Sunday, 30 June 2013

Loving a Quick One

Ok, I don't mean to sound like a pedo or a cradle snatcher, but once in a while, I do like veal. Take note: I'm talking about 20-ish boys, ha. I don't like teens, kahit legal. Why not? Wala lang. It's a taste thing. After all, I'm also in my 20s.


But before anything else, hello, JC~! I don't mind dreaming about Eddie, as long as it's a wet dream *GHANOUN!!!*

Anyway, one of the things I love about my job is that once in a while I get to visit colleges to maintain their IT infrastructure and all that chuvach! This happened late last week when I made chicka to one of our clients, a business college in the City.

Now one of the things I LOVE about these "fly-by-night" (I of course use the term loosely) colleges is that they attract the rough trade - kids who don't make it to the big universities but are still enthusiastic about learning and whatchev.

ANYways, I went in, and hala bira, aloe vera! Everyone was intently looking at notebooks, talking in hushed tones and then it hit - exam time! Kayafalahfafa! Galit sa mundo silang lahat - apparently, it was  a closed book accounting exam.

Sa loob-loob ko, good luck, mga fafah! Sa mga kefyas, chiuvah kayong lahat. JOKE lang friends!!!!!!

So, to continue my story, I decided to go to the loo nearby - I knew may Gloria Estefan so super excited akish.

Lo and be-hole, when I got there, may fafa sa other side. I couldn't see the entire package (letcheng Gloria Hole), but from what I could see, he was quite stocky, muscled but not defined, guwapo but not kaloughkah. He was around early 20's with cropped hair - Definitely fafa-able! Super rough looking, pero something about those eyes! Love love love...

Anyway, I sat down, and looked in, and yes, he was looking back at me and smiling awkwardly, his teeth clenched tight. There was an intensity in his eyes, and given what I saw in his biceps, he was already pounding his pedro for all it's worth.

You know me - gaym foreverly with flowers! I placed my laptop bag near the door so that no one else can see my milagro, and down on all fours I went! He was already on his knees and his penoy was poking already through. His was shorter than average - around 5 inches - but it was weirdly thick -almost like a beer can - and his foreskin was equally generous! I could still smell the soap that he used to wash his - and I do love considerate men.

ANYway, as soon as I got on all fours, I began making chupa-chups! My God, LOVE. While my throat was loving the fact I was not gagging, my jaw began to protest - and it was only the first 30 seconds! Paano va yan!

I think what made this absolutely difficult was that, to get full access, I had to tilt my head to the side. The nice thing about this is that it gave me a decent glimpse of his pwetski.

My gulay, ang bilog. Kitang kita ang brownness ng kanyang hair down there, and ang puwet niya, parang watermelon. LOVE it.

I started rubbing his bayang-ness, and well, he moved my hand gently towards... his hole.

AVAH! My kind of ghurl!!!!

O sige! I stopped a moment and spat onto my excited finger. When I began resuming my business, my finger began lingering towards his hole. Once I planted my finger there - and no resistance, ladies! - I began gently circling, feeling the hair getting tangled with my spit. After a few seconds, I began prodding my finger inside - all the while, his hips were pounding gently against my lips.


Once I got my finger in (and yes, super tight siya! Loveit~~!), he began buckling forward a bit more, the divider rocking savagely with every thrust. After a moment, hala bira! He came in my mouth - medyo bitter ang kanyang tamod so I wasn't really rating it, but hey, I'm not complaining. As he finished his load, his masculine hand pulled my hand away from his pwetski.

I gave him a few seconds to catch his breath, and he mumbled "thanks..." as he flushed and walked out.

The end.

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