Thursday, 18 June 2015


So. Edward stayed overnight. Again.

The entire day, we were talking about classic porn we watched as kids. My favourite was The Devil in Miss Jones while his was Deep Throat (Please don't judge - walang Sean Cody in the 80's... ESTE, early 90's pala)(cough).

(Side note: does anyone remember the fashion catalogue International Male? Oh, the memories!!!)

Of course, you can only imagine what the conversation was like - Thank goodness FB does not censor PMs.

We had dinner (as part of the Ms Talent portion, I cooked a four course meal in matching Betty Draper outfit). We had wine, three bottles in total (talajang all out, ghurls!) and we ended up cuddling in bed.

Now at this point, you'd think na we'd be at it like bunnies.


We cuddled but that's it. He placed his hand na on the lower part of my back and I had my hand on his tummy (omg, talagang super hard at halos zero fat - Core strength galore!). I was wide awake and heart thumping, so obviously ready na akish for the grand finale.

To start, I was massaging his knees and as the human body is limited in its angles, my elbow ended up on his junior. Sigh. From my expert opinion, it was clear that he was not finding the cuddling experience... arousing.

After a few minutes, I looked up pero he was out for the count.

 I kissed him on the lips and went to sleep.

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