Saturday, 31 March 2012

Train Misadventures


Yan ang aking tagline for the year, at yan ang dahilan kung bakit to work to death ako. Superly.

Pero before the chizmax…

Anon: I will try to be regular pero no fromizez. Depende sa load ng trabajar!

Jay: Love ko sometimes ang town hall, pero too crowded for its own good. Prefer ko ang TGV.

Hunky: Thank you, sis! May I visit ko sa vlog mo (pero once I’m not in transit)

Lasher: Feeling ko, I’m not sexy enough for him. Story my life! :-)

ANYway, speaking of transit, this happened while I was on the train. The nice thing about being on a job that requires mobility is that I end up being on the train/bus almost all the time. Pwede naman for me to drive, pero honest… it’s hard to drive in heels.


Now this happened on a day I was scheduled to go to Woolooware, one train stop before Cronulla beach. It is a very ordinary beach (or so I heard), and nothing special about it other than the train station stops right in front of the beach.

So there I was on a 11AM train coming from Central Station, foundation and mascara running until EVER (kasi naman mainit). Then, in one stop, Mr Surfie Boi walks in, wakeboard under one arm, small backpack and sando in the other arm… so yes, ladies and gentlegays, no shirt and wearing only board shorts which were undoubtedly two sizes bigger than it really needed to be. He was definitely in his late teens, more or less 19 years old, around 5’8” (yes, pandak in Aussie ranks) but my gulay, very trim and very gorjuice! Ganda his face, kahit medyo ma-fimpol! His hair was a bit long (actually medyo alanganin ang length niya) and a bit disheveled – it might not appeal to some pero alam mo naman ang ate – Megamall! Open to all!

Oh di vah gandah!

Anyway, he looked around, and in the upper car, there were only 6 people, including yours truly do. Because I was trying not to make him pansin, deadma kunwari – talagang Meryl na Meryl– with simple side glances when possible.

He looked around and sat on the empty row across my seat. He put his wakeboard on the empty bench across his, and strangely enough, put his bag on his side. He then turned to the side, so that by leaning against his bag, his feet were on the seat, and he was facing me.

Now, for one, I didn’t expect anything. Promise. I didn’t say “hello, nicetomeetchu, pachupanamanoh.” As in I had a meeting in an hour, so mega concentrate kunwari ako sa work. Kunwari lang.

KASI NAMAN DISTRACTED AKOH NOH! (Defensive! Daig pa ang performance review dramae)

Anyway, because he sat to my left and not directly in front of me, I could only see part of what he was doing. Mahirap a! But definitely, he was using his phone and surely not looking at me.

At first, hello, as if naman may mangyayari. So deadmash. But after a while, I noticed he was REALLY looking at his phone, and his hand was casually above his crotch.

At this point, curious akish, pero no cause for rejoice. However, alam mo naman ang Girl Scout of the Year, very resourceful. So I decided to lean against the wall din so that I can casually tilt my body. That way, kunwari reading pero really looking from time to time. Talagang Bond girl!

After a few minutes, nakuh. There he was, reading something on his phone with one hand, casually moving his junk with the other. He did not make me pansin so ako naman, to look.

Aba. Palaban siya. It was clear that he was looking/reading something na hindi dapat and his was definitely on the rise. As in he was “scratching” the side from time to time and “adjusting” when he can.

Now as a side note, most surfers wear Speedos underneath the boardshorts. However, not all. With this guy, he was wearing very very loose boxers. Actually, feeling ko fitting siya dati pero now, talagang hindi na.

How did I know this? Well, at one point, he reached in and started becoming more... aggressive. He didn’t jack off, pero naman, he was scratching his inner thigh and well, let’s just say that it left little to the imagination.

From time to time, when the train stopped, he looked around, especially when people got off, but when he did that, back to paperwork ako. Once, our eyes met, and he smiled briefly. Ako naman, manly nod. Kasi naman noh. Nasa train!

Anyway, at one point in the trip, there were only four of us on the top level of the train, and the other two were way in front. We were closer to the back, and once the girl two rows in front of us left, we were pretty much on our own.

That was when things turned for the weird. Once the train started to move, he again looked at his phone and started smirking. As in, super kilig ang binatilyo. He then began scratching his right leg and this time, he went straight for his inner thigh. As he was scratching, the tip of his dick, which was fairly hard at this point, popped out. I’m not sure if it was sadya or not but I swear ako medyo nyark! Fight ako pero (believe it or not) there are actually limits! Siya, talagang HELLO.

Anyway from the little I saw, I’d say it was around 5 inches, as usual uncut. Medyo maliit pero my God, with his frame, I’d say it was about right.

I think the weird part about this was that he was so casual about it. In a few seconds, he moved his hand to his dick, touched the tip for a second and then tucked it back in.

From time to time, he would stretch his legs on the empty row, and it would be VERY obvious he had an erection. He was quite fidgety and I knew he was raging to jack off. His face (I swear) was a bit redder then when he came in and he had that look.

Unfortunately, this is where the story ends. My stop came and no choice, I had to go. I got my things and stood up to leave. He was still leaning against the chair (super not comfortable) and his knees were propped up, his feet on the bench row still. Thanks to his oversized shorts, I could see into his crotch and from the little that I could see, I’d say he had a nice set of balls. His calves were covered in hair that thinned out the closer it came to his crotch.

I walked slowly towards the exit, and as I look one final glance, he leaned his head against the wall, his eyes, closed. I can only imagine what his hands were up to.


Clark Can't said...


Tang ina naman!


Anonymous said...

Kakaloka kaaaaaa! Eyeluvit. Sana go for gold.

Anonymous said...


Karne na nasa harap mo, nag-Maria Clara bilatchina ka pa?

Gowww na next time! No more kiyems!