Saturday, 31 August 2013

Colours of the World!

Friday30 August: I can't believe it. In the office today, enough drama for "Tabing Ilog" - may bullying, may sigawan, and may I walk out akoh with matching exit line: "Yeah, just tell yourself that." Kulang na lang, sabunutan ng kilay! Still not too sure if I have a job, cum Monday, pero bahala na ang baba ni Batman...

ANYWAY. I was frustrated, ill-tempered, and since my manager told me to take the afternoon off, so be it. May I sexplore!

The wonderful thing about Sydney is that it is indeed massively diverse. People come from all shapes and sizes, and being someone of more *ahem* delicately stocky build, I am happy that not all of the boiz are stick thin and/or Abercrombie-esque.

Anyway, I was up to my usual tricks, and decided to play around in one of my old haunts, Town Hall Toilets. I went in and as always, busy busy busy! May urinal na medyo long, and that was packed with around 4 guys. From hand movements alone, it was clear that they were there for a different kind of relief. The four guys who were there were fairly yuppie-ish (unusual for Town Hall) and from my angle at least, definitely fafa-ble!! Kalowkah!

Pero since konti lang the space, I went to the smaller urinal that fits only 3, and there was only one customer. He was white, around 5'11", skinhead pero dressed for the office. He looked around late 20's, and although he was clearly not chiseled, he doesn't induce nausea naman. He was cute enough though - he had a couple of acne issues in the chin and neck, pero fafa-able otherwise.

I stood beside him, not naman super close to give him space, but enough to check whether or not he was ok to go-go, adobo. And my gulay, yes he was.

Ako naman, shige shige spwetneek! Cheerleaders! Pompoms! Kulang na lang Sex Bomb dancers in the background!

I had a look and he was nicely endowed pero not in your usual fashen. His was around 7 inches, pero super thin. As in, thin sausage with a fairly big mushroom head. His foreskin was unusually tight - parang may mali, to be honest, pero I try not to be judgmental. Hindi naman ako panelist ng Ms World board of judges so sije, may I appreciate na lang, divah?

He was looking at me from the corner of his eye, pero he was clearly nervous. However, in my world, hard-on is a sign of happiness. So gay na gay na!

After a few seconds, he decided to unbutton his coat - and my gulay, he was... well, he had a bit of a gut. He was one of those people na hindi halatang mataba pero once the top is off, kitang kita. Pero since hindi naman ito swimsuit competishen, ako naman - whachevs! I stood closer to him, and I got to hold his anough. Mymymy. There is something nice about holding a man's penoy. I rubbed it up and down, and it was clear his foreskin was making things difficult - but still fun fun fun!

At this point, another guy came in, and stood beside us. Of course, we went back to normal muna, but after a minute of that guy just "standing there", I knew he was game.

I looked at the new guy more closely - he was darker than normal - not too sure what his nationality was, but not that I cared, really. Ako fa!

Anyway, he was around 5'8" and dressed in jeans and a blue shirt. He had the nicest smile, with eyes lighter than his skin. I liked the look of the guy to be honest. Especially when I saw his penoy. It was four inches, and darker than his skin. The tip of his penis was darkest - almost as dark as his foreskin. As he stood beside me, I decided to be more adventurous. Letting go of my own penoy, I grabbed the new guy's peen while the other hand went to the other guy.

Now, that was heaven. Yes, admittedly, 10-second heaven pero heaven pa rin. The new guy had a shorter cock, true, pero it was much thicker than Mr Pasty. After a while, my sensibilities came back to me, and I decided to knock it off. For one, this is Town Hall Station, not Bodyline.

The pasty guy took matters into his own hands and within seconds burst into the urinal. The first shot hit the steel backing of the urinal, but everything else dribbled onto the base. The guy mumbled something like "Thanks" and ran out, his cock still hard against his Alpha Male undies.

Now this then is the dilemma. His cum was in the urinal, and no, these things do NOT wash away easily. The other guy looked at it, shook his head and shrugged as he walked out. He was still hard, for sure, but somehow, Mr P cumming just killed it.

Great. Bitin. Again, I finish my bit and walked out. The other urinal was still full (talagang fight fight fight) pero some of the guys have changed. There were a couple of old queens lingering about, wanting a piece of the action.

Ako, I had my slice of cock... este, cake.

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I really have to ask you the list of where "to go" especially pag weekends. Kala ko DJ lang chosss

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