Thursday, 17 September 2015

Maori Fever

I like ... men. And I mean, muscles... I don't mind twinkies, but I most certainly prefer bulldogs to chihuahuas. Sa akin, secondary ang laki ng ari. All sizes are fine by me (very accommodating tayo, friends!).

Now, the story for today... I happened to cancel a meeting with a client (my fault - I wasn't able to finish my homework), and dahil sensitive ang ulo ng lolah nyo, I called in sick, saying that I had a headache.

I walked home, hoping the fresh air would help clear my head. However, as I walked close to one of my fave beats, I couldn't resist. I ducked inside and crossed my fingers.

YAHEZ! There were three closed cubicles - meaning there were three potentials. I took the fourth cubicle, which meant that all of us were within eyeing distance. I locked my door but kept standing para naman they knew I was game for game.

Within seconds, heads popped up, one by one. The one across me was an older gent, around 60. He was... well, ho-hum. The way he smiled just turned me off kazi naman para syang Emperor Palpatine.

The other guy beside him opened his door and I had a peek. He was around 50 years old, kinda short, but he had a lovely dark complexion. I couldn't see him clearly so I decided to open my door as well to see more.

As I stepped out, to my right, a young Asian guy was standing, mukhang super hayok. I somehow thought that was a turn off as well. Di ko alam kung bakit... Para bang if you want it too much, it becomes ... ewan ko nga ba... I mean cute sya, ha, pero di ko feel.

Anyway, I stepped out into the light, penoy in hand. The other guy did too, and I finally saw the offering. He had olive-ish skin, and he was quite stocky, clearly some sort of Pacific Islander. He had a rugby outfit on, and his penny was peeking through his shorts. His was uncut, short - around 3 inches but decently thick, ha!

I liked what I saw and given that the other two didn't tickle me talaga, I walked to his cubicle and he locked the door behind me.

He looked at me, smiled and kissed me. Ako naman, "Ay brumantic! Sige na nga!" We played tongue hockey for a bit while our hands went elsewhere. He pulled out of the kiss, and pulled the bottom of his shirt above his head while I yanked his shorts to his knees. That gave me a very clear view of his body - and I have to admit: I like!

He was clearly a gym rat at one point in his life but he has let himself go a bit - his chest was massive, only to be outdone by his beer belly. (Ako naman, very forgiving sa mga ganyan - after all, friends, we are getting there.) I loved his Maori tattoo that swirled around his nipples and onto his shoulder. He was... I dunno the right word: siksik? He clearly had muscles but the fat was also there. Chunky is a nice word for it as well. Anyway, it was truly hot!

I began to massage his chest, tapos I kissed and bit and licked his nipples. There is something so hypnotic about dark protruding nipples! With the tattoo pa, it was really magical! I went Lady Gaga on those things, and I just loved it! I did everything from twirling to biting, from tip action to full cat tongue. The entire time, his eyes were rolled back in pleasure.

While this was happening, my hands were preparing his member for action. Now, the issue I have with his is that it was really nicely thick ... pero talagang three inches lang! Lovely foreskin pero jacking him off was truly a challenge. Weird kasi na super taba pero medyo liit siya.

I decided to start the deed, and sank to my knees. That was when he really got into it. He groaned a "yeah!" and slightly tilted his hips forward. I looked closely at his and I have to admit: It was strange having my mouth open that wide - hindi sanay! - but it was not an impossible dream naman. In a way, I liked it actually kasi it's something new.

Obvious na his penoi has truly been active for a while now. Kitang-kita sa foreskin eh! Super loose and for me, it was cute! Something else for me to play with while making chupagelious. He clearly loved it because he had one hand on my head and the other on the top of the cubicle wall. I was pumping away while both my hands were moving around from his fairly meaty ass cheeks to his nipples and back.

I loved it. The feeling of his penny in my mouth was just hamayching! It was like blowing on a stubby beer can!

Clearly, he liked it because within a couple of minutes, he started gasping for air, and as he spread his legs apart, I began massaging his hole with my middle finger as my mouth pumped up and down. As he exploded in my mouth, he sat down gently on my stiff finger and I wiggled inside him (he was quite... loose) one finger first, then another, as he came in my mouth again and again... and again.

After half a minute, he slowly stood up, his eyes still closed, his hairless, tree trunk legs quivering. I pulled out my fingers (very clean!) and my mouth was quite full of his seed. I had to spit quite a bit into the bowl (no, seriously, it was a deluge!) and I took some sheets of disposable wipes to clean my mouth (you know me, girl scout of the year - laging hada, i mean, handa).

He quickly buckled his shorts and unlocked the door.  He jumped into another empty cubicle, and based on the sound effects, he was cleaning himself as much as he can. I wanted to offer my wipes, but as I lingered outside the cubicle, he shot me a look above the door that said "Fuck off".

Fearing that he could use his eyelashes to beat the living pechay out of me, I decided to walk away. I didn't need to nut naman to enjoy. That was enough for me.

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