Sunday, 31 May 2015

Eurovision Weekend

Edward: The Saga/Drama Continues

So Edward decided to drop by for Eurovision - normally, I would have a couple of friends watch the show with me, especially now that Australia joined for the first (and last) time. However, I wanted some quiet time with Edward, so my friends watched elsewhere while I readied myself for a Saturday night cuddle.

He liked the first few acts, but he wanted to watch AFL instead. Cha-ineez! Pinagbigyan ko ang low-kah, but with the rule na he has to wake up with me for the 5AM live show. He said yes, so sige. So we watched GayFL and it was... nice. There was a lot of beer involved, and we had a game with tequila shots - by 11PM, we were ready to hit the sack.

We cuddled in bed - and dahil malamig, HE WORE JEANS TO BED. Gusto ko siyang sigawan: baka magmancha!!! Pero buti na lang hinjie.

I think the frustration comes from the fact na I can see what he has to offer but no go, talaga. As a joke, I cupped his balls, and he didn't stop me from playing with them, so yun! I got to play with his yagballs through the jeans.

But when I ventured upwards, ayan! He stiffened up (in the wrong way) and stood up. I stopped, coughed a bit, aaaaand things just became awkward.

Part of me thinks he wanted to cuddle and be romantic and all of that shit, but he doesn't want the sex.


We both ended up in bed, with my hand on his shallow bellybutton, and when I woke up the next day, he was already rugged up in the sofa, waiting for me to join him in Eurovision watching.

Sunday morning passed, he left after breakfast, and before I knew it, BOOM. Monday.

I tried to shake off the entire weekend, pero I just couldn't. I ended up going to a beat and getting it on with this strawberry blonde guy who was... well, not so nice to look at, but he had a stiff dick that was raring for action. He was around 5'11, and around early 30's. His body had zero muscles with all the baby fat in the wrong places. In all honesty, it really was cringe-worthy.

BUT on the good side, he had LOVELY pubes, and his cut cock was around 6 inches with a decent girth. GAME ON, JHURLS!

He plowed me in the cubicles and I just had to pretend that Edward was doing me. The awesome part about this was that he was showering me with compliments about how handsome I was and how he was so turned on about me.


I think what made it more painful was that strawberry blonde was asking for my name and number para Part 2, but I was like, sorry darling. One off lang.

*Sigh* Until next time...

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Autumn Bluez

I got two anon replies in the last post, pero one disappeared. However, I have decided to reply to it anyway... After all, I need practice for my Question and Answer portion sa Mizz Univerze.

"Is it safe to swallow? Bareback?"

Hellerrr. The answer is always no. FYI: You can get seroconverted via BJs (implausible, but possible) as well as hadashi, so in all honestly, mas Winona pag may chondom. However, medyo rebelde ang lolah niyo. Am I being stupid? Yes.

Autumn is always a strange time in Sydney. Sun is out and about... but the beats are strangely erratic. I dropped by the usual places at the usual times, and well, it's been quiet to say the least. Hindi mabenta ang aking Pata Tim! Atchuweteh ang lolah niyo!

Anyway, I was sent to Tasmania for work, and sadly, no ackshown... In fairness, super cold mga badich, so not surprised that people are just using Grindr and waiting for the graces to fall on their laps. I nearly had hookups there, pero at the end of the day, I just ended up with Mariong Palad - not that I mind. Besides, my horrendously heavy laptop is filled with enough legally downloaded porn to host a virtual library!

When I got back, I started the dating scene again. I don't know why. I started my dating with an easy one - a 6'2 Chinese guy, cute. Super bata, as in early 20's, pero he was into older guys daw so sige, despite the 6-year gap (TALAGANG ILUSYONADA! Kalowkerz!), I decided why not, chocnut?

Well, that fizzled really, really fast. Ang kerning gintong ari, medyo short pero my gulay super thick - parang beer can! So medyo weird ang feeling. I think to make it worse, he wanted me to take charge of everything in the relationship, and the power dynamic is... well, I just didn't like it. I prefer to be with an equal as opposed to someone I need to take care of. Maybe it's just lack of chemistry. Maybe I just don't like teaching a kid how to have sekz. Ewan ko nga ba.

And then there is Edward. Now Edward is... cute. Super gym body, surfer, professed bi-sexual pero he is not into sex daw, at least not just yet. He's very romantic in texts and messages, pero once we sit down and talk - parang wala siyang feelings. I think naman he's honest pero there's something about him that is stopping him from actually diving into the world that is Badinggerzie (GAH-KNOWN!).

Last night, he slept over pero he made it clear: No sex. Kainizzzz! Ako naman, sige. So we cuddled in bed and watched movies on my laptop na que-bigat! We ended up talking about shaving down there, and I went as far as me feeling the base of his peon. So yes, I actually saw it. Makapal ang foreskin niya, and it looks formidable! Around 3 inches pero super not hard, so my expert opinion, maybe 7 inches kapag galit! Wait and see... to be honest, I don't think he will ever join the rainbow parade. Testing the waters siya, and despite my best efforts, wis na wis.

His last words before falling asleep: "I love you, man."

MAN??? Juhrl ako noh?!