Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Post Heaven Highs and Lows

This is a very strange entry. I feel... sad. bad. naughty. evil.

Ewan ko nga ba.

This song fits my mood, so I'm putting a link here.

Edward came over again. We watched Jurassic World muna, then home to drink beer, played Twister (horridly - kasi naman in Bryce Dallas Howard heels!!!), and well, we played around. When I said played around, I meant we cuddled in bed as always while he was in his rocket ship PJs (no joke!) and I was in my Victoria's Secret lingerie (possibly a joke).

ANYway, as always, we had a few drinks and he became more ... affectionate? He kissed me on the forehead (FOREHEAD LANG?!? TAMA BA YAN?!?!) and said he loved spending time with me.
Did he say he loved me? Moochang hindeh.

I assumed this moment of "love" was because of the drink... but this time, we definitely went overboard... as in, by 2:30AM, he and I were... well, close to passing out. Still hindi ko alam why I can drink him under the table... maybe it's because I'm always hayouk (GANOUN!) despite my demure Maria Clara facade (talahgang!).

So. Fast forward to 3 AM. He was senglot to the ever. I was hayoque in need to dilig.

So ayun. Stupid hat on. Tangal his PJs and down, I went. At first, it was thin and small, around 3 inches. Pero within a minute of working it, it definitely grew... and oh, my. His penoy was beautimous. Kapal the foreskin, and while the head was small, the base was super thick, and it was around 7 inches and it was only hard-ish at this point. Because he trimmed his pubes, maganda the effect. Truly gorgeous.

Throughout the entire experience, he was out for the count, and my better judgement flew out the window. I stopped sucking his cock, and lubed my middle finger with my mouth. As soon as I thought it was wet enough, I spread his legs and continued sucking him off while my middle finger slowly went down his hole.

It went in smooth and easy.

As I continued going down on him, I kept looking up at him, expecting him to wake up. Still, he kept on lightly snoring, and somehow I thought it was a sign. (wtf???)

As my finger did the deed, I noticed that his hardness went down a bit, and so I stopped. As soon as my finger slid out, a sober voice popped in my head: “This isn’t right.”

And it wasn’t.

I stopped sucking him off, and pulled up his PJs. In a few seconds, he actually stirred, and grabbed his softening dick. He looked at me briefly with a confused, angry look but went back to sleep almost immediately.

I slept beside him, but no sooner did I close my eyes, when my alarm rang. 6:30AM na? Ha? I got up, prepped breakfast and by the time coffee arrived, Edward slumbered out of the bedroom. He smiled weakly: “Good morning” and sat down.

I won’t bore you with the details, but in summary, I don’t think he was aware of what happened. This was a couple of days ago, and we haven’t SMSed since. He sent me an email, pero I sent back a short and polite reply. No FB messages yet, and I think it’s best this way.

Please don’t rip me to shreds for this. I already feel awful. My better judgement passed out with the amount of alcohol and that just isn’t cool.

Ito na ang kumpisal ko. 

Edward, exit left. For both our sakes.


alen said...

you grew a conscience while sucking him. hay...

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Actually, I prefer na alcohol wasn't part of the decision making process...