Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mr DJ, Can I make a request... ?

Just to be perfectly clear... hindi ako mega whore. Semi-whore lang.

(ay baztooz)

So there are actually times when, bilibid or not, I don't want to hada-baka-e-ga-ha-i-la. Wala lang. Minsan, I'm just not in the mood... or maybe I'm just madrita to the world.

But before anything else:

  • Francois: Alam mo naman ako... Maria Clara... (ghanoun!)
  • Anon: How I wish he can play with **my** cricket (Aaaaaay! Malashwaugh!)

Heniweigh, a couple of days ago, I decided to shop till I drop sa David Jones, Sydney Westfield. Now, DJs, as it is called locally, is a more down-to-earth version of Rustan's. It's classier than SM though but not quite super sexpensive. The nice thing about DJs though is that it does attract da gays. I always go to the menswear section, not necessarily to buy, but to perve on the men. Some of them are just too hot for their own good, and to make it worse, they don't know it. Tuloy, they look even hotter.

Anyway, I was window-shopping / man-perving when the need to use the loo popped up. So I decided to go, kasi naman you can't deny the need for speed, divah?

Sooough, when I got there, someone was already in the urinals. He was a tall white guy, around late twenties, 6'2", almost-shaved head, and gwapo! He filled his suit nicely, pero even with the GQ appeal, I knew he was too thin for my taste (and I firmly believe there is such a thing) but I wasn't there to perve - I was there to pee!

So I did my business, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that his package was packing!!! He was uncut, and his flaccid member was at least 6 inches and thick. Note: ** Flaccid, ha **


Ako naman, I did my deed, all the while, very conscious of Mr Thin. He was just standing there.. and nothing else. He was just... standing. Of course, decades of sexperience point to one fact - if a guy standing in the urinal is not peeing, something must be up.

...and yes, ladies and gentlewomen, it was definitely going... up... and hard.

So after I finished my deed, I decided to play my cards. Without tucking myself in, I turned to face him, and within nano-seconds, he turned to face me.

First of all, tanginarts! Guwafough talagish!

Next, ganda naman his haba-haba! When I looked before, it was already big, but facing it head on, it was fakunda-falayfay massive! Around 9 inchez and super thick! Kalowkah! His foreskin covered his pinkish head almost entirely, and his entire member was darker than his actual skin. I assume he has some Middle-Eastern blood dahil his member's skin was just... different! And it was bloody huge.

And of course, fita... in the fighter.

I slammed my knees to the ground, and began the deed. I have to admit - I've had several beautiful ones in my time, but his has to be in the top 5. As in, it was beauuuutiti! Because of the size, I had a hard time getting it in, and to make it more challenging, it was angled to the left a bit.


Pero syempre, fight to death! I began pumping away, with the hand firmly latched on to my head. His yagbols, hairless but my gulay, ang laki. Parang may santol na sumasampal sa aking labi.

I labi it!

At that point, I yanked his undies down a little bit more, and continued to violently pleasure the guy. This, of course, gave me access to his puwet.

My gulay - his puwet-skin was sooo smooth. I knew, by touch alone, na makinis siya! I started kneading it (and yes, he really did not have a lot of muscle there) and given the soft moans, I knew he was down for it.

That was when I noticed another hand in the picture. Carefully tilting my head, I discovered that we had another person in the mix. He was older, around early 50's, and he too was in a suit. He was hefty - I thought he was a security guard initially - but given that his member was out in the open, I gathered not! His member was considerably smaller - I'd say around 4 inches and definitely slimmer with a bright red head surrounded by gorgeous foreskin. His right hand was playing with himself, while his other hand was freely playing with Mr Thin's bungholio. I assume at this point that it was lubricated with saliva, and I can guarantee you that Mr Thin was enjoying it.

I went back to my task at hand (after all, sumasakit na ang aking tuhod) and after a minute of this double-ended pleasuring, Mr Thin exploded in my mouth with both his hands pressing against my head. I caught most of his seed but given the amount, a bit of dribble slid down my left chin. Mr Thin walked into one of the cubicles (assuming to clean up) and Mr Fauxcurity Guard looked at my mouth and swiped the cum off with his thumb. It caught me by surprise and I ended up just staring at him, as he placed his thumb gently into his mouth - all the while looking at me.

He then turned to the cubicle door of Mr Thin and knocked on it gently. He went in and that was the end of my participation. I was left alone, knees on the floor, eyes wide as dinner plates.

I love Sydney...

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