Thursday, 21 March 2013

Guilty as Fark

Hello hello, friends. Super busy on this end. Decided to rest a bit before the thunder storms hit. Wet duck ang lolah niyo kasi walang payonggers!

Anyway, before anything else...

Anonymous: Sorry kung bitin. It's the story of my life, to be honest!

Speaking of bitin, this lovely story happened this morning. My clients cancelled at the last minute (mga hinayupak kayo! Leche! Nagpaganda pa ako!!) so I had time to kill (talagang ayaw pumuntang opisina). I decided to swing by the local gym which had lovely facilities "for us". It was located right between the gym and the tennis courts so both penis tennis players and gymgayers goers tend to flock from time to time.

This time, there was only one guy (ay, isa lang) in the locker room who was stick thin, his blond hair dishevelled and his sweaty clothes clung to his skin like white on rice. To make it worse, his shirt said in bright green text: "Jesus Christ is King".

Ako naman - ok, he's definitely not "one of us". I let him be, and when he left the locker room (I assume to play tennis), I didn't think twice about it.

So I went about my usual way, work out for a bit (hip workout para one day, I can be Beyonce, OHDIVAH???). After a while, I decided to finally call it a day so back to the showers, I go (and this happens to be my faaaavourite place in the gym).

Anyway, I opened the door and Mr J.C.I.K. was there, standing only in his blue undies. He looked at me from the corner of his eye but continued to fiddle around in his bag for goodness-knows-what.

Ako naman, whe-he-hellooough. I looked at him again - he was around 5'9", not a bulge to his body, zero fat so kita mo lahat ng muscle. Very lean ang katawan pero in all honesty, not worth the imagination. As in, I couldn't be turned on even if I were a toaster. He was around mid-20s, his legs showing off white hair against the very tanned skin. He had mousey blond hair which really didn't do his face any favours. He was cute, in a homely kind of way, but he is no way centerfold material.

After a minute, Mr JCIK turned to look at me (and I was looking at him from the corner of my eye) and whipped out his undies. From what I saw, it was uncut (not surprising) framed by pubes darker than his leg hair. It was... cute.

Of course, dead ma ang lolah niyo (fuckifought) and I began preparing for the showers. By the time I got ready, Mr JCIK was already in the showers. I personally didn't expect anything, but you know what, whateyvur.

He was in one of the cubicles, soaping away, and I decided to take the cubicle not directly opposite his, but close enough so that I can see enough action without being super obv (talagang laking Charlie's Angelz!). After a minute, he turned out, sporting a definite woody.

Ok. Now we are talking.

It was around 6 inches, fairly thin, pero enough to give pleasure. He doesn't trim his hair so medyo rejoice ang kanyang locks, pero in fairness to him, it was cute. It certainly gave his penoy a bit of... texture.

He looked at me, water dripping down his face, his mouth opened slightly, and his hand clutching the base of his member. LOVE IT. Talagang hayok the hayop ang look.

I walked over and immediately went down south, with my knees hitting the wet tiled floor with a dull thud. He grabbed my hair and started pumping it like it was going out of style. Despite the fact that his was thin and shortish, it was still a struggle kasi naman medyo violent siya ng konti. Now I can take a little bit to pushing and all, but he was really getting into it. His balls, fairly big and hairy,  was slapping against my chin to the point that I wasn't too sure how this can be enjoyable for him. I grabbed his ass cheeks (I promise you, all blonde hair, no fat) and that pushed it up a notch. He was groaning (buti na lang walang ibang tao and we can hear the door opening if someone did cum in) and he was in lust.

The strange part was I looked up a bit, and his face was distorted - para bagang it was torture for him to get his patuti sucked. His face was somewhere in between sweet pleasure and getting electrocuted in the testicles. I was looking at him when he exploded in my mouth - medyo magata ng konti, and a little bit bitter-sweet. Not the worst taste ever, but not the best either.

He pulled out of my mouth, and I noticed his foresky was a little bit sore. Kasi naman give na give siya. I looked up again at his face and it had the look of utter sadness.

Surely, it felt alright - evidence in my mouth, HELLO - and it's not as if I held a gun to his peen. From memory, he had the woody, not me. I was about to ask him if he was alright, when he gave my chin a gentle push away.

Oh, ok. So that's how he would like to play it? Whatever then.

I spat his seed near his feet and walked away. I get the feeling I know what his demons are, and none of them I could deal with at this point. I just know he is a long long way from happy, and it will take more than a BJ to get him there.

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Anonymous said...

Ang shoray ng lola! Wititit kever after the chorva! Aylavit (esp. spitting at his feet!) ;)