Thursday, 15 August 2013

Deeper and deeper and DEEPER AND DEEPER!!!

Before anything else...

Geosef: My dear, maraming GH - even sa Pinas - pero I find that the ones here are a bit bigger. Sa Pinas, usually peep hole lang - and to be honest, nothing wrong with that! :-) Anyway, good luck with the GH hunt, my dear.

Anyway, this one is one for the books - undoubtedly one of my weirder adventures.

I was in the shower in my local g(a)ym (That really doesn't work, does it?) and as always, after making a mega-arm workout to the max, I felt fairly confident kahit kitang-kita ang muffin tahf. Alam mo naman tayo, friends: all-confidence, kahit limited substance.

ANYway, the nice thing about this shower is that there are two doors leading to the shower room, so rinig na rinig ang mga bwisitors na farating. So far, I've only been caught unawares once - and the guy who caught me was quite willing to join in the fun.

But that's for another blog entry.

So to continue the story, I was in the last shower stall, and because the stalls don't have doors, kita to the world. I like this spot kasi it allows me to look at others while getting the liquid soap from the wall dispenser, and if they follow suit, well, yun na yun.

However, that day, I started my shower alone. :-( After ten minutes of lingering under the hot water, I was about to call it a day (kasi naman I might look like a raisin!) when lo and vehole, a guy walked in. He was around early twenties, wearing nothing but what is best described as a hipster beard. His upper body had no muscles to speak of but his hips were... well, child-bearing. His legs were powerful so it really just emphasised his pear shaped body. Mind you, not bad looking but definitely not my type. Hipsters don't like me - I don't like hipsters. It's just one of those things.

More importantly, ang ano-ano! His was quite nice, in fairnezz. The whole package was low hanging, and his yagbadudies were gigantic, hairless and overall, impressive. Even though he was limp bizkit, his package was at least four inches long so I can imagine what it would be like kung galit! I estimate around 7. Ang ganda, ah!

Ready for the talent portion, direk!

Anyway, I proceeded to restart the showering again. Alam mo na! Kailangan clean everywhere. I did the whole shower-soap-rinse thing repeatedly, glancing sideways at him and his juicy member. He did approach the soap dispenser close to me, pero he always did it when I was not there. At that point, I really could not tell kung game sya or not! Ka-letchness monster!

Finally, we managed to get to the soap dispenser at the same time. I looked into his eyes, and smiled. He did the same.

And this is where it gets weird.

He gently turns me around with one hand, and in the other, he reaches for the soap. While facing away from him, I heard him pump the dispenser feverishly.

I said to myself, Shet. This is it.

Now, I've been farked before with liquid soap and it was sooo far from pleasant. However, that was decades ago, and I figured I am older, more talented (Talented daw o!) and more experience so maybe it would not as bad.

He lathered my back, running his hand up and down the entirety of my back, along with my crack and all. He spent a bit of time with my crack actually, and after a while, his fingers pushed my cheeks wider. I responded by spreading my legs a little bit, para naman he can get more access.

However, he didn't put in his patuti - instead, he gently moved his fingers closer to my hole, and after a few seconds of warm up, he began pumping in and out - at first, gently but it became more energetic as we got into it. He was quite adventurous, I have to say. Sometimes, he does one finger - at one point, he added another, but all the while, he was breathing heavily, with his other hand running up and down my back. At one point, his hand found my throat, and he almost gripped it - almost like a choke, but not. But that didn't last long, and he ended up moving back up and down my back.

I have to admit - it felt pretty good. However, we were conscious that we could not make much noise (we didn't want to miss out on someone coming in on us), plus my gulay, it began to sting down there.

Of course, no such thing as too much of a good thing - eventually, I spent my seed on the floor, one hand playing with myself and the other bracing the wall, as Hipster continued to ram his fingers inside me.

That was it. I turned around and found that he wasn't even hard (letche!) and when I started bending down to suck him off, he shook his hand, smiled and resumed actually taking a shower.

I mean, I should be happy since I got off, but he didn't. It's like he wasn't even interested. Still not too sure what to think of it. Maybe will take the weekend to mull over it.

Or maybe I should just be happy I got off. :-)

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