Sunday, 16 September 2012

Geeky and Wek!

Dear friends

Sorry for the delay (again) in my posts. Super busy this morning and in a fit of chaka-ness, I decided to make tampong kulangs to my boss who said, “Marc, you deserve a break – take the afternoon off.”

Ako naman, Shirley Fuentes!

I decided to take a breather. Bakit? Kasi I needed it. Super tired ako and I have been overtiming until ever!

So decided to walk to the park to chilaks. Sat down in the grass and take in the scenery. May dalawang fafa na nag-e-exercise at ako naman eye chendi. Fufwe! Of course, after a while, medyo na libogart ako. Alam mo na.

So pumunta ako sa CR. To be honest, alam ko naman na minsan, may himala duon, so ako naman – siyempre. Surely.

So in I go, and there was one guy there standing in the urinal.  He was white, around 5’9”, wearing a geeky Max Payne t-shirt at in all fairness, cuteness! He had a chubbiness around the tummy which concretely tags him as a geek. I thought he was there to use the urinal, but after a few minutes, I knew he was there for the big thing.

And speaking of which, my gulay – ang laki ng ari niya. Not super long, ha, but MY GOD, ang taba! As in, the minute I saw it, kinailangan ko siyang tikman. Para siyang can ng corned beef sa taba.

I signaled him to move to the cubicle and there we were. Ang sarap niya! Parang pinya ang lasa niya!

In the middle of al dente, I saw another eye peeking out from the door. He was dark-skinned, as in African dark. He looks like this model and yes, I believe that was a good thing. This guy was around 6’1, super sexy with matching earring, and he has a skin to die for!!! I would say he was around 30 years old and I have to say, I have not tasted African beef so yay!

He has cut, kinda thin, pero my gulay very long! 7-inches! So in between sucking off geek and Mr Wek, I was in heaven. My knees were in pain but I didn’t care! Love it! My head was bobbing between the two, while they were busy exploring each other’s bodies and kissing each other passionately.

I stood up at one point to help my knees a bit, and Mr Wek jugged down on his knees to suck me and Geeky off. Punyeta – talented ang putah!!! In a minute, Geeky started coming ferociously, jets of cum shooting in and around Mr Wek’s face.  Mr Wek stood up, cum all over his face, and I licked off a gob off his cheeks.

Mr Wek looked at me, and we pashed. My God – his lips are heaven. We pashed for a few minutes as we both came onto the floor. By the time I button my fly, Geeky opened the door to go to the faucet. He washed his cock in the sink (talagang super palaban – buti na lang kami lang) and believe it or not, he went back to the urinal to resume. Mr Wek decided to stand beside him, clearly ready for round 2.

I said to myself, “I’m too old for this,” and left the room, cum and all still swirling in my mouth. YUM.

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