Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mooraya Curry!

First of all, I love curry - the spicier, the better - and this entry has to do with someone who is a curryt – so itatago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Mr Churrie.

Now, back(la) story muna with Mr Churrie. Mr Churrie is of Indian descent (obvious bah?!?), around 5'9" (so shorter than I am) and...

... okay, this is where it gets uncomfortable. Malapad ang balakang nya (child bearing!), no muscles, and he has a bit of a pouch. So, in effect, hindi sya runner-up for Ms BodyBeautimous... Now, mind you, ladies, I am not one to highlight another girl's weaknesses because – well, hindi naman ako kagandahan galore. Let’s just say “bato, bato…”

Anywish, there are two great things about Mr Churrie. First, ang fez value. As in (!!!!) ang guwapo niya. I actually first met him in the gym stretching area, and my panty was na-fell. Lag-lag with matching tapilok AND whiplash talo si Janet Jackson. His face just stands out so strongly against everything else – plus when he smiles, my golly, nakakahilo ang ganda niya.

Next, ang kanyang ari. He doesn’t shave “there” so medyo virgin forest siya. But more importantly, maganda ang kanyang notary pubic!! Evenly dark ang kanyang color scheme and super thick around the base. The member is tapered so medyo small and thin ang kanyang tip - but all the better for the throat.

And this is where my story vejinz, Kuya Eddie...

It started like any other normal shower. I had stripped down to my hot red towel (red hot mama daw, o!) and he was already there when I got there. He was doing the whole multi-tasking of showering and brushing teeth at the same time, and I said, multi-talented ang papa!

But the thing is… no self-respecting vajingjing would brush their teeth while showering kung Chuck Norris ang habol, di ba? So akala ko, di siya game.

So I decided, o sige, no action pero at least, floor show. I chose a shower cubicle not directly across his, pero close by.

Aba alibaba, pag tangal ko ng towel ko, tingin siya agad. At first, pakems siya, pero after a while, medyo lumagkit ang tingin niya. Now take note, ladies, the entire time, nagsisipilyo zsa. Honest. Gusto ko ngang tignan kung may ngipin pa siya kasi forever and ever ang Colgate action niya!

Anyway, he turned to his side, and I swear his thing was bigger! As in, yummy yummuh. Because he was in his side view, I could clearly see the loveliness that is his package. Very respectable ang bayagavolls niya, and his stiffening gift was showing more promise. But before anything else can happen, he turned away, revealing his cute (but overall, nondescript) fuwette. 

He did the whole routine of side view, and back for a good one million years (actually, closer to 3 minutes) and each time, I swear his member got bigger. I could tell, even from afar, that the base was thicker and the tip was just begging for attention. But before I could get the courage to act on it, he began packing up.

Pack siyet.

Because I figured that no action is indeed going to happen, I decided to leave the shower first and then, set up the shellefone para naman may souvenir akish. Sadly, because I was in a hurry, I only got one good pic.

I still don't know if I should go and ask him out kasi talagang parang hindi siya PLU. Pero my gulay, just the thought of swallowing that whole... (or into my hole!)


Well, we'll see. Torn akish.

What do you goils think? Because I see him in the gym ALL the time, super scared ako to ask him out. Allergic ako to being a thank-you-girl!


Francis Balgos said...

Nahiya pa. Grab the keme when you get the chance.

Anonymous said...

Bring out the paminta in you, sweetie! Invite him for a rugby game or ask him whether he loves, India's favourite game - cricket! (Cricket daw, oh! Charmois!). You can ask him to to to your local RSL. Do your assignment so you don't end up as "clapper" and I'm sure you ma-getlak mo ang otoko! Miss Talent ka di ba? Or Miss Understood? Ching! :)