Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Olympian Madness

A friend sent me an email (badinggerzie@gmail) and (long story, short) said I was very lucky.

This is my reply to you, hija. No, I am not. Sometimes i get lucky - sometimes, wis.

Take, for example, last Friday. I was walking past a couple of old haunts (alam mo na) when I decided to play. Sometimes the feeling takes over and well, alam niyo na the drill.

I walked into the toilets, and noticed that the room was empty, save for one of the toilet doors, which just so happened to face another open toilet door.

Upon closer inspection, however, I realized, no, I was not alone. One door had a white guy, around late 20's, 6'4" (my God, honest!), bald, and reminded me of this guy, an Olympic swimmer. He was jacking off, and showing his wares - it was uncut, around 8 inches long, and trimmed. His balls were hairless, prettily pink and gigantic. Everything about this guy was BEAUTIFUL.

On the other side was a guy, around 22, slim, around 5'9". He had dark features, and wild unkept hair - maybe North Indian, pero I am never that good with placing nationalities. He was cute naman pero (ito na ang pride, mga lolah), I personally think thank-you-girl siya in the bigger scheme of things. Plus, and ari niya, while longer than mine, his was significantly thinner than mine. I personally feel I could give him a fight in the talent portion!

Anyway, they were both willing to jack off for each other and when I approached them, the tall guy seemed willing to show his wares to me, especially since I had taken out my dick at this point and started jacking off. However, his eyes were predominantly stuck on Mr Slim who didn't even want to show me his peen.

Well, panget sya. Pweh - hahaha! Talagang pride, noh!?

Anyway, given that we were the only ones there, the tall guy became bolder and walked to the other door where Mr Slim was. He started jacking him off and Mr Slim gave him a handjob in return. There were no words spoken, just lust, and urgency, knowing that we could get caught if anyone came in.

I reached out to touch Mr Tall's dick but he declined (ako naman, sure, I can handle rejection). I didn't even bother touching Mr Slim's, as he clearly didn't want me around.

Within seconds, Mr Tall came, gobs of cum dripping from Mr Slim's hand and down Mr Slim's massive balls. I came seconds later, sariling sikap, of course. I went into my cubicle as I heard Mr Slim cumming in his cubicle.

I exited first, and Mr Tall followed suit seconds later, his gym gear and his backpack in tow.

It was hot, undeniably, but definitely, I was second runner-up in this encounter. Does it hurt? Medyo... I'm getting old na so I fully acknowledge I'm no longer as good in the swimsuit category... Ms Talent pwede pa... or maybe Ms Congeniality... :-D

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Before I start the chismakz...

Kane: Single-ish akish! Sobrang busy and to be honest, my heart is not in it. Kinda seeing someone pero not regularly. Wala man kaming pinagusapan na siryoso, pero we'll see... Ako naman, open to everything (and everyone!)

Anon: Email ko, ghurl: badinggerzie@gmail.com

Sensa: Thank you, hon!


Anyway, I promised a shower story - and ito, medyo kakaiba. I went to the gym - lumolobo na kasi eh. And in all honesty, I wasn't looking for anything. As in! Tutoot!

So kwento... I had a workout and after a gruelling 10 seconds of running and etchuva, I decided tama na ang torture. Shower na!

The shower was a army-style, communal ek. As in, you can semi-see everyone showering. There were dividers, pero in all honesty, walang chuenta ang mga dividers nya. Kita kits pa rin the every! Super!

Anyway, when I got there, mayroon nang isang guy, siguro nga mid-20's, 5'9, Chinese ata na medyo dark the features. Mayroon namang fez value and streamlined ang chatawan kaya ganda rosa siya. When I checked, uncut and around 5 in. - pero thin. Ako naman, ok lang. Affroov basta cute at gayme!

So I went to the stall across and started my shower. Avakada. May I face sya sa akin and nadikit the facial sexpression. Like! Plus may tumitigas! Extra like!

I was about the start the himala when another guy came in. Puti, around 5'10. Gym body siya at obvious na galing swimming dahil naka-Speedo ang gaga. And as early as then, I have to say: YUM. Shaved ang loka (both heads!), and despite the age (he was around early 50's), he was built like a brick house. May piercing ang kanyang kaliwang utong - love love love the look!

At first, shy akish (alam niyo naman, friends... Mary Clare ako) but after a few seconds, bigla na lang wis na ang Speedos niya and yes, angry ang nota! Cut siya, around 6 in pero my goodness ang taba!


Knowing that there was no one else around, we walked towards the centre of the shower stalls. I grabbed Chinito, Chinito grabbed the whitey and mine was grabbed by whitey. Talagang coordinated! Daig pa ang mga Spice Girls sa Olympics!

It was very thrilling I have to say! Parang bang super exciting to be jacking off knowing that if someone does come into the locker room, we only have seconds to resume our business.

Luckily no one did, and within a minute of jacking him off, Chinito closed his eyes and stifled a groan as he came all over my hand. At one point, he pushed my hand away and continued to pound his 5-inch meat into flaccidity.

That left me and whitey, whose member I then placed onto my hand. OMG I love fat cocks. Really, I do. Love love love. We were still jacking each other off when i lost all control. I went down on my knees and sucked the living daylights out of his fat 6-incher.

Now this guy was rough! He grabbed my head and pounded my head with his hard dick. At first, it hurt my throat like hell, but after a while, my Ms Talent instincts kicked in and adjusted to his cock. He grabbed my mini-pony tail and held my face firm into his cock as he unloaded inside my mouth.

His cum was very bitter but I loved it nonetheless. As he withdrew, I felt a dribble of cum on my shoulder as Mr Asian came a second time. Sayang! I would have loved to taste his Kikkoman. Oh well.

What happened to me? I stood up but had to rush back into a shower stall as the front door opened. Buti na lang dahil a 10-year old kid and his dad popped in less than half a minute after Whitey came in my mouth. Enough time to tame my raging hardon and wash any evidence of misdeeds down the drain.