Wednesday, 24 October 2012

One, two, three times a lady

Dear friends,

First of all, before anything else, hello Kane! Yes, I am well, very well and very active in more ways than one (with matching hair flick!). My dating has gone to a halt. I was seeing Keith who was a lovely lovely, lovely man, pero talagang hindi bagay. No spark. Didn't even bother with the sex bit - talagang wiss. I passed him on to one of my friends and they are hitting it off wonderously. As my dad once shrugged when I told him I was gay, huwag pilitin...

ANYway, this blog post deserves a pic.

Why? Because Onai requested, and I always deliver... ;-)

This is the same place as the previous blog post with older swimmer with the lovely pweting. When I came in, he was already there, and there was someone across him. This other guy is an older Asian guy, around early 50's and kinda pandak - he is around 5'2" and suffice to say, his member matched his height. I mean, it wasn't super micro but it did nothing to stir me. The good side is that he is very cute, toned body and uncut siya. I am so predicktable that way. ;-P

Anyway, I came in, hung my towel on one of the hooks, and proceed to my favorite spot which was the stall closest to the window (right on the pic above). The asian guy was right beside me and across us was Mr Pwet. He is older but my gulay, he was hot as! Yummy yummy sya!

He turned around, and he was already playing with his. I popped out of my cubicle to see Mr Asian looking at Pwet intently. I clearly disturbed an event that they are both more than willing to jump back into - and this time, it looks like I'm invited!


Within seconds, Pwet walked over to Asian, hard on and all, and went down on his knees. Puka-shells. Lagok si fafa to death! Ako naman, still in shock, I just stood there, stiffy in one hand while Fafa Fwet's face pumped away. Mr Asian closed his eyes and met each thrust. My God, it was a sight!

Of course, at that point, I was pumped and ready to go. I moved closer to them and Pwetski moved from  Asian, and started with me. He began pumping on me furiously, and my golly gulay, he was goooodness! There are no words to explain how talented he was.

While Pwet was going to town on my anoh, Asian walked to the soap dispenser (it's in between the two sides of the stalls in the pic), "lubed" Mr Pwet, and proceed to fuck the punyeta out of him. At first, I couldn't believe it. But I reached down to where the action was happening, and yes, it was definitely in and out with gusto! Naloka ako! I mean, yes, Mr Asian was thin and small, but still, action is action is action! And I love action!!!

At this point, because of the thrusts, Pwetty was having a hard time keeping his mouth on my stick, and it was clear he was having the best time. In a few minutes of pounding, he came - with me in his mouth and his seed on the floor. Asian took out his, and spewed right on Pwetty's back and I came on his face.

We all stood up, tired but happy, and used the soap nearby and the shower water to rinse away all traces of our happy times (just for the record, those things were hard to actually wipe off! not too sure why).

That fed my fantasies for a while... and then the other event happened in the same shower stall... but that's for the next post.


luis said...

hi marcus, where are these shower stalls? is this in a gym somewhere in Sydney?

Luis Lion said...

where is this gym?