Sunday, 8 September 2013

Aaaay! Don't wake me up!

Now before anything else,

Dear SG: No, there are more places than DJs! Pwede rin TGV L2. Or pwede ring UNSW - the quadrangle second floor is one of my recent faaaves!

I discovered this particular beat not too long ago. My manager sent me to work on a short project at alam mo naman ang resourcefulness natin! I read about it on iskwurt, and the reviews were poshitive! So zigeh, after one long afternoon meeting, I went in and discovered what the fuss was all about.

The walls and doors were high in the cubicles, which meant na you didn't really need to exert too much effort to get some action. I haven't gone back that often, but whenever I do, loveliness!

Last time was a couple of days ago. I found myself close by so I made it a point to make bisita before I went home. Medyo out of the way, pero alam mo naman tayo! Fighting spirit!

Anyway, when I got there, may tao na sa isang cubicle. I was pretty excited kasi alam mo na - sometimes, when miracles haffen, dapat wag isnabin! I got there, pulled down my pants and even before my buckle hit the floor, may I tap my foot na ang lady gaga! Ava sandali lang sis! Di pa ako raydee! I looked down and with the little I could see, I could tell the guy was actually not young (not a problem with me) - around early 40s siguro. He was balding, semi papa-able. However, he was impeccably dressed and for sure, worked for the uni.

Having established that I was gaym, he bent down on his knees and thrust his hips forward. Well, excited rin si papa, diva? With these cubicles, you can actually put a good chunk of your penoi forward and with this guy, it's a good thing! His dick was short, around 4 inches, pero putang ina. I can barely grip it properly sa sobrang taba! Parang SMB can! Love it! As with most guys, uncut si papa and his foreskin was barely there - almost hidden behind his thick head.

Of course, medyo shockabelles ako nough! For one, I haven't seen that many thick ones in my life, and he was totes in the top three, if not top 1! Buti na lang my Ms Universe senses kicked in, and began sucking for my life. I have to admit, visually appealing ang ari nya but once in practice, medyo hindi siya fun. I'm not sure why pero ampalaya tasting siya and to be honest, it's hard to swallow it and NOT use your teeth - parang too juicy to be a penoi.

Good thing was this guy was so horny that he blew within a minute of me touching his penoi. I didn't bother tasting it - basta my alarm bells were ringing eh. I just saw him squirt four big loads and he quickly left without washing his jizz up.

Bastouz! Naging tsimay pa ako!

However, in the spirit of Ms Congeniality, I decided to kebs it. I cleaned up after him, as soon as I heard the door close.

Buti na lang. Twenty seconds later, avava alivava! A guy came in, sporty spice, with his backpack in tow. Ako naman, fun-ness! I began re-aligning my jaw after my Mr SMB can experience, and after a minute or so of foot tapping and subtle glancing, Mr Sporty was gay na gay na! At first, he jacked me off (buti naman) but when I began my bit, I leant down and discovered... ay. May video cam ang lokah!

And I didn't have any foundayshen! I'm not raydee for my closeup, direk!

Of course, at this point, I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do. He seemed ok enough, and the little I saw of his penoi, it looked ok for play. But the idea of being recorded... parang I wasn't in the mood at the time. God knows I do have my video moods, but that day, I just felt chokaran...

So I got up and left. I just wasn't in the mood.

I went outside and sat on the bench, waiting for the video guy to leave. I looked to my left, and there was another Mr Papa. He was around mid-20's. His hair was shaven all around the sides and back, but he had lovely blond hair on top that was tied to a pony tail. Parang undercut. The best descripshen I have for him is classy Euro-trash. Cute siya, pero I don't think I'd like to stare into those eyes longer than I have to. More importantly, he had beauuutimous gym arms. He was rocking back and forth, staring at everything and nothing... and there was just shamthin about him that makes you go HMMM.

Anyway, I decided not to stare pero I could not help it. Out of the corner of my eye, I was just watching him, rocking back and forth. Sometimes he would look past me, on to the hallway leading to the loo. Pero for three minutes or so, he did nothing but look intense while rocking back and forth, his pink Nikes (yes, peeeeeenk!) firmly rooted to the ground.

He then stood up, looked at me broodingly and walked away. He went down the stairs and ako naman... parang Lady Gaga, sumunod! (Eh cute eh!) However, I tried to make it na I was just walking in the same direction and he quietly ducked into the toilets downstairs. I don't even think he looked back at me - basta he went in.

Siguro naman hindi niya ako hoholdapin, so I decided why not chocknat?

When I went inside, he was already inside and his gym bag was already covering the opening, so that we had a buffer just in case someone came in.

I sat in the cubicle beside his, and yes, he was subtly pumping away on his end. I began pumping mine, and before you knew it, feet were tapping and he and I were on our knees. He didn't offer to play with my penoi so ako naman sige. I reached down and his dick was rock hard. It was thin, but length was very ample. His penis was normal and very do-able. His foreskin was thicker than SMB man, and it made his dick much for easy to play around with. He trimmed his pubes a bit, and I could tell he shaved some of it from the base of his cock. Still, overall, 9/10 for sure!

I was hunched over as I was jacking him off kasi I got the impression that was all he wanted. Ako naman, Ms Service 2013! I tried to modify the delivery so that sometimes I am fast, sometimes slow. Alam mo naman kailangan ibakita ang talents sa judges!

It took him around 3 minutes or so to blow his load, and he came in 5 thin spurts. One of his juices hit my chin (and yes, yummy siya), but most of it covered my hand. Because we didn't leave much of a trace, he only wiped the floor once and left.

I of course used his cum to jack off in my cubicle. Among the three events, this last one I liked the best. The reason? I liked the fact that he knew I was going to jack him off but if he met me in the gym, he would not even bother to look at me. Strange, but in some way, it was re-affirming for all the wrong reasons... I'll take it anyway.

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I am so bobita with acronyms Teh... what is TGV? I know L2 hahahaha

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