nuts. This happened for around a good 5 minutes.

After a while though, I decided ako naman. I stood up and asked him to suck my dick.

Yes, he was obviously new at this.

At that point, I gave up. I knew it was not going to happen. The good side though was that my ass was hovering above his penoy. And I knew it was bingo time.

I got some lube and did me and him. He was breathing heavily at this point and as soon as I sat on him, my god. heaven. As in such a perfect fit.

He slowly pumped and I moved with him. At this point, I got lost in the feeling and my dick was just so pumped and ready to go.

Within a minute, I came on his chest with minimal help from my hand. He just hit my prostate so well.

After a few minutes, I stood up and so did he. He showered up and came back - hard on still happening!

Ako naman, sige. I sucked him off and rimmed him. At that point, I looked at his dick and said this dick was amazing. He said take a pic (and so I did).  I also had a video of him jacking off, red pubes clearly seen. Love it.

He came all over and it was sweet.

He cleaned up and I dropped him off at the station. He thanked me for taking his cherry, and thanked me for it.

A few days ago, I tried SMSing him. No reply. I tried calling him. Dead number.

I guess that was it. At least I have a video and a pic to remind me.