Monday, 27 May 2013

Wet Wet PWet!

(Note: This was a couple of weeks old pero better late than nevahh!)

One of the most wondermous things about being zingel is that I can, with a drop of my mascara, decide to go anywhere I want. I don't have to have permission etch-etch, and I can just leave it all behind me. I do have a cat to look out for (the only pussy in my life) but I can leave that with a friend whenever I can - my assistant manager is a cat lady and she LOVES having my pussy over at her house for a weekend.

ANYWAY, this lovely event happened last weekend. I decided to leave metropolitan Sydney on a whim, and upon the advice of my slutty friend, I booked a two night holiday in Pacific Palms. Now this quaint touristy area boasts of several beaches - Boomerang (Hellooooo surfers!), Blueys, Elizabeth, Smiths Lake, Coomba... but my favorite is named Shelly Beach.

Why? Clothing-optional, eh.

Now what I love about Shelly is that it is beautiful! Kaloughkah! It is around 2 kilometers wide but it is never ever full (at least in the two days I went there). It does give you an eyeful among the nude people, some yummier than others. There was a mix of men and women, and while most of them are nudey, not all are. So if you do want your own space, you can have it.

But I digress.

I booked a two night stay in one of the motels there and may I drive akish after work last Friday. It was VERY hard to get to and I got ridiculously lost at one point (thanks for nothing, funyethang GPS). However, four hours after, I finally arrived.

Early next day, I decided to jog it. There I was with my micro-mini sexxxy shorts plus exercise sando, running on a very very cold morning. It was sunny, pero talagang feel na feel ang winterness - my utongs were truly alive and kicking.

When I got to Elizabeth Beach, it took me a while to find the hidden path to Shelley. Buti na lang I saw some girls pop out of the bushes - if not, luzvimindah ang lola niyo.

Anyway, I walked down the cold jungle-like path, and from afar, I could see the beach - parang Boracay without the crowds! loveit! - and yes there were naked people on it. Konti lang pero at least better than wah!

By the time I got there, it turns out that... two straight couples and 3 girls ang ladlad! NAKUHLEDESMA!!! I was kinda disappointment with the first glance but since the beach was at least 2 kilometers long, I decided to hike it to the other end. Besides, konti lang the people there, so I liked the privacy.

Once I got to the end, I looked around and yes, wis na tao. I got out my birthday suit, and went out in the water, getting in touch with my inner sirena.

After a few minutes, I started to head back to the beach, and halavirah, may tao sa mga talahib, making peekavough. Of course, being the Asian Kate Moss, I decided to catwalk to my clothes with matching pose. Nakough - naloka ang fafa. He stepped out of the bushes and yes, he was naked and sporting a woody.

Now, this guy was nowhere near supermodel - he was in his late 50's at least, around 5'8", cute pero tabain and a bit pasty. Still, what I saw between his legz, I loveses! It was 8, uncut, and super taba.

I decided to play coy, and smiled at him while walking back into the water. He looked at me, smiled, and walked out, hard-on and all. The nearest people to us were a couple who were busy doing their own thing, and given they were half the beach away, I sincerely doubt they can see or care about what we were up to.

Anyway, he walked into the water and swam right beside me. I decided to break the ice, say hi with matching hawak ng kanyang ano. Wow- it was indeed higanchick! Uncut siya and my golly gulay, it was thick! His skin covered his head entirely, and talagang feel na feel yung kapal ng skin.

I love it.

I looked at him the entire time, while playing with his member, and he was smiling and his eyes were glazing over. I glanced around - wala pa ring nakatingin! - and dive ang lolah niyo.

Now, just for the record, don't ever try this - ever. I lasted 5 seconds. Not only was it super salty, I ended up making lagok some seawater - super yuck. Still, I think he appreciated the effort since he was still smiling as I re-emerged, coughing and wheezing for my life.

ANYway, I decided to play around a bit more, and since wis na tao, I got his hand and placed it between my legs. He played around with my dick and made a passing comment about me being cut. Ako naman, blush (kasi lahing Maria Clara, noh!), and said, yes yes, I am cut. He said nice, and then moved in closer my butt.

And how did Maria Clara respond? I was looking at him straight in the eye as I spread my legs wider. DARNA!

He began fingering and my goodness it was painful, pero talagang smile to death. Buti na lang medyo I have control down there, so I could loosen it a bit, pero painful, hijas, painful! He started fingering me there while I continued my hand movements. I looked to the beach and yes, the other couple had left. He smiled and pulled me closer to the rocks and sat down - again, super hapdi pero as they say in Ms Universe, smile through the tears.

He tried to enter me pero his was massive and yes, I couldn't take it. I had to beg off from his wonderful  gift, and he ended up jacking himself off while fingering me as well. Within a minute, he came. I could see bits of white floating about, but only for a moment since the tide was slowly coming in.

He thanked me and I stayed in the water a bit as he gathered his clothes from the bushes and walked away. I wanted him to remember how my insides felt through his fingers and not have the image of my bleeding butt cheeks ruin the imagery.


Anonymous said...

love na kita ng bongang bonga

Sydney gal

Anonymous said...

Miss Talent pa din ang bruha! Sisid kung sisid kahit maalat ang dagat wah fakih ang chufatid! Chufer Sireyna ang drama makabingwit lang ng 'big fish' under the sea! Echos! ;)