Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Before I begin, may I say hello to...

Kane: but of course! You should see me blow my candle! ... GANOUN!
SG: Talagang serious once you hit 25... 25 DAW OH! Kalokah!
50Shades: I am happy! Thanks for dropping by!
Seth: I know! I'm usually not into kink pero my gulay that boy drove me wild!

Anyway, the story today involves not one, but two boys!

Exciting??? Well, not really. To be honest, it only actively involved one. You see, it was like this...  I went into my favourite GH, and I was there for a full 10 minutes, twiddling my thumbs. Talagang walang kumagat.

And then he came in. Pak-in-set. From the GH, I could see his face - gwapo. Definitely Arabic - maybe Lebanese. He was clean cut, and was around early twenties. He had his truckie hat on, and was (from my trained eye, at least) unaware there was a GH and that someone was looking at him.

So in to the loo he went and unlike the other guys, he decided to pull down his pants all the way to the knees and let his wanger out for ... well, me to see. Ako naman - speechless! Ang ganda ng ari ng lokah! Super thick ang kanyang foreskin and my ghally, porn star length! As in, easily 10 inches kung tinigasan! I decided to take a pic, so if you're interested to see what I saw, email me (badinggerzie@gmail.com)!

Anyway, he stood there for a good 2 minutes, not peeing, at ako naman, curious! Was he going to pee or show and spew?! I'm game for either, pero kung pwedeng call a friend, I can be his friend di vah?? The whole time I was watching, he was looking at his phone, and from time to time, playing with his penoy.

And then it began - his yellow stream spew forth, and after a full minute, he finished his deed and left. Me? I'm just happy to have a pic of his wonderous penoy! I swear just looking at this pic makes my pwet water. I honestly think I can't take his manoy in any of my crevices! I am talented pero I'm still not  She-Ra... (SHE-RA DAW OH!)

The second part of this involves another guy... and I will cunt-inue this tomorrow!


Geosef Garcia said...

Wow, another hot post!
Too bad there are no GHs here. :(

Anyways, pede humingi ng kopya ng pic nya? Pls. Thanks po!


FiftyShadesOfQueer said...

Sorry pero ano po ang GH?

Anonymous said...

I'm quite disappointed... mapili ka pala sa spread :D You can just make ipit of your nose then as what Ate Vi say..."Imagine!" (on a different prespective) chossss

Sydney Gal