Sunday, 20 October 2013

Rough Trade

The nice thing about living the inner west? Camperdown Park. I larva this place!

"Why," you ask? Well, tinatanong pa ba yan?!?

May I jonta ako closer to 4:30PM yesterday, and when I entered, whizz clients in the urinals! Usually very busy siya at this time (hence my apparishen!) pero lo and behold - quiet as a tomb.

At first, sadako. Let's face it - it was a weekday, pero at this time, very veezee dafat. Nagpaganda pa ako - letchoi (like leche, but in French kasi sozyal daw).

But then I figured, since wis contestants, it was a chance for me to make preparations for later action. I had already prepped down there (if juno what I mean) so I was a randy (blue) rabbit!

Out of plain curiosity, I decided to duck into one of the toilet cubbies. When I opened the door, I saw a guy sitting on a toilet, looking at his phone and stroking his penoy. Admittedly, I didn't know that he was there kasi he was being super quiet, and based on the look on his face, he was caught by surprise as well! Super shockabelles!

Before I cuntinue, let me describe the guy. He was a tradie by profession - kiting kita with his fluoro-orange safety shirt, and his dirty pants and shoes. His hair was a bit dishevelled with specks of white (cement? paint? cum??) but the face was clean. Now speaking of fez, ang fez value: he was around late 20's, hindi slim pero hindi naman jubis. He had mousey brown hair, with dark brown eyes. He reminded me of the dumb jock who used to make fun of me in high school, pero his smile was blinding - a full set of pearly whites.

After overcoming the initial WTF, I closed the door... very slowly. Ah, may view eh! Just as I was about to really close it, I smiled and he smiled, so I opened the door again. I stepped inside and this time, I locked it. It was a pretty tight space, so a third prend would be tragic.

Anyway, he stood up (and nakuh, pandakabelle sya! Around 5'7" methinks) and I got down on my knees.

Well, hello, ladies. He was short in other things as well - his notary-public was around 5 inches, cut (sayang!). Pero he had a magic head. His head was as big as a kiwi fruit. Ang laki! The entire body of his ano was actually normal, but the head alone was super thick! I love it. It was weird sucking it kasi parang mali ang shape niya. Buti na lang may skills pero still, kalurkey!!!!

After a minute of sucking him off, he pulled me out, his breathing very heavy. With one hand, he pulled me up, and with his other hand, he grabbed a condom from his bag.

I said to myself, sayang ang fagkakataon!

He turned me around and started kneeding my butt cheek. When I spread my legs even wider, he began fingering my lubed pwetski. Of corz, I didn't resist and within seconds, his fingering became a pounding. After he was sure that I was good and ready for the action, he stood behind me and I braced myself.


His head was so thick that it couldn't fit in. As in, ME. It couldn't go inside ... ME. Normally, guys would be sliding in me like a hotdog down the hallway but not this guy. I quite literally had to angle myself sideways in order for his head to even get in. Buti na lang multi-talented ang lola niyo.

Pero tanginarts, ang sakit. Putting something that big into me was just cracking me in half. I had to brace my face against the wall, and true to form, the door left a mark on my face in the process.

But then the fun began. He started slow, and because of our height difference, he had to cling on to my right shoulder while slowly grinding in and out of me. He gently angled me as well so that he could actually penetrate me - buti na lang it wasn't that long kasi talagang kalowkah akish!

Soon, my ass got the hang of it, and I managed to angle myself lower so that he could pound away - which he did! It was still smarting but it had gotten to the point na he got into a slightly faster rhythm while I held to the walls and door for dear life. We tried not to make too much noise but my gulay it was rough!

Soon enough, he moved faster and pow! I felt him shiver while he held me close. He was clearly cumming into the supot and while it was fun, parang di ka na kaya! To be honest, I was just happy to be alive and breathing!

He slowly got out of me, his dick making a nearly audible pop as he unsheathed. I turned around to grab the condom from his penoy, enjoying how big his head was. I pulled it out of him, noting the mess he had made inside it. I was a bit afraid na his penoz had ripped the supot to shreds pero so far, intact.

I grabbed my pants and after a careful glance, I stepped out of his cubicle into the one next to him. I made a mistake with the condom and his spent seed was dripping on the floor. But I had a look at what was left and my my, he was a squirter. I just loved looking at my handiwork, but I knew I couldn't stay there forever. Besides, after that, parang other guys would be pointless so I decided to call it a day. Parang anti-climactic pero my gulay I was spent.

I wrapped the condom on a wad of tissue and after making sure I was presentable, I stumbled out of the cubicle. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mr Wide's hand wiping away the last remnants of his white juices.

As I stepped out into the sunshine, I did a Kareem and threw the wad of tissue to a small nearby bin that was almost overflowing with trash. Only then did I see four policemen approaching the toilets from the opposite direction. I did pa-keme ... but hoped that my fast footsteps didn't give me away. Ayokong ma-Julie Andrews!


Anonymous said...

on that note... I confirm! You are the most amazing and hilarious becky kumini evah! :D

Sydney Gal

Anonymous said...

Miss Talent, as usual!