Monday, 11 November 2013

Trying something truly Australian!

After the acrobatic performance with Mr Kiwi, talagang laspagacious ang lolah niyo. Really. I felt that I was cracked right down the middle - no joke. I woke the next day, and talagang my ano still felt tired. I wish I had gotten Kiwi's number para naman may challenge but at the same time, do I really want a jowabelle na killer?? Noez. Hindi akish shunga.

A few days after that lovely incident, I decided to venture out into the world. I went to a nearby Coles to do my shopping, pero I decided to use the loo for a while - this time, I was really there for official business, ha!

Anyway, as I was standing in the urinal, an Aboriginal guy walked in and washed his hands... for a long, long time. At first, deadmatic akish, but after a while, I turned around and because I can see the basin from the loo, avah, may I stare ang lokah sa akin notary public!

Game on!

Deep down inside, medyo I think my pwetibellles was not in for it, but my other body parts! Instantly, my penoi was raring for akshown!

He walked to the urinal beside mine and whipped out his thing. I finally got a good look at him. He was around 5'10", mocha-coloured skin, and tabaching ng konti pero cute pa rin. He was around late 20's and pwede nang i-fafa! He looked at me and smiled brightly, his thick kissable lips framing his beautiful white teeth. His eyes were a strange green and blue mix which I can't pick and it was just alluring!

Now, some people have issues with Aborigines, and this type of racism I just cannot stand. I mean, I like the white penny just as any other guy, but I am firmly grounded in the idea that cute is cute is cute. More importantly is how they look and carry themselves, and this guy was cute as a button. He may not win awards or launch a thousand ships pero I personally wouldn't kick him out of bed.

Anyway, he whipped out his thing and my gulay, ang haba ng kanyang fore! Sarap nguyain! It was dark brown (not surprising) and definitely thick. It was mighty short though, around 4 inches, pero decent enough for akshown!

While we were standing there, he reached over and gave my thing a bit of a tug. Ako naman, ziggy~! Tug away! I reached over and gave this a bit of action, and well, you can imagine that we were both raring for it.

After a full minute, he looked at me (with those gorgeous eyes!!!), smiled and nodded towards the cubicles.


He walked on, hard-on tenting on his loosely belted pants. Ako, sashaying behind him. I got in (and my goodness! Very very spacious ang disabled toilets!) and he locked the door behind me.

I started to turn around, pero he turned me around so that I was facing the wall. He pulled my pants slowly downwards and started grinding his ano on my ano.

Ano ba yan!? Sige.

Ako naman, may I spread like peanut butter and go go power rangers! The nice thing about this is that I could really feel every inch of his body. He was not muscular, but there is something about a big guy that just turns me on. So much skin to feel! Loveses it!

After a few minutes of grinding, he decided to become more adventurous. He took his penoy and poked it at my sore hole. Abbabah! Fight ang lady gaga!

At that point, may I spread even further and he spat at his hand so that he could massage me "there". He then poked his head into me, and hello... Wow. It was thick but definitely not challenging in terms of pain.

He then began to pump away quietly grunting against my ear. Ako naman, yes, pero I couldn't really get into his pace. Parang he was off in his own world. Plus, to make things more weird, because of his length and size, his ano kept on popping out and popping back in. Sometimes, it actually wasn't even in (so in effect, he would be pumping between my legs), and by sheer champbalition, it would find itself back inside me.


In fairness though, the entire time, if he wasn't rubbing his hands all over me, he would be tweaking my niffols, and to be honest, in terms of passion, talagang Gina G. sya (Game na game and give na give!)

In a few minutes, he suddenly clutched at my shoulder (buti na lang may shoulder pads akoh!) and boom, I felt his seed dribbling down my leg. A decent load, for shiure, but as he thanked me for a great time, I was tempted to say "it was a one-sided affair".


Geosef Garcia said...

Nice, saraaap. :P

Anonymous said...

You are hell one of a kind ateh :D

Sydney Gal (soon to be Cherrybrook Gal)