Thursday, 5 June 2014


Before anything else...

SydGal: Yes, I am back - for now. Also, in terms of height preferences, to be honest, sis, I don't really like pandakations! I don't hate them, but I still prefer tall men (I have 10-inch stilettos kasi eh... GAHNOUN!). Anyway, see this entry as an example.


This is the most outrageous action I have had so far, and also, perhaps the weirdest.

The one thing I like about Australia is that it always has something around the bend to surprise me. Let's face it - I have had a fairly decent of experience in the kink, so it does take a bit to surprise me.

Anyway, the other day, I went back to my monthly meeting which so happened to be 2 blocks away from one of my faaaaaaavorite beats. This beat had cubicles facing each other, so really, if you stand up, kitang kita ang fez – and hopefully, the person staring back at you is hot and raring to sagogogo!

When I first came in, ako lang. Pero I knew that it was only a matter of chime, so may I Grindr na lang muna akish. In 2 minutes, someone came in and sat right across my cubicle.

Good sign!

I stood up, and saw a tall man cleaning the bowl (so I only saw the back of his head). I looked closer and noticed that, just outside his door, he had one of those fancy big-ass strollers, and his toddler was in there, sound asleep.

Ay. Letchiness, I initially thought.

I sat down again, and hoped that he only took a few minutes to go do his business (after all, that is what the toilets are for), and he can go back to showing his kid around. But after a few minutes of silence (and you can definitely tell with this place), my suspicions arose.

I stood up again, and hello, hello. Mr Papa was standing up as well, and he was definitely doing… well, something. He was around 6’5” – yes, he was a giant – and his hair was slightly tousled. 

He was cute naman, but really, not wis my type ang fez. Well, clearly, someone found him cute enough to have a baby with but anyway…

I still wasn’t too sure what the deal was, so I decided to play my cards carefully. I zipped up, and with matching eye contact, I went out of the cubicle, to the urinals and hung around there with my penoy visible and ready for action.


Within a minute, a stroller parked behind me and Fafa stood behind me, his boner raging outside his shorts He looked at me, and pulled his shorts even further, his fairly massive and hairy butt cheeks facing his still sleeping son.


I stood closer to him and gripped his pwestki. Shet - ang lakish talaga. I began kneading it, and reaching for his patutoi at the same time. I began jerking his hard ano - it was oddly shaped. Around 6 inches, thin ang body pero the head was massive - very disproportionate. Sadly, cut, but hey, we can't all be perfect, divahh?

At this point, I figured it was time we began our action! I began to kneel down to do my Alejar when my phone rang.


We both looked at each other and smiled awkwardly. I zipped up and took the call. It was my business partners, hoping to have the meeting earlier. I said ok, and rushed back to papa, saying that I will be back in 30 minutes.

I rushed to the meeting, and ... well, let's just say that my colleagues were wondering why I was distracted. To be honest, litong-lito ako and... well, libogabelle.

I finished the meeting, nodding my head and shaking hands energetically - but the minute tumalikod ang mga letch, I sprinted ala-Gwynyth in Iron Man, with matching Wonder Womyn stilettos!

By the time I got to the beat, I peered at the cubicles, and YES, the stroller was still there, and ... yes, the kid was still asleep. I looked at the cubicle and I could see papa's head against the wall, and his eyes were closed. I looked under the door, and yes, there were two sets of feet.

Letchness! Naunahan akish!!!!

I peered closer and fafa opened his eyes. He stood up taller so that he could look above the door, and smiled. He unlocked the door and I slid in.

When I got in, the other guy was clearly older - maybe 6', mid-50's, cropped hair, guwapo naman pero not my type. More importantly, ang ari ng lolo - around 8 inches, uncut and tanginis, ang lakishabelle!!! Beautimousse! What made it even better was fafa was fully naked at this point. As in socks lang ang suot. LOVE IT!!! Fafa's body was so-so - he didn't have a single ounce of muscle on him - but his slightly hairy chest made up for it.

When I got in, lolo was making chupa fafa. As I slid in, (medyo mazikif), and lolo stood up straight. He was a bit shocked that I came in - gusto kong sabihin, "Hoy! Nauna akough, nough " but when I got down on my knees to continue his work, he eased up a bit.

And this is where it becomes surreal.

As I was blowing fafa, I could see the ari of lolo raging like anything. Fafa was considerate enough to use his hands to help lolo out by pumping his anough... and then fafa spread this legs and guided lolo closer to his pwetski.


I can imagine we all have his fantasy of doing it with "the straight guy" and ziggeh, whachevur. But this is definitely the guy na acting straight but loves getting it there. Wow.

Because alam mo naman me, very caring and generouz, I helped guide the ari to the hole. I don't think I really helped much but the visual effect! Love love love eeet!

At this point, lolo said something I couldn't hear but fafa just nodded his head and leant forward as far as he could. Lolo then slowly moved his penoi further in... and kept it there. Fafa was breathing heavily at this point, and ... well, I was just still stunned to do much other than suck on the guy's bulbous head!

Within a couple of seconds though, I could see fafa urging lolo to move a bit and lolo started going in and out of him. Fafa must have been loaded on lube because I totally don't remember seeing lolo put on spit or lube - but anyway! Lolo started banging and as a consequence, fafa started banging my face. His sack, which was fairly big to begin with, began hitting my chin with ferocity and my God I was loving it.

Within a minute, I came on the floor - it was just WAY too hot to handle. I barely even touched myself and there I was, spewing on the floor. At this point, fafa asked lolo to stop a bit lolo popped out. Fafa stood up, eyes closed, while I cleaned up my mess.

I unlocked the door so that it would be inconspicuous (just in case may puleeeez) but I looked back and saw that fafa's fez was nowhere to be found. It looked like they locked the door behind me and goodness knows what they were up to again.

The kid was still asleep after I washed and dried my hands. He must have been on massive drugs... the kid, that is.


Geosef Garcia said...

That was indeed hot, sobrang daring. Pero still a little scary, paano if mahuli kayo? Well, buti na lang hindi. Pero parang naawa ako dun sa bata. *haha* Walang kamuwang-muwang...

Anonymous said...


Is it safe to swallow their cum? And doing bareback? Gosh, im just concerned. But ur experiences are soo hot indeed.
Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

San ba ang mga ganitong eksena sa sydney CBD. thanks