Sunday, 14 July 2013

Tumatanda na talaga

Yes ladies and gentlegays, it was my 21st (21st daw oh!) Birthday ko a few weekends ago - the last day of June. I decided to take it easy kasi alam no naman... fragile spring flower~! *Ganoun!*

ANYway, for my birthday, I decided to cha-cha to one of the local haunts. It was a nice day, kahit medyo rainy and cold. Nice time to be indoors... or at least in a Glorya Whole.

So while walking there, I saw heaps of teens hanging around near the park, fresh uni students na walang magawa sa buhay. Ako naman... cute, pero not my type. I guess it's because I prefer beef to veal - pero that's me, not a critique against the twinks.

So I went into the eau de toilette and... it was empty. Walang katao, sadly. But you can never can tell, as Ate Vi once said. So I sat there, patiently, waiting for happiness to come in.

... And in he came! Because of the angle of the GH and the windows on the side, I knew that you couldn't really see the GH unless you knew where it was and you looked at it up close and personal. So when I saw this guy whip out his ano, I was sexcited... and then, he started making wee-wee.

Personally, not really into water sports - tried it once and never again. Medyo nakakalokring. Howayvur, kung peeking at peeing lang, I can appreciate the appendage, though not the akshen.

As his stream began to weaken into a trickle, he began looking at all the vandalism around (and my gulay, I can guarantee you that this place had invitations and mobile numbers by the truckload). As he finished, he got some toilet paper and wiped the excess from his member and his foreskin.

At this point, I figured "Showtime is over" and I expected him to finish his thing and leave.

But no-ho-hough! Ika nga sa mga infomercials, "But wait~! There's more!"

He began to play with himself - right in front of the GH! Ako naman, hwe-he-lough...d! As he kept on, his member began showing itself in its full glory - 5 in,  thinish, pero my gulay the foreskin was super thick and super long. It covered the head and was quite tight, so I thought, nakow - beergin! He didn't trim, and his belly button had the treasure trail that was super sekzi!!!

Butt anywayz, I sat there, watching the show. His technique was different - using his two fingertips, he used different speeds for maximum stimulashen. This happened for a good 5 minutes and my Gully-ver!!!! Kalowkah to the Max Fried Chicken! Love it!!!

From time to time, I could see his body convulse and I knew he was not used to doing this standing up. Of course, by this time, I was super duper keen to help out! I was tapping my foot, clearly visible to him, for sure, pero he just kept on going! Dead ma to the world! Something tells me he actually didn't know the GH was there, pero sige! I don't mind being a voyeur! Love it, in faq~!

After a while, he began convulsing a bit more violently - and ayun! A dull dribble of his seed dropped into the floor and the toilet seat. His knees buckled a bit, and he ended up almost leaning over the toilet seat, one hand on his knees, the other hovered just in front of his face. A small strand of his seed was dangling from his thumb and he moved the tip onto his mouth.


The best thing about the experience is looking at his face. He was quite young, and super guwafough! He reminds me of Lucky Manzano, pero with glasses and less bulky. I am hoping he is legal or else medyo pedo ang labas ko, and the thought just makes me cringe to the core. Nakough! Maybe it was good he didn't see my tapping foot.

He cleaned himself up and left the cubicle... and I did something that I know should not be done. I quickly went to his cubicle, with my undies around my knees (buti na lang walang ibang tao), and locked the door behind me. In the toilet rim was his spent seed, some hastily cleaned but definitely there. I swiped what little I could get and tasted it.

I know... gross...

But it was sweet and reminded me of young pineapple. Sigh. Oh to be young again.


Kane said...

I must say, you really know how to celebrate a birthday!!!

Oh to be young again =)


Anonymous said...

seryoso ang last part teh?

Sydney Gal

FiftyShadesOfQueer said...

New reader here. Enjoyed the first read. Shocked with the last part but hey who am I to judge ? will backread soon. :)

Seth said...

naloka ako sa ending