Thursday, 3 October 2013


Now this happened a week ago pero talagang super may-I-panic ako at work. Anech Benning talagish!

Before anything elsadai, Sydney Ghurl! TGV is The Galleries Victoria - right across Town Hall. Winnar itong place na ito, pero not as nice as David Jonez.

Now speaking of David Jones, let's talk about this place. May I jonta ako to this place quite often kasi naman super gandishabels sya. There is a wall that separates the urinals from the door, so rinig na rinig kung may bwisitor!

Anyway, one day, tsinug ako ng client so I had time to spare. Either take the trip back to the office, or linger around in the City until my next meeting. And you know naman meeee....

So I decided to go "window shopping" in DJs in the City. Malapit, malinis and punong puno ng akshown!

When I got in, mayroong jubis na paalis. Now, I have nothing against jubisians - bato bato and all of that - pero heller ang mamang ini. Wash talagang ah-feel!

I turned the corner and yes, may customer na! He was around 50 years old, trim, and ... well, pwede nah. Hindi naman sya cha-nget, pero hindi jowa material. However, kitang kita ang kanyang nota-rypublic. It was fayatollah-kumenis ang ari, pero around 7 chinches, and loveliness ang choreskin! Love! So syempre may good qualities din, ah!

Jennyway, I did my stance with matching nota in attention, and turned to look at him. Syempre, I was sexpecting him to be looking at me - game on, divah?

Avah. He was not looking at me! In fact, the minute my nota sprang into ackshown, he had turned around to face the cubicles behind us. I turned around, and ayun. I realised why.

The cubicle behind us was occupied by a 20-ish year old boy. He was thin, medyo yokababz ang face at medyo thick any lips niya. Very kissable pero something about him just looked too young for his own good. He was around 6'0" and his penoy was around 6 in - pero nice and thick. The fore was also very thick and covered the head generously - so overall verdick: YUM.

Of course, ready to go ang lolah niyo, mga jupiter, pero the boi had other plans! He knocked on the cubicle door behind me, and lo and behold, may kapapa-han! This guy was gym-buffed, around 50 years old as well. He was bald, and he had funny spots on his head, like scars. It made him look very scary and very butch. Pero once he opened the door, he looked at all three of us, and proceeded to lagok the nota of Bagetz! Talagang parang tren ang mouth movement!

At that point, Bagets was panting like anything! It was clear it was driving him nuts and my gulay, I cannot blame him! After a minute, he pulled away from Papa Gym and starting going down on Gym's penoy. At this point, Mr G stood up, and then I got a better look at the guy. He was around 5'9", with a bit of a tummy on him, pero obvious na underneath the fat is muscle. He was wearing a sando, so kitang kita ang muscles. Bonus: one of his nips slipped out of the sando, and I have to say: impressive. Super hard, at parang pencil eraser ang taba at laki. It was mesmerising! I'm not sure he managed that pero it was so hot to look at. The guy beside me actually reached over to play with the nip while Bagets was going to town on his penoy - and the overall effect was breathtaking.

In fact, this was probably the point when I came in the urinals. Talagang I could not help it. It was way too hot. The guy beside me paused his nipple-tweaking activity to watch me hit the urinals with fierceness. Even Bagets who totally ignored my existence up until that point craned his neck to see me at my explosive glory.

At that point, I packed up, cleaned up and walked away. Someone else came in just as I was washing my hands, and I heard the shuffling of feet and closing of doors. The guy walking towards the urinals had an excited look about him, and something tells me he will soon follow my suit.

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