Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Vaguhan... part 2

Before anything else...

Geo: Mali ang email mo, ateng. Just email me so I can reply to it. badinggerzie@gmail.com
50Shades: It means glory hole, hija. Also known as milagrong butas... I could email you an example of the wonders you get to see in them! ;-)

Anyway, this story continues from the previous post. After Mr 10 finished his (very innocent) deed, I stayed back and enjoyed the afterglow... meaning i was looking at the gorgeousness of his patutay repeatedly. This may be the reason why I totally didn't notice the new guy.

Now this guy was cute... around early 20's also, and definitely Eurasian. Kitang kita sa buhok at sa mata... at definitely sa ari! Tisoy na tisoy ang skin pero super dark ang ari. I love the difference actually...

Anyway, he was easy on the eyes and so was his manoy. And so.... I decided to take a pic. Hehe. His was definitely not as impressive as Mr 10, but still nice! Not bad. At least, hindi super challenging! hehehe!

SO! There I was, watching away... when suddenly, after finishing the deed, he decided to peek through the GH. Nakough! Vhukeeng!

Now usually at this point, I do one of two things: either (a) duck and deadma and hope he goes away, or (b) cover the GH with my palm in the hopes na he'll think the hole is covered from the other side. The bad thing was I was so caught unawares na I wasn't able to do either. The good news is that he looked through the hole, smirked, and continued to "finish" peeing.

He then started to play around with his patuti, and soon enough, it was a rock hard cafe. I knelt down and signalled him to follow suit. Within seconds, I had him in the palm of my hand. It was a lot thicker in real life - surprisingly thick near the base, to be honest.

And there I began my usual talent: I began pumping like a piston. I'm pretty good at it - kahit na medyo mapulikat na, fight fight fight pa rin! In the process of pumping this guy, I made him almost spew but he pulled away before the event. Ako naman sigeh. You want to edge yourself? Pwede rin!

The strange part was after almost spewing the third time, he suddenly packed his hard throbbing meat and ran out the door! I looked around - wala namang pulis o janitor. After 30 seconds on wondering what happened, I decided to call it a day.

I walked out casually to an empty room, and proceeded to wash my hands in the basin. Lo and behold, bumalik ang papa! He looked at my feet (assuming he wanted to make sure I was the one he was fooling around with) and smiled as he walked towards me. He said nervously that he had a girlfriend and didn't really want to do it... but he was reaching out and touching my bloody hard-on while telling me this.

Wow. Convincing.

Gusto kong sabihin "I'm used to rejection from people with bigger members than yours" but then again, it was nice that he apologised so I just smiled and said "it's ok, mate. It's all good."

It was nice having his hand on me though. Just saying... ;-)


Geosef Garcia said...

Sorry. It's alfabetodellamiavita@gmail.com. But I already sent you an email. :)

This is hot. I hope I'll have the chance to try a GH in the future.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you teh... Go Filipinas!

Sydney Gal