Sunday, 27 April 2014

Return from the dead!

Hello friends! I know I have not been active (sorry!!!) but things are very fast and furious right now. In the time I was hibernating, I was in and out of a cople of na-udlot relationships, starting and ending faster than you can say Mamma Mia! I guess I should talk about that fun ride one day, but not now.

Anyway, this entry is super old – I started writing it but I never really finished it. Here it goes!

This particular story happened sa toilet ng gallery ni Victoria (talagang hindi rin subtle, divah?). I discovered this beat purely by accident, because I go to the gym right beside this toilet. At one point, I made a last minute toilet stop, and voila! I discovered the beauty of this eau de toilette – and as they say, the rest is gays-tory.

I drop by this place when my meetings with clients are spaced across the CBD. I am fortunate na, from time to time, I find myself with a 2-hour break, and my gulay golly, a girl can get into a lot of trouble in two hours.

On that particular day, I had an early morning tea/meeting that was cancelled last minute. Ako naman, whe-he-hell. Time for play. I went into the gym to drop off my bags and changed into my Beyonce-inspired gym outfit. Of course, I have to make yabang the legz! Smooth and supple!

Anyway, I did a super-fast arm workout and of course, the glutes. A lady has to advertise, of course.

So after the workout, I go out and into the loo.

As classes were still out, the uni students were raring and out for fun. Ako naman, shurely!

In the urinals, there was this lovely fafa, around mid-twenties. He had arms to show - clearly a gym boy but maybe not FF. He was blue-eyed, blondish, around 5’8”, hot ass… in fuck, I think I love the entire package! Other than the sports glasses, there was nothing to throw out!

Anyway, he was there “peeing” and para naman he was not alone, I stood beside him and did the same. I whipped out PedRitaAvila and smiled at him. He looked at me, PedRita and quickly gripped it. Ako naman, hello, hindi pa ako hard and he was already gunning for it. I mean, I don’t mind and all, pero can you please warm me up a bit?!

I looked at him and he was already raring to go. Around 5 inches, lovely foreskin, cropped pubes but enough to show the blond highlights. LURVE!!!!

Anyway, he began pumping away at mine and I took that as a sign that his was game. I reached over and…

He pulled away from me.

Chets na bagets! Hindi pupwede yan! Fight akish till the enth of Forever21!!

I let him play with me a bit more and I made another bid to tug at his patolah. Buti na lang, this time, he was more game. His penoy was short but thick, and it can definitely launch a thousand ships! What I found really interesting with him is that his tip was thinner than the entire shaft, and near his hole was a little bit of extra skin – almost like an extra set of lips (very cute, I thought).

Of course, I know this because, in a span of a few seconds, he grabbed my shirt (but this is my favourite True Religion shirt! Letch!) and we both ducked in to one of the cubicles.

Now, I am not too sure why this guy was sooooo keen on getting it on. Something tells me na he was there for a while, at walang kumakagat.

At first, he sat on the throne, and of course, you can guess what was going to happen next, but I said, no no no. My turn, hija. I spun things around so that he was standing up and I was sitting down. He then grabbed my hair (aray!) and started pounding me face on this cock.

To be honest, in porn, it looks hot, pero in reality, masakit, ha! I have long, Rejoice-Rich hair pa naman, so it was extra arouch! However, in fairnezz, his patola was just gorgeous and super saraf! His skin down there was a bit dry (and you can definitely tell!) but I was willing to moisten it naman.

After a few minutes of this, he pulled me out and turned around. Awkwardly, he motioned for me to eat his ass.

Now normally, I would say no, kasi I know not everyone cleans “down there” – but I opened his cheeks and ang kinis! Malinis! Parang opening a chest filled with gold.

Of course, like Scrooge McDuck, I had to dive in.

At that point, he began moaning like anything and within seconds, his seed dropped to the floor onto my leg and onto my shoes. Ako naman, care?! Ang sarap ng feeling na .

Of course that point, may pumasok – at from the sound of it, Secu! We both knew what it was so I lifted my legs, cum and all, so that no one could see two sets of feet. He spun around so that his cock was facing me. I’m not sure why he did that – but in all honesty, I didn’t mind.

The secu started peeing (and we could definitely hear him do the deed), so we both knew it was just a matter of time before he left. I bent forward and began to suck on the tip of blondie’s penoi, which was slowly dribbling cum (Eh, saying, eh!) At that point, he began to laugh, and we then heard the stream of piss stop.

Ayyyy! Afraid!!!! I’m too pretty to go to jail!!!!

Anyway after what felt like FOREVER, the secu finished his deed, with his radio blaring pa, and he left. Blondie quickly did up his pants, while I tried to clean up as such as I can from my denim shorts.

I left the loo before he did and the secu was outside leaning on the balcony. He looked at me, and then looked away. I think he knew but because he couldn’t be assed, he just let us be.

NYAY! I went around the block kunwari and then back to FF to dress pretty again. I hope blondie got out ok.


paci said...

whoa. what an adventure!

Geosef Garcia said...

Na-miss ko ang stories mo! :)

Anonymous said...

I was concerned about your whereabouts after that long hiatus... I was checking your blog as in everyday... thanks gracious you are definitely back ;)

Sydney Gal