Sunday, 9 December 2012


This is part two of the previous blog. And yes, Luis, you will def like deez one. (Aside: Sorry if this is late. Things at work have been wonderly...)

After the fun-taste-ic threesome around a month ago na, I came back - and admittedly, I was longing for more. Nothing too kinky, but a bit more pizzazz, kung baga.

So when I got into the shower area, Pwetty was the first person I saw, as he chose the cubicle that pretty much faces the entrance to the shower room. He turned around when I came in, and he smiled when he saw it was me. His unit was again raring to go, and his hand was working it like there was no tomorrow.

As I walked into the arena, I noticed that a couple of the other stalls were already occupied. Two other Asian guys were lingering near the end, with their eyes wide open in excitement and their hardness peeking out of clenched hands. Across Pwetsky, a twinky 20ish-year old, around 6'2" with shaved pubes and a massive Lea Aschlongah for all to see. He was gorgeous, and his 8 incher was definitely LOVELINESS!

Oh my goodness. Four other guys and me. LOVE.

At this point, I kinda figured that things had already been happening before I came in and my grand entrance just sealed the deal. When I smiled at Pwetty and his raging woody, Pwetty took that as the cue, and decided to spring into action.

He walked across to Tall Twink and went down on his knees. Pwetty opened his mouth and he did his thing - and he was sucking like the Mayan calendar was about to tick over. Of course, I decided that this was too good an opportunity to miss out, so let's join, divah! Towel over shoulder and hard-on becoming more prominent, I went over to grab TT's balls. My gulay, they were big and smooth, hanging quite low amidst the hot water pouring over him. I started playing with his balls, and he just looked at me with the mix of shock and pleasure. I looked at him intently and moved up to his nipples while Pwetty was doing the deed.

In a few seconds, Short Asian came over, and lifted Pwetty's ass. Using soap yet again, he started to lube up Pwetty and began fucking the shit out of him. With his spare hand, Asian began fingering me and at that point, Twinky lost it. He began muffled moans and it was clear Pwetty has twink soup in his mouth. Shortly after, I came too, my seed spilling close to Pwetty as Asian fingerfucked me.

At this point, I became light headed and walked to a vacant stall to wash up. Because TT had spunked out, akala ko tapos na the game. ABBA siyet chikitita! TT was still raring to go and yes the action was still going. Short Asian was banging the shit out of Pwetty and he had no intentions of ending. The other guy was content to just play with his member and watch.

After a few minutes though, I had to say enough was enough, and took off to clean up. They were still going at it when I left. No complaints from me though.

As Aiza once said, "the end"

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