Thursday, 6 August 2015

So Edward... (part two)

This is really a continuation of the previous story, kazi that afternoon was... amazing in its own way.

After the last guy, I went back to the other cubicle and waited. It was a good romp, but bagets really did nothing for me. Gusto kong sabihin: "Yun lang?" but let's be gracious, ladies.

I closed the door and cleaned myself. Buti na lang I have 1 billion wet wipes. I took out my iPad and played movies from the net while waiting. I have one million gig of data naman from Vodafone so I could afford (when it worked, that is) to watch watchayvur.

After 20 minutes or so, I heard the door open and close, and the cubicle door in front of me locked into place. At this point, I wasn't too sure kung puliz (and yes, that has happened in the past) or fafa. Buti na lang, in this case, fafa!

He was around mid-50's, and he had a bit of a pouch on him - given the firmness, it's definitely a beer belly. But he was dressed really well, 6 foot tall so his weight wasn't obvious naman. He had a full blown beard, and from his neckline, he was obviously balbon. He obviously goes to the gym but doesn't engage in full-on lifting.

Pero jhurls: Ang fez value: Winnar! Super guwapo - very kind eyes and his smile was enough to make me drop / wet my pants.

But I digress.

ANYway, I made a show of standing up and tilting my body, para naman kita the Melanie Marquez long leggedness. Buti naman he was game too! In a few seconds, he rushed into my cubicle, hands on my cheeks! 

Avaugh! Demanding ang fough-tah!

As he undid his belt, I knelt and waited for the milagro - and grow it did. It was nice 6 incher, makapal pero kaya sa laban naman. Sadly, it was cut, but hey, hindi naman ako bigot - love for all shapes and sizes, sabi ng Ms Universe contestant... 


Anyway, I began sucking him off, and he made sabunot the hair. Buti na lang buhok rejoice, or else! He was a bit on the rough side, but hey, I could take it naman so I just went with the flow. Slowly but surely, his penoy became rock hard and I did not complain.

I looked up at this point, and saw that he had unbuttoned his business shirt - my gulay! Burt Reynolds ang chest niya! Eyelurvit!

I angled myself so that I can play with his chest and nipples, and continue with my oral delivery. He opened his mouth and moaned lowly. Shet. Turn on! I began pumping even faster and he rolled his eyes back.

At this point, I was ready to rock and roll. I took out the condom and put it on his throbbing member. He was a little bit surprised about this, but he seemed good to go.

I leaned forward and after lubing up, he slowly put it inside me. He was significantly bigger than the last guy, so it was a little bit painful but after a while, I got used to it naman.

He grabbed me by the hips and began pumping me - hard. As in, nauntog akish! Graveh!!! I am used to rougher guys but he was just... rough. He did it really fast, as though he was trying to drill for my tonsils. I had to grip the walls so that I don't fall over. Several times, he slapped my ass so hard, it felt closer to a punch.

After a few minutes, I had to stand up a bit and say "Hold on - wait." And he did slow down to a crawl and then I noticed his rock hard cock quickly limp into softness. It was so weird. I think he needs to give it rough to stay hard, and to be honest, thanks but no thanks.

I stood up and said "I had to go" and he unfurled the supot covered by tissue. I got it from him and noticed that there was white stuff in it.

I looked at him, puzzled really.

He shrugged and said "I came maybe a minute or so before you told me to stop... I just figured you were having too much fun."

I stared at him, shocked that he didn't miss his cadence in the act. 

Of course, I asked for his number.

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alen said...

burt reynolds?! may nakakakilala pa ba don?! kaloka! hahaha!