Saturday, 10 May 2014

Late Night Vagets

Hello friends! Before anything else...

Paci: Thank you! The one after this entry is a mind blower!

Geosef: Actually miss writing them. Sometimes I feel that blogging is the only break I get to really have from the hamster wheel.


Anyway, I still don't know how to restart this year right. Parang feeling ko, between work and my fledging personal life, wis talaga akong time or energy. I'm yet again single, believich or not, but still hopeful. I'm not going on dates (Trulily!) but taking things as they cum.

Anyway, this one happened recently, and I think this is the most daring I've been thus far.I was stuck in the junction one night - around 11PM, so medyo wis na ang tao - waiting for a bus to take me to my friend's house for a slumber party (talagang feeling teens di ba???) so I had on my gym gear and bag, despite the crisp autumn weather. I was massively bored and ... well, horny. Admittedly, tag-tuyo akish so I was really raring to gogo-sago-go!

Strangely enough, there were only three of us waiting for a bus at the time - one couple who eventually walked off, and a girl who was clearly scared shitless and nervously texting while looking around. Not too sure why she was so darn nervous - hindi naman ito Tondo, noh?!Butt anyway...

At one point, a twinkie pie walked in. He was around early twenties, around 5'8, blonde, blue-eyed, stick thin (bwisit), and... well, he was cute enough, but I was nowhere near Lady Gaga for him. To be honest, he has the looks of a C-grade gay porn actor.

Compliment pa yan, or hindi? You decide, friends.

Anyway, he walked in, and definitely stood far away from everyone else. He was on the phone as well, and seemed mighty pre-occupied. A few minutes later, one of his friends came by and they started a chat. Ako naman, whatevs. His friend was definitely not near cute enough, even for a D-grade porn studio, so deadmatic akish.

When the bus finally arrived, I was the first one in, and I went straight to the back of the bus so that I can stretch my legs. The other girl sat near the front of the bus, and the final passenger, twinkie-pie, went to the back as well, one row ahead of me.

It's a short trip to my friend's house, so I was just gay-dreaming, like always. I then noticed twinkie was looking at me the entire time. At first, I thought he was just as bored as I was - but then I noticed he was really looking at my crotch. I looked at my crotch and realised that my shorts were riding up and my bulge was peeking a bit!

Well, if he was interested, so might as well, divan?

I shuffled a little bit so that my boxer shorts was shuffled all the way to the side, and my entire package was ready to say hi to the world.

Well, that got his attention.

He moved one row back so that we are pretty much aligned and he could get a better view. At this point, Mr Tarugo was primed for action and raring to go. Of course, I could only show the tip of the iceberg (kasi naman Maria Clara-shy pa rin ako noh!) but I could clearly see he was excited - or at least, some parts of him were.

** blush **

After a minute of show and tell, I signalled that this was my stop. He turned around, realised our show was about to end and did a pa-cute frowny face (which was totally a hard-on killer - it's just not my thing). I got my things to leave and walked to the door. Surprise, surprise, I turned around and he was right behind me.

Hello, medyo assuming ang bakla, ha. Oh, well... Nandiyan na, eh.

So we ended up outside the bus stop and not too sure where to go. Alangan naman dalhin ko sya sa bahay ng friend ko. Anyway, we walked a bit and once we hit dark corners, he would slip his hand behind me and fondle my butt cheek.


At one point, there was a short, dark alley with nothing but an abandoned motorcycle. I walked him behind the motorbike, and got down on my knees. He got the hint and wham! I was hit by a twink cock in my eye.


Anyway, it was quite nice! Around 7 inches, strangely thin pero still applaudabelle! The foreskin was quite loose, and from experience (not that I am the Wikipeendia queen or anything), that means the guy has done his fair share of ack-shown. And speaking of action, super clear that he was ready for it.

The sad thing was, after a mere 45 seconds, he exploded without warning - and that was that. At first, I was a bit taken aback kasi naman walang warning man lang! Buti na lang at matamis-tamis ang kanyang tahmoud.

He leant back a bit, breathing heavily, and nearly toppled over, as (we learnt the hard way) the bike was really on its last legs (or wheels, as in this case). We both snickered about that, and as we did the short walk back into the dark public eye, he patted me on the butt and said "thanks"

He motioned back to the bus stop but I said I was headed elsewhere. He asked for my number, and that was when I said, "You deserve better", smiled and walked away.I'm still not too sure why I did that. It may have something to do with the cum inside my mouth. Or maybe ayoko nang bagets. 

Dunno... dunno...

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Anonymous said...

First dai, nakakahiligan mo ata ang 5'8 na height ;D . And cum and behold, he might be the "One" . ;)

Sydney Gal