Thursday, 7 June 2012


Dear friends,

Sorry super delayed akish. Ang daming misadventures pero walang oras! Talagang to DEATH ang Gina Trabajar at Lamyerdish!

Clark: I know! Venus crossing the sun, kaya medyo shy ako... (SHYDAWOH!!!)
Anon: Sayang noh!? Looking back, talagang Gold Medal talagaga!
Anon2: Kasi naman strict ang fayrents ko.... GANON!

Anyway, this is a super short blog kasi may conference ako sa Ozakah at super hindi ako ready.

So ito ang kwento for the day - fresh from the oven! As in a couple of hours ago.

I just finished briefing (briefing daw o!) a client when I felt the need to visit the loo. As in, not really going Number 1 pero ... medyo frisky. Winter na dito so super cold and I just felt the need to "release".

I went to a loo na alam kong medyo active from time to time and it's popular kasi yung urinals medyo malayo from the door. Add a VERY squeaky door and VOILA! Super easy to know when someone is coming.

Anyway, when I entered pa lang, this cute Indian boy was about the head off. He was tucking in his white shirt and my gulay, kitang kita ang uchong! I don't think he had nipple piercings but he just very prominent nipples. Sarap, I said to myself. Feel na feel ko pa naman ang curry nowadays...

As he left, I saw another guy, around 6'1", siguro mid-40s, not ugly but not Tom Cruise. He was a red head at medyo kahawig ni Simon Pegg. In short, cute but not enough to call WOW.

However, walang pinipili ang galit na ari. Fight ang lola niyo. I made eye contact, and he followed suit, Game on!!!

We went to the urinals and I took out my thing. He stood beside me and hello siya. His was fairly short and uncut, but my goodness ang taba. Kitang kita ang red pubes niya and I have to admit - turn on! We looked around, just to make sure no one was around, and fight ang lola niyo.

I went down on my knees and my mouth worked that thing like there was no tomorrow. The tip was very thin but as my lips went down further, pataba ng pataba until I could feel my mouth strain a bit. It felt weird kasi you can't really get a good grip on it - parang may air sa throat ko, so I had to work some muscles I had not used in a while. Good thing was his smelled so clean - as in almost bagong paligo kahit na uncut.

I love guys like that.

While I was going to town with him, I decided to let my other hand pleasure myself - alam mo naman, as Ms Universe contestant, ready always for the talent portion. I was so hot that I left myself unload after a minute, with my seed spilled close to his shoes.

While he was in my mouth, I noticed that his other hand (the one with the wedding ring - ano ba yan!) was shaking - maybe in excitement. He was never that fully hard in my mouth (not my fault ha! Super lagari ang lola niyo!) but somehow he shot away inside my mouth, mid thrust.

YUM. Parang may pinya ang taste niya. Love it!!!

He buttoned up, and walked out within a minute of finishing. I cleaned up a bit (I left quite a mess!!!) and left as well.

And that was my story for the day. Next time, shower time threesome...


PS. My boss said just now:

"Marc, you spilled some milk on your tie."



Anonymous said...

Kane said...

Marcus! Kamusta ka? I hope you can write more often. Wala na kaming balita ano ng nangyayari sa iyo.

Kamusta boyfriend mo? You guys still together? I hope you are well sir.



Anonymous said...

Hello Teh! How can I email you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks For Great Post...