Monday, 7 December 2015

Wishing well


I wish I had a more exciting update. May Shakira ang lolah niyo with matching love-nat and Ooh-vough Ledesma. Must be that time of year.

Anyway, in case some of you were wondering, Edward and I are talagang over na... as in, ever. Even on FB. The only thing to remember him by are the pics of his penoy that I took while he was tulog. I know, I know... I can't help it. Kazi naman, gintong ari award sya 2015, 2016 till EVER. Sometimes I even look at those pics at work, and once (yes, ganito akong kalukerz) left the pic as my phone wallpaper pero I thought if my clients saw it, tigbakacious ang gaga, so I changed it after a day.

Tempted to post those pics one day, but for now, sa akin na lang sya. I can pretend he was mine all this time. *sigh*

Dating terms... wis. The closest is Craig, a BEAUTIFUL Greek guy who is super hairy all over (which I like) and has super hard and super sensitive nipples~! He's 51 years old, around 6'1, works as a construction contractor, and toned body - not built like a tank, but toned enough to confidently walk around without a shirt on. He looks like a Mediterranean Pierce Brosnan... Chalukers!

Problem? He's absolutely horrible in bed! For one, hindi super big ang notary public niya. It's decent enough, but ... darling, hardly challenging. He doesn't even have foreskin so parang boring sya. I mean, he seems not too enthusiastic about sex, and tuloy, hindi sya give na give in the act.  I can see that he's an acquired taste. After a few dates, I can see a lot of the Grindrs saying "Thanks but no thanks". The first impression is fantastic but everything REALLY goes downhill from there.

Anyway, I better stop na. This is starting to just depress me. Back to looking at Edward's patolalala.


alen said...

sorry to hear that. ikaw ba yung lumaho or siya or nawala na lang talaga on both ends? kalungkot...

Simon said...

:( Hope everything gets better it is a new year :) BTW we have the same blog background haha :) Coincidence much?