Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nafakasakit, Kuya Eddie!

Dear friends,

Hello again. Greetings from Royal Prince Albert Hospital in Sydney. Actually, discharged na akough, but yes, friends, naleche nakish a couple of weekends ago.

(But before anything else, hellooooo Sydney Gal! Navuhae! And yes, dear Anon, alam mo naman – feeling Ariel in Little Mermaid – JANOUN!)

Anyway, ganito ang dramae... I was making lamiyerdah to the max in ever sa Newtown. I love shopping here kasi talagang kaaiba siya - the place caters mostly to the alternative crowd, so I feel right at home.

However, minsan, balat talaga in the fwet. I was making sashay-sashay, when I made tapilok with my 14-inch heels. Hala! May I Naomi akough! I ended up in the emergency room, and to make it worse, walang papa sa mga nurses. May isang cutey-pie pero upon closer inspection - far-genic to death! Mali.

Anyway, after one zillion sex-rays, I ended up getting a recommendation for an orthopaedic surgeon. It was just a precaution kasi mayroong milagrong nangyari sa aking tuhod. All those years kasi on being on my knees!

* blush *

So may I continue: I arranged a time to meet with my surgeon and when he opened the door, nalaglag ang fantykish! He was Scottish (love that accent!), around 6'5", thin and cute as a button with matching killer smile! I tried as much as I could to do my supermowdel walk pero kinda hard to do that with crutches! Not even the glitter decor of my space boot helped.

Anyway, his name is Eddie. Apparently, his real name is unpronounceable in English, so shinort-cut niya. As he was explaining this, he was going checking my legs. Buti na lang they are Beyonce-smooth.

SO he can multi-task? Check.
Tall and cute? Check.
Hypnotic voice and alluring smile? Check.

Wedding ring? Check… ay, Sandra Lee lang. Bweset!

I look around, and yes, may pictures of his wife and kids. Sayang… Letche. (Not that it has stopped me before pero still…)

But wait! There’s more…

While he was making kwento and checking my agility, he angled my foot was pressed against his ano. As in, it was there for a good 10 seconds – so medyo matagal-tagal din! It was not long enough for me to feel out the goods… but it was definitely long enough for me to know that it was … well, long.

Now, this happened twice – the second time, super short lang. Around 4 seconds. But then again, when he did this, his hand was tilting my leg and it was definitely in my lower inner thigh. Not enough to titillate but definitely enough to pique my curiosity…

The issue now is: The entire time – deadma siya. He smiled, nodded, asked questions and super professional… except na feel ko na ang kanyang anough… Is he hitting on me?

I checked on FB and yes, happily married with three kids, pero the thought of this ano is driving me insane.

I doubt I will make landi when we see each other next time. But still… goggles the mind…


Jose carreon said...

dream on darling!

Anonymous said...

Make a follow up check up teh... It will definitely work this time...trust me chossssssss

Sydney Gal