Sunday, 27 January 2013


Mabuhay mga binibini! Sorry I've been so quiet all this time. My company has been downsizing and after my annual performance affaizal, I survived with flying rainbow colours. My boss mentioned naman that I was pulling more than my own weight, and he would never let me go.

Sa loob-loob ko lang, inisip ko "If only other men said that..." Oh well. This means though na I have little time to write about my fun life. Sayang.

Anyway, very busy in all counts. Medyo sumasakit na nga ang aking likuran pero sige... fight pa rin.

The last guy was a swimmer - puta ang ganda! He was around 6'1, mid-20s, ganda the pwet! Sadly he was only up for show and tell (no touch!) but my God, he was uncut (as most Aussies are) and around 7 inches. Seemed really thick from my POV and I have to say naglaway ko...

I have a pic of his puwet, if you are interested...

O sige. Enough na. I have a date in a few minutes. To be honest, doesn't seem promising, pero he said he was "gifted"... sige nga! Patunayan!

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