Saturday, 31 August 2013

Colours of the World!

Friday30 August: I can't believe it. In the office today, enough drama for "Tabing Ilog" - may bullying, may sigawan, and may I walk out akoh with matching exit line: "Yeah, just tell yourself that." Kulang na lang, sabunutan ng kilay! Still not too sure if I have a job, cum Monday, pero bahala na ang baba ni Batman...

ANYWAY. I was frustrated, ill-tempered, and since my manager told me to take the afternoon off, so be it. May I sexplore!

The wonderful thing about Sydney is that it is indeed massively diverse. People come from all shapes and sizes, and being someone of more *ahem* delicately stocky build, I am happy that not all of the boiz are stick thin and/or Abercrombie-esque.

Anyway, I was up to my usual tricks, and decided to play around in one of my old haunts, Town Hall Toilets. I went in and as always, busy busy busy! May urinal na medyo long, and that was packed with around 4 guys. From hand movements alone, it was clear that they were there for a different kind of relief. The four guys who were there were fairly yuppie-ish (unusual for Town Hall) and from my angle at least, definitely fafa-ble!! Kalowkah!

Pero since konti lang the space, I went to the smaller urinal that fits only 3, and there was only one customer. He was white, around 5'11", skinhead pero dressed for the office. He looked around late 20's, and although he was clearly not chiseled, he doesn't induce nausea naman. He was cute enough though - he had a couple of acne issues in the chin and neck, pero fafa-able otherwise.

I stood beside him, not naman super close to give him space, but enough to check whether or not he was ok to go-go, adobo. And my gulay, yes he was.

Ako naman, shige shige spwetneek! Cheerleaders! Pompoms! Kulang na lang Sex Bomb dancers in the background!

I had a look and he was nicely endowed pero not in your usual fashen. His was around 7 inches, pero super thin. As in, thin sausage with a fairly big mushroom head. His foreskin was unusually tight - parang may mali, to be honest, pero I try not to be judgmental. Hindi naman ako panelist ng Ms World board of judges so sije, may I appreciate na lang, divah?

He was looking at me from the corner of his eye, pero he was clearly nervous. However, in my world, hard-on is a sign of happiness. So gay na gay na!

After a few seconds, he decided to unbutton his coat - and my gulay, he was... well, he had a bit of a gut. He was one of those people na hindi halatang mataba pero once the top is off, kitang kita. Pero since hindi naman ito swimsuit competishen, ako naman - whachevs! I stood closer to him, and I got to hold his anough. Mymymy. There is something nice about holding a man's penoy. I rubbed it up and down, and it was clear his foreskin was making things difficult - but still fun fun fun!

At this point, another guy came in, and stood beside us. Of course, we went back to normal muna, but after a minute of that guy just "standing there", I knew he was game.

I looked at the new guy more closely - he was darker than normal - not too sure what his nationality was, but not that I cared, really. Ako fa!

Anyway, he was around 5'8" and dressed in jeans and a blue shirt. He had the nicest smile, with eyes lighter than his skin. I liked the look of the guy to be honest. Especially when I saw his penoy. It was four inches, and darker than his skin. The tip of his penis was darkest - almost as dark as his foreskin. As he stood beside me, I decided to be more adventurous. Letting go of my own penoy, I grabbed the new guy's peen while the other hand went to the other guy.

Now, that was heaven. Yes, admittedly, 10-second heaven pero heaven pa rin. The new guy had a shorter cock, true, pero it was much thicker than Mr Pasty. After a while, my sensibilities came back to me, and I decided to knock it off. For one, this is Town Hall Station, not Bodyline.

The pasty guy took matters into his own hands and within seconds burst into the urinal. The first shot hit the steel backing of the urinal, but everything else dribbled onto the base. The guy mumbled something like "Thanks" and ran out, his cock still hard against his Alpha Male undies.

Now this then is the dilemma. His cum was in the urinal, and no, these things do NOT wash away easily. The other guy looked at it, shook his head and shrugged as he walked out. He was still hard, for sure, but somehow, Mr P cumming just killed it.

Great. Bitin. Again, I finish my bit and walked out. The other urinal was still full (talagang fight fight fight) pero some of the guys have changed. There were a couple of old queens lingering about, wanting a piece of the action.

Ako, I had my slice of cock... este, cake.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Clash of the Power Bottoms

Now, to be honest, I will never ever be a power top. Talangang it's not in my berdeng blood. So when I meet a power bottom in any of my haunts, I usually make irap with matching exit marchey... because I can.


But yesterday was different.

After my last meeting for the day, I decided I wanted some new meat. I "squirted" (siguro naman, ghels, you know what I mean) and found something close by. This beat was close to a university gym, so sige. Should be interesting, divah?

When I got there, may customer na in the cubicle. So I decided to go to the opposite cubicle and... well, play show and tell. My usual routine is to pee, pero the way I do it is that I leave the door open and angle myself so that people can kinda see part of my pedrito. That way, kung interested, kitang kita para sa mga mapiling ina, but if not interested, a slight angle from me at tago ang lahat. Ish-mahart divah?

Talagang nagbuhat ng sariling bankough~!

Anywhe-hey, I started peeing, and out of the corner of my mascara-d eye, I saw a head pop up from the door and quickly back down again.

Aba. Game ang lolah!

I continued peeing and the other guy continued to look furtively from the top of his cubicle door. He would only pop up for a second, so I really couldn't see his details quite clearly. All I could see for sure was that he was blondish and tall.

However, after the fourth peek, he decided to keep his head high. Of course, as I was already done with my first deed, I decided to continue with the show-and-tell by "drying" the tip of my penoy with a wad of tissue. Syempre, medyo starting to make galit na my anough and I made sure na kitang kita ang kiti-kiti!

After I had "wiped" the last of the droplets, I tilted my head to indicate na alam kong he was looking. Aba siyempre nandiyan na eh!

He ducked down when he saw that I was on to him, but then after a few seconds of pregnant silence, he loudly unlatched his door - and yes, gaym on, gehls!

I opened the door and saw the guy in all his glory. He was quite young - I would say he was early 20's.  He was guwapough naman sana, but he had a bit of a pimple problem. The most interesting thing about the guy is he was clearly blokey - he had unkept hair and a tan line of someone who works out a lot in the sun. He looked like a farmer's boy, to be honest.

I moved into the cubicle, and he grabbed my hips. He took my hard patuti in his mouth, and I have to say that it wasn't bad... but not too good either. I mean, super happy with his enthusiasm pero talagang chakah in the execution. He will, in no way, win Ms Universe - Talent. Ni-runner up, wis!

While he was at it, I decided to sexplore! His hands and arms were quite red - definitely working hands - and trim! I am not sure if he's a gym guy kasi his arms were not massive but the muscles are definitely there - actually, above average. He was definitely not lazy bones! I ran my hands all over his torso - his chest was pronounced and his nips were actually small but hard - parang pebbles! Massive turn on! If only he was more orally talented...

Anyway, he only did the deed for around 1 minute, which was fine with me, to be honest. Although tigasin pa rin akish, I certainly wasn't really enjoying it - I would have probably stopped it, if he hadn't done so first.

What happened next was surprising.

He stood up and turned his ass towards me. My golly gulay - his ass was super muscular! It was quite hairy but since his hair was blond, parang hindi halata. Pero walang fat ang puwet nya! As in, all muscle! I knelt down and kissed his cheeks, one hand rubbing his legs while the other playing with his paquito.

Can I just say... LOVE!!! His legs were tree trunks - strangely bigger than his entire body. I don't think he is a runner kasi it's just too big. Baka footy player... Anyway, his penoy was long but thin, the head was also slightly bigger than everything else. His fore was thick, but I couldn't tell for sure because the minute I got there, he started breathing heavily and moved my hand away from his head... to his pwet hole.

Ako naman... are you surely? O sige. I jammed one finger in, and my gulay... love that feeling. It was lubed but still tight. Talagang points for enthusiasm! I started to put two fingers in when he stopped me. He turned around briefly and pulled me up with his strong arms. He turned away again and grabbed my ass cheeks with his one hand, pulling me closer to his hole.

Shet. Bareback.

Well, normally, this is the part where I walk away pero my goodnesh, here was this kid... super muscular... I pulled his shirt up, and I saw his freckled back... super toned to death. Kitang kita the muscles and I... just... lost it.

I entered him and because medyo kalakihan ang aking anough, he muffled an ouch. But as I pounded away, he began to breathe heavier and, as they say, get into the rhythm of the night!

Now, this I only did for 45 seconds or so because the thought of barebacking just really didn't sit well with me. Don't get me wrong, I loved the feeling - he was tight but still do-able! His puwethole was so warm and I really almost lost my load inside him.

But I stopped and pulled him up. I whispered "Thanks mate" and pulled out of him. He looked a bit disappoint-mench. Parang tutang kulang sa pagkain. Na-sad tuloy ako.

I walked out of his cubicle and back to my original cubbie. I wiped my patuti with pwet-ones, and walked out. I heard the lock on his door, and I knew he wasn't very happy.

... ok now I am regretting it.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Deeper and deeper and DEEPER AND DEEPER!!!

Before anything else...

Geosef: My dear, maraming GH - even sa Pinas - pero I find that the ones here are a bit bigger. Sa Pinas, usually peep hole lang - and to be honest, nothing wrong with that! :-) Anyway, good luck with the GH hunt, my dear.

Anyway, this one is one for the books - undoubtedly one of my weirder adventures.

I was in the shower in my local g(a)ym (That really doesn't work, does it?) and as always, after making a mega-arm workout to the max, I felt fairly confident kahit kitang-kita ang muffin tahf. Alam mo naman tayo, friends: all-confidence, kahit limited substance.

ANYway, the nice thing about this shower is that there are two doors leading to the shower room, so rinig na rinig ang mga bwisitors na farating. So far, I've only been caught unawares once - and the guy who caught me was quite willing to join in the fun.

But that's for another blog entry.

So to continue the story, I was in the last shower stall, and because the stalls don't have doors, kita to the world. I like this spot kasi it allows me to look at others while getting the liquid soap from the wall dispenser, and if they follow suit, well, yun na yun.

However, that day, I started my shower alone. :-( After ten minutes of lingering under the hot water, I was about to call it a day (kasi naman I might look like a raisin!) when lo and vehole, a guy walked in. He was around early twenties, wearing nothing but what is best described as a hipster beard. His upper body had no muscles to speak of but his hips were... well, child-bearing. His legs were powerful so it really just emphasised his pear shaped body. Mind you, not bad looking but definitely not my type. Hipsters don't like me - I don't like hipsters. It's just one of those things.

More importantly, ang ano-ano! His was quite nice, in fairnezz. The whole package was low hanging, and his yagbadudies were gigantic, hairless and overall, impressive. Even though he was limp bizkit, his package was at least four inches long so I can imagine what it would be like kung galit! I estimate around 7. Ang ganda, ah!

Ready for the talent portion, direk!

Anyway, I proceeded to restart the showering again. Alam mo na! Kailangan clean everywhere. I did the whole shower-soap-rinse thing repeatedly, glancing sideways at him and his juicy member. He did approach the soap dispenser close to me, pero he always did it when I was not there. At that point, I really could not tell kung game sya or not! Ka-letchness monster!

Finally, we managed to get to the soap dispenser at the same time. I looked into his eyes, and smiled. He did the same.

And this is where it gets weird.

He gently turns me around with one hand, and in the other, he reaches for the soap. While facing away from him, I heard him pump the dispenser feverishly.

I said to myself, Shet. This is it.

Now, I've been farked before with liquid soap and it was sooo far from pleasant. However, that was decades ago, and I figured I am older, more talented (Talented daw o!) and more experience so maybe it would not as bad.

He lathered my back, running his hand up and down the entirety of my back, along with my crack and all. He spent a bit of time with my crack actually, and after a while, his fingers pushed my cheeks wider. I responded by spreading my legs a little bit, para naman he can get more access.

However, he didn't put in his patuti - instead, he gently moved his fingers closer to my hole, and after a few seconds of warm up, he began pumping in and out - at first, gently but it became more energetic as we got into it. He was quite adventurous, I have to say. Sometimes, he does one finger - at one point, he added another, but all the while, he was breathing heavily, with his other hand running up and down my back. At one point, his hand found my throat, and he almost gripped it - almost like a choke, but not. But that didn't last long, and he ended up moving back up and down my back.

I have to admit - it felt pretty good. However, we were conscious that we could not make much noise (we didn't want to miss out on someone coming in on us), plus my gulay, it began to sting down there.

Of course, no such thing as too much of a good thing - eventually, I spent my seed on the floor, one hand playing with myself and the other bracing the wall, as Hipster continued to ram his fingers inside me.

That was it. I turned around and found that he wasn't even hard (letche!) and when I started bending down to suck him off, he shook his hand, smiled and resumed actually taking a shower.

I mean, I should be happy since I got off, but he didn't. It's like he wasn't even interested. Still not too sure what to think of it. Maybe will take the weekend to mull over it.

Or maybe I should just be happy I got off. :-)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Vaguhan... part 2

Before anything else...

Geo: Mali ang email mo, ateng. Just email me so I can reply to it.
50Shades: It means glory hole, hija. Also known as milagrong butas... I could email you an example of the wonders you get to see in them! ;-)

Anyway, this story continues from the previous post. After Mr 10 finished his (very innocent) deed, I stayed back and enjoyed the afterglow... meaning i was looking at the gorgeousness of his patutay repeatedly. This may be the reason why I totally didn't notice the new guy.

Now this guy was cute... around early 20's also, and definitely Eurasian. Kitang kita sa buhok at sa mata... at definitely sa ari! Tisoy na tisoy ang skin pero super dark ang ari. I love the difference actually...

Anyway, he was easy on the eyes and so was his manoy. And so.... I decided to take a pic. Hehe. His was definitely not as impressive as Mr 10, but still nice! Not bad. At least, hindi super challenging! hehehe!

SO! There I was, watching away... when suddenly, after finishing the deed, he decided to peek through the GH. Nakough! Vhukeeng!

Now usually at this point, I do one of two things: either (a) duck and deadma and hope he goes away, or (b) cover the GH with my palm in the hopes na he'll think the hole is covered from the other side. The bad thing was I was so caught unawares na I wasn't able to do either. The good news is that he looked through the hole, smirked, and continued to "finish" peeing.

He then started to play around with his patuti, and soon enough, it was a rock hard cafe. I knelt down and signalled him to follow suit. Within seconds, I had him in the palm of my hand. It was a lot thicker in real life - surprisingly thick near the base, to be honest.

And there I began my usual talent: I began pumping like a piston. I'm pretty good at it - kahit na medyo mapulikat na, fight fight fight pa rin! In the process of pumping this guy, I made him almost spew but he pulled away before the event. Ako naman sigeh. You want to edge yourself? Pwede rin!

The strange part was after almost spewing the third time, he suddenly packed his hard throbbing meat and ran out the door! I looked around - wala namang pulis o janitor. After 30 seconds on wondering what happened, I decided to call it a day.

I walked out casually to an empty room, and proceeded to wash my hands in the basin. Lo and behold, bumalik ang papa! He looked at my feet (assuming he wanted to make sure I was the one he was fooling around with) and smiled as he walked towards me. He said nervously that he had a girlfriend and didn't really want to do it... but he was reaching out and touching my bloody hard-on while telling me this.

Wow. Convincing.

Gusto kong sabihin "I'm used to rejection from people with bigger members than yours" but then again, it was nice that he apologised so I just smiled and said "it's ok, mate. It's all good."

It was nice having his hand on me though. Just saying... ;-)


Before I begin, may I say hello to...

Kane: but of course! You should see me blow my candle! ... GANOUN!
SG: Talagang serious once you hit 25... 25 DAW OH! Kalokah!
50Shades: I am happy! Thanks for dropping by!
Seth: I know! I'm usually not into kink pero my gulay that boy drove me wild!

Anyway, the story today involves not one, but two boys!

Exciting??? Well, not really. To be honest, it only actively involved one. You see, it was like this...  I went into my favourite GH, and I was there for a full 10 minutes, twiddling my thumbs. Talagang walang kumagat.

And then he came in. Pak-in-set. From the GH, I could see his face - gwapo. Definitely Arabic - maybe Lebanese. He was clean cut, and was around early twenties. He had his truckie hat on, and was (from my trained eye, at least) unaware there was a GH and that someone was looking at him.

So in to the loo he went and unlike the other guys, he decided to pull down his pants all the way to the knees and let his wanger out for ... well, me to see. Ako naman - speechless! Ang ganda ng ari ng lokah! Super thick ang kanyang foreskin and my ghally, porn star length! As in, easily 10 inches kung tinigasan! I decided to take a pic, so if you're interested to see what I saw, email me (!

Anyway, he stood there for a good 2 minutes, not peeing, at ako naman, curious! Was he going to pee or show and spew?! I'm game for either, pero kung pwedeng call a friend, I can be his friend di vah?? The whole time I was watching, he was looking at his phone, and from time to time, playing with his penoy.

And then it began - his yellow stream spew forth, and after a full minute, he finished his deed and left. Me? I'm just happy to have a pic of his wonderous penoy! I swear just looking at this pic makes my pwet water. I honestly think I can't take his manoy in any of my crevices! I am talented pero I'm still not  She-Ra... (SHE-RA DAW OH!)

The second part of this involves another guy... and I will cunt-inue this tomorrow!