Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Keeping it cool

I can't believe that my last entry was June 2014! Nakuhledezmah!

There is no one reason for this, to be honest. Work has been hectic. Promotion. Left job. Rehired. More work. I don't do client visits as much na, but that will change within the next few months... again.

On the relationship side, still shin-gal. Kalowkah. Had several potentials, pero most ended before things could become more interesting. Am I ok about it? I ... don't know, to be honest. I will make knew next time when my spirit is a bit more willing. Sometimes, I feel weird writing stuff here. Part confessional box, part catharsis, part catheter (hehehe).

As some of you would already know, I love tradies. For those outside Oz, tradies are basically tradesmen, like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. etc. I like them a bit rough around the edges eh.

I went to one of my fave haunts, and I can tell that things were already happening. As soon as I entered, the three cubicle doors in the far end suddenly closed.

Well, well, well...

Anyway, I walked to the cubicle that wasn't occupied and pretend to number 1. Avatch! Within 30 seconds, the guy on the other side popped his head out and opened his door.

This guy was around mid-30's, cute-abelles, 5'7", puti, and looked quite stocky, especially given his short frame. He was an air-con technician, which I could tell kasi he was wearing his company shirt. He also had his work pants plus steel-tipped shoes, so alam na alam mong he's the real deal.

Anyway, I opened my door wider, and he did the same. As far as I am concerned, that's an invite so may I run ako... And I have to say...

I was a bit disappointed. His penoy was cut (sayang), around 4 in and SUPER thin... as in, pencil thin. As in, parang Mongol pencil thin.

On the good side, gwapo lang locha! Light brown hair with matching valvasarado... As in, yaminess! At this point, libog-abelles na akish, so siyempre game!

I went down on my knees and sharpened his hard mongol pencil. Of course, it was super easy - no gag reflex and with matching Walk like an Egyptian (points to those who can get the reference)!

The good about this guy was that he was really into it. After a minute, he took off his shirt and started tweaking his nipples. Ako naman, sure, I can help! Alam mo naman tayong mga Filipina jurls, multitalented and very hospitable! As I was pounding my head, my hands were all over him, nipolz, yagballs, etc. etc.

Anyway, after a couple of minutes, he pushed me to my feet and pounded his face on my penoi. I have to say though: Hindi sya magaling. Kahit runner-up for Ms Talent, hindeh. I didn't know how bad bad could be but that. was. bad.

At that point, I lost my patience. I pushed him up, placed a supot on his peon, and sat on it. Obviously, super easy for me and within seconds, I was pounding on him as he sat on the throne. At this point, he and I were making so much noise that the two other guys we looking over the partitions and clearly enjoying themselves in the process.

Shortie then carefully stood up, pushing me forward while still inside me. It was massively awkward kasi pandakacious siya, pero sige, fight lang tayo! I had to crouch down a bit more, increasing the pressure on my legs. Buti na lang sanay sa stilettos kaya calf muscles of Tyra ang laban!

Within a few minutes of rapid pounding, he began to moan and boom. He had done the deed and spread the seed. Ako? I was still crosswording on my iPhone.


I pulled the filled supot from his still rock hard member, and wrapped it in toilet paper. I fixed myself as our audience members slowly tucked away back into their cubicles. I opened the door, belt unbuckled and supot in hand. As I was washing my hands and fixing myself, I was thinking to myself: Tangina, ang guwapo niya talaga...

I really did want to do the crossword instead though.

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alen said...

finally you're back! more adventures, please.