Sunday, 9 December 2012


This is part two of the previous blog. And yes, Luis, you will def like deez one. (Aside: Sorry if this is late. Things at work have been wonderly...)

After the fun-taste-ic threesome around a month ago na, I came back - and admittedly, I was longing for more. Nothing too kinky, but a bit more pizzazz, kung baga.

So when I got into the shower area, Pwetty was the first person I saw, as he chose the cubicle that pretty much faces the entrance to the shower room. He turned around when I came in, and he smiled when he saw it was me. His unit was again raring to go, and his hand was working it like there was no tomorrow.

As I walked into the arena, I noticed that a couple of the other stalls were already occupied. Two other Asian guys were lingering near the end, with their eyes wide open in excitement and their hardness peeking out of clenched hands. Across Pwetsky, a twinky 20ish-year old, around 6'2" with shaved pubes and a massive Lea Aschlongah for all to see. He was gorgeous, and his 8 incher was definitely LOVELINESS!

Oh my goodness. Four other guys and me. LOVE.

At this point, I kinda figured that things had already been happening before I came in and my grand entrance just sealed the deal. When I smiled at Pwetty and his raging woody, Pwetty took that as the cue, and decided to spring into action.

He walked across to Tall Twink and went down on his knees. Pwetty opened his mouth and he did his thing - and he was sucking like the Mayan calendar was about to tick over. Of course, I decided that this was too good an opportunity to miss out, so let's join, divah! Towel over shoulder and hard-on becoming more prominent, I went over to grab TT's balls. My gulay, they were big and smooth, hanging quite low amidst the hot water pouring over him. I started playing with his balls, and he just looked at me with the mix of shock and pleasure. I looked at him intently and moved up to his nipples while Pwetty was doing the deed.

In a few seconds, Short Asian came over, and lifted Pwetty's ass. Using soap yet again, he started to lube up Pwetty and began fucking the shit out of him. With his spare hand, Asian began fingering me and at that point, Twinky lost it. He began muffled moans and it was clear Pwetty has twink soup in his mouth. Shortly after, I came too, my seed spilling close to Pwetty as Asian fingerfucked me.

At this point, I became light headed and walked to a vacant stall to wash up. Because TT had spunked out, akala ko tapos na the game. ABBA siyet chikitita! TT was still raring to go and yes the action was still going. Short Asian was banging the shit out of Pwetty and he had no intentions of ending. The other guy was content to just play with his member and watch.

After a few minutes though, I had to say enough was enough, and took off to clean up. They were still going at it when I left. No complaints from me though.

As Aiza once said, "the end"

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

One, two, three times a lady

Dear friends,

First of all, before anything else, hello Kane! Yes, I am well, very well and very active in more ways than one (with matching hair flick!). My dating has gone to a halt. I was seeing Keith who was a lovely lovely, lovely man, pero talagang hindi bagay. No spark. Didn't even bother with the sex bit - talagang wiss. I passed him on to one of my friends and they are hitting it off wonderously. As my dad once shrugged when I told him I was gay, huwag pilitin...

ANYway, this blog post deserves a pic.

Why? Because Onai requested, and I always deliver... ;-)

This is the same place as the previous blog post with older swimmer with the lovely pweting. When I came in, he was already there, and there was someone across him. This other guy is an older Asian guy, around early 50's and kinda pandak - he is around 5'2" and suffice to say, his member matched his height. I mean, it wasn't super micro but it did nothing to stir me. The good side is that he is very cute, toned body and uncut siya. I am so predicktable that way. ;-P

Anyway, I came in, hung my towel on one of the hooks, and proceed to my favorite spot which was the stall closest to the window (right on the pic above). The asian guy was right beside me and across us was Mr Pwet. He is older but my gulay, he was hot as! Yummy yummy sya!

He turned around, and he was already playing with his. I popped out of my cubicle to see Mr Asian looking at Pwet intently. I clearly disturbed an event that they are both more than willing to jump back into - and this time, it looks like I'm invited!


Within seconds, Pwet walked over to Asian, hard on and all, and went down on his knees. Puka-shells. Lagok si fafa to death! Ako naman, still in shock, I just stood there, stiffy in one hand while Fafa Fwet's face pumped away. Mr Asian closed his eyes and met each thrust. My God, it was a sight!

Of course, at that point, I was pumped and ready to go. I moved closer to them and Pwetski moved from  Asian, and started with me. He began pumping on me furiously, and my golly gulay, he was goooodness! There are no words to explain how talented he was.

While Pwet was going to town on my anoh, Asian walked to the soap dispenser (it's in between the two sides of the stalls in the pic), "lubed" Mr Pwet, and proceed to fuck the punyeta out of him. At first, I couldn't believe it. But I reached down to where the action was happening, and yes, it was definitely in and out with gusto! Naloka ako! I mean, yes, Mr Asian was thin and small, but still, action is action is action! And I love action!!!

At this point, because of the thrusts, Pwetty was having a hard time keeping his mouth on my stick, and it was clear he was having the best time. In a few minutes of pounding, he came - with me in his mouth and his seed on the floor. Asian took out his, and spewed right on Pwetty's back and I came on his face.

We all stood up, tired but happy, and used the soap nearby and the shower water to rinse away all traces of our happy times (just for the record, those things were hard to actually wipe off! not too sure why).

That fed my fantasies for a while... and then the other event happened in the same shower stall... but that's for the next post.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


My blog entry for today...

**Before I start the ditsuhan... Barbara: Thank you, sis!!!**

Today, I started the day with a nice little trip to my favourite gym. Itong gym na ito, has eight showers, four facing another set of four. And yes, ladies and ladies, walang pinto. So you can see the magic of the four guys (assuming puno!) in front of you.

This morning, walang tao - which can be good. Kung super dami, people tend to be shy eh. So anyway, there was a guy, puti, around 5'8", mga 40 years old, redhead. Ako naman - yum!!! Like ko ang mga redhead dahil interesting silang tignan - plus guwapo naman! Not enough for guwaporn, pero good enough to show to mather-jearest.

Anyway, this guy medyo hindi trimmed down there, pero that made it more appealing. He was cut, and nice naman his anoooh. Not too big, but not too small. Nice and thick, with extra points na malaking malaki ang kanyang eggz - just the way I like it. Dark colored ang kanyang baljak which was such a nice contrast to his pale white skin.

When I got there, medyo galit na ang kanyang anooooh. It looks like medyo may solo warm up session na siya, so I like. I went to the stall opposite him and (of course) may I start na akoh! At first, I held his while he held mine. It was so nice and hard! Love it!!! Because I used liquid soap for the warm up, he turned away a bit to wash away the suds and present his pride and glory.

Well, what is a ghurl to do?? May I chufing, of corz! My God, it was gorgeous! Perfect sa bibig ko. Habang chinuchupa ko siya, hinahawakan niya ang aking ulo at ako naman hawak-hawak ko ang kanyang puwet. Punyeta - swimmer ata itong fafah! Matigas at toned ang kanyang puwet. Love love love!

He obviously loved the routine kasi this went on for around 5 minutes. Twice na malapit na siyang labasan so he pulled, clearly wanting more akshown! After a while, he whispered "It's close" and pulled my head closer to him.

Ayun! Sarap ng coconutnut niya! Medyo clumped siya but it was a nice mouthful! Lovelovelove to the max!

I stood up, and he clearly wanted to see me do my bit. As he knelt, biglang narinig namin na may pumasok! Paksiyet!

We both ran to our respective cubicles just in time to see Mr Hot Asian come in. Naka-swimming trunks siya pero he took them off immediately. However, clearly, hindi siya interested so kami naman, talagang pusang-inis to death!!!

I left the stall, super hard at super bitin! I went to change, but I decided to play around a bit. I took out my phone and left it so it can take pics of fafa-asian. They didn't turn out so well, but there were two shots na kitang kita ang katawan. Sadly, hindi kita ang kanyang anoooh which !!IN FAIRNESS!! masarap! Sayang talaga at hindi maganda ang angle ng iPhone. Letchness!

Anyway, email niyo na lang ako kung interested kayo to see.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Geeky and Wek!

Dear friends

Sorry for the delay (again) in my posts. Super busy this morning and in a fit of chaka-ness, I decided to make tampong kulangs to my boss who said, “Marc, you deserve a break – take the afternoon off.”

Ako naman, Shirley Fuentes!

I decided to take a breather. Bakit? Kasi I needed it. Super tired ako and I have been overtiming until ever!

So decided to walk to the park to chilaks. Sat down in the grass and take in the scenery. May dalawang fafa na nag-e-exercise at ako naman eye chendi. Fufwe! Of course, after a while, medyo na libogart ako. Alam mo na.

So pumunta ako sa CR. To be honest, alam ko naman na minsan, may himala duon, so ako naman – siyempre. Surely.

So in I go, and there was one guy there standing in the urinal.  He was white, around 5’9”, wearing a geeky Max Payne t-shirt at in all fairness, cuteness! He had a chubbiness around the tummy which concretely tags him as a geek. I thought he was there to use the urinal, but after a few minutes, I knew he was there for the big thing.

And speaking of which, my gulay – ang laki ng ari niya. Not super long, ha, but MY GOD, ang taba! As in, the minute I saw it, kinailangan ko siyang tikman. Para siyang can ng corned beef sa taba.

I signaled him to move to the cubicle and there we were. Ang sarap niya! Parang pinya ang lasa niya!

In the middle of al dente, I saw another eye peeking out from the door. He was dark-skinned, as in African dark. He looks like this model and yes, I believe that was a good thing. This guy was around 6’1, super sexy with matching earring, and he has a skin to die for!!! I would say he was around 30 years old and I have to say, I have not tasted African beef so yay!

He has cut, kinda thin, pero my gulay very long! 7-inches! So in between sucking off geek and Mr Wek, I was in heaven. My knees were in pain but I didn’t care! Love it! My head was bobbing between the two, while they were busy exploring each other’s bodies and kissing each other passionately.

I stood up at one point to help my knees a bit, and Mr Wek jugged down on his knees to suck me and Geeky off. Punyeta – talented ang putah!!! In a minute, Geeky started coming ferociously, jets of cum shooting in and around Mr Wek’s face.  Mr Wek stood up, cum all over his face, and I licked off a gob off his cheeks.

Mr Wek looked at me, and we pashed. My God – his lips are heaven. We pashed for a few minutes as we both came onto the floor. By the time I button my fly, Geeky opened the door to go to the faucet. He washed his cock in the sink (talagang super palaban – buti na lang kami lang) and believe it or not, he went back to the urinal to resume. Mr Wek decided to stand beside him, clearly ready for round 2.

I said to myself, “I’m too old for this,” and left the room, cum and all still swirling in my mouth. YUM.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Olympian Madness

A friend sent me an email (badinggerzie@gmail) and (long story, short) said I was very lucky.

This is my reply to you, hija. No, I am not. Sometimes i get lucky - sometimes, wis.

Take, for example, last Friday. I was walking past a couple of old haunts (alam mo na) when I decided to play. Sometimes the feeling takes over and well, alam niyo na the drill.

I walked into the toilets, and noticed that the room was empty, save for one of the toilet doors, which just so happened to face another open toilet door.

Upon closer inspection, however, I realized, no, I was not alone. One door had a white guy, around late 20's, 6'4" (my God, honest!), bald, and reminded me of this guy, an Olympic swimmer. He was jacking off, and showing his wares - it was uncut, around 8 inches long, and trimmed. His balls were hairless, prettily pink and gigantic. Everything about this guy was BEAUTIFUL.

On the other side was a guy, around 22, slim, around 5'9". He had dark features, and wild unkept hair - maybe North Indian, pero I am never that good with placing nationalities. He was cute naman pero (ito na ang pride, mga lolah), I personally think thank-you-girl siya in the bigger scheme of things. Plus, and ari niya, while longer than mine, his was significantly thinner than mine. I personally feel I could give him a fight in the talent portion!

Anyway, they were both willing to jack off for each other and when I approached them, the tall guy seemed willing to show his wares to me, especially since I had taken out my dick at this point and started jacking off. However, his eyes were predominantly stuck on Mr Slim who didn't even want to show me his peen.

Well, panget sya. Pweh - hahaha! Talagang pride, noh!?

Anyway, given that we were the only ones there, the tall guy became bolder and walked to the other door where Mr Slim was. He started jacking him off and Mr Slim gave him a handjob in return. There were no words spoken, just lust, and urgency, knowing that we could get caught if anyone came in.

I reached out to touch Mr Tall's dick but he declined (ako naman, sure, I can handle rejection). I didn't even bother touching Mr Slim's, as he clearly didn't want me around.

Within seconds, Mr Tall came, gobs of cum dripping from Mr Slim's hand and down Mr Slim's massive balls. I came seconds later, sariling sikap, of course. I went into my cubicle as I heard Mr Slim cumming in his cubicle.

I exited first, and Mr Tall followed suit seconds later, his gym gear and his backpack in tow.

It was hot, undeniably, but definitely, I was second runner-up in this encounter. Does it hurt? Medyo... I'm getting old na so I fully acknowledge I'm no longer as good in the swimsuit category... Ms Talent pwede pa... or maybe Ms Congeniality... :-D

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Before I start the chismakz...

Kane: Single-ish akish! Sobrang busy and to be honest, my heart is not in it. Kinda seeing someone pero not regularly. Wala man kaming pinagusapan na siryoso, pero we'll see... Ako naman, open to everything (and everyone!)

Anon: Email ko, ghurl:

Sensa: Thank you, hon!


Anyway, I promised a shower story - and ito, medyo kakaiba. I went to the gym - lumolobo na kasi eh. And in all honesty, I wasn't looking for anything. As in! Tutoot!

So kwento... I had a workout and after a gruelling 10 seconds of running and etchuva, I decided tama na ang torture. Shower na!

The shower was a army-style, communal ek. As in, you can semi-see everyone showering. There were dividers, pero in all honesty, walang chuenta ang mga dividers nya. Kita kits pa rin the every! Super!

Anyway, when I got there, mayroon nang isang guy, siguro nga mid-20's, 5'9, Chinese ata na medyo dark the features. Mayroon namang fez value and streamlined ang chatawan kaya ganda rosa siya. When I checked, uncut and around 5 in. - pero thin. Ako naman, ok lang. Affroov basta cute at gayme!

So I went to the stall across and started my shower. Avakada. May I face sya sa akin and nadikit the facial sexpression. Like! Plus may tumitigas! Extra like!

I was about the start the himala when another guy came in. Puti, around 5'10. Gym body siya at obvious na galing swimming dahil naka-Speedo ang gaga. And as early as then, I have to say: YUM. Shaved ang loka (both heads!), and despite the age (he was around early 50's), he was built like a brick house. May piercing ang kanyang kaliwang utong - love love love the look!

At first, shy akish (alam niyo naman, friends... Mary Clare ako) but after a few seconds, bigla na lang wis na ang Speedos niya and yes, angry ang nota! Cut siya, around 6 in pero my goodness ang taba!


Knowing that there was no one else around, we walked towards the centre of the shower stalls. I grabbed Chinito, Chinito grabbed the whitey and mine was grabbed by whitey. Talagang coordinated! Daig pa ang mga Spice Girls sa Olympics!

It was very thrilling I have to say! Parang bang super exciting to be jacking off knowing that if someone does come into the locker room, we only have seconds to resume our business.

Luckily no one did, and within a minute of jacking him off, Chinito closed his eyes and stifled a groan as he came all over my hand. At one point, he pushed my hand away and continued to pound his 5-inch meat into flaccidity.

That left me and whitey, whose member I then placed onto my hand. OMG I love fat cocks. Really, I do. Love love love. We were still jacking each other off when i lost all control. I went down on my knees and sucked the living daylights out of his fat 6-incher.

Now this guy was rough! He grabbed my head and pounded my head with his hard dick. At first, it hurt my throat like hell, but after a while, my Ms Talent instincts kicked in and adjusted to his cock. He grabbed my mini-pony tail and held my face firm into his cock as he unloaded inside my mouth.

His cum was very bitter but I loved it nonetheless. As he withdrew, I felt a dribble of cum on my shoulder as Mr Asian came a second time. Sayang! I would have loved to taste his Kikkoman. Oh well.

What happened to me? I stood up but had to rush back into a shower stall as the front door opened. Buti na lang dahil a 10-year old kid and his dad popped in less than half a minute after Whitey came in my mouth. Enough time to tame my raging hardon and wash any evidence of misdeeds down the drain.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Dear friends,

Sorry super delayed akish. Ang daming misadventures pero walang oras! Talagang to DEATH ang Gina Trabajar at Lamyerdish!

Clark: I know! Venus crossing the sun, kaya medyo shy ako... (SHYDAWOH!!!)
Anon: Sayang noh!? Looking back, talagang Gold Medal talagaga!
Anon2: Kasi naman strict ang fayrents ko.... GANON!

Anyway, this is a super short blog kasi may conference ako sa Ozakah at super hindi ako ready.

So ito ang kwento for the day - fresh from the oven! As in a couple of hours ago.

I just finished briefing (briefing daw o!) a client when I felt the need to visit the loo. As in, not really going Number 1 pero ... medyo frisky. Winter na dito so super cold and I just felt the need to "release".

I went to a loo na alam kong medyo active from time to time and it's popular kasi yung urinals medyo malayo from the door. Add a VERY squeaky door and VOILA! Super easy to know when someone is coming.

Anyway, when I entered pa lang, this cute Indian boy was about the head off. He was tucking in his white shirt and my gulay, kitang kita ang uchong! I don't think he had nipple piercings but he just very prominent nipples. Sarap, I said to myself. Feel na feel ko pa naman ang curry nowadays...

As he left, I saw another guy, around 6'1", siguro mid-40s, not ugly but not Tom Cruise. He was a red head at medyo kahawig ni Simon Pegg. In short, cute but not enough to call WOW.

However, walang pinipili ang galit na ari. Fight ang lola niyo. I made eye contact, and he followed suit, Game on!!!

We went to the urinals and I took out my thing. He stood beside me and hello siya. His was fairly short and uncut, but my goodness ang taba. Kitang kita ang red pubes niya and I have to admit - turn on! We looked around, just to make sure no one was around, and fight ang lola niyo.

I went down on my knees and my mouth worked that thing like there was no tomorrow. The tip was very thin but as my lips went down further, pataba ng pataba until I could feel my mouth strain a bit. It felt weird kasi you can't really get a good grip on it - parang may air sa throat ko, so I had to work some muscles I had not used in a while. Good thing was his smelled so clean - as in almost bagong paligo kahit na uncut.

I love guys like that.

While I was going to town with him, I decided to let my other hand pleasure myself - alam mo naman, as Ms Universe contestant, ready always for the talent portion. I was so hot that I left myself unload after a minute, with my seed spilled close to his shoes.

While he was in my mouth, I noticed that his other hand (the one with the wedding ring - ano ba yan!) was shaking - maybe in excitement. He was never that fully hard in my mouth (not my fault ha! Super lagari ang lola niyo!) but somehow he shot away inside my mouth, mid thrust.

YUM. Parang may pinya ang taste niya. Love it!!!

He buttoned up, and walked out within a minute of finishing. I cleaned up a bit (I left quite a mess!!!) and left as well.

And that was my story for the day. Next time, shower time threesome...


PS. My boss said just now:

"Marc, you spilled some milk on your tie."


Saturday, 31 March 2012

Train Misadventures


Yan ang aking tagline for the year, at yan ang dahilan kung bakit to work to death ako. Superly.

Pero before the chizmax…

Anon: I will try to be regular pero no fromizez. Depende sa load ng trabajar!

Jay: Love ko sometimes ang town hall, pero too crowded for its own good. Prefer ko ang TGV.

Hunky: Thank you, sis! May I visit ko sa vlog mo (pero once I’m not in transit)

Lasher: Feeling ko, I’m not sexy enough for him. Story my life! :-)

ANYway, speaking of transit, this happened while I was on the train. The nice thing about being on a job that requires mobility is that I end up being on the train/bus almost all the time. Pwede naman for me to drive, pero honest… it’s hard to drive in heels.


Now this happened on a day I was scheduled to go to Woolooware, one train stop before Cronulla beach. It is a very ordinary beach (or so I heard), and nothing special about it other than the train station stops right in front of the beach.

So there I was on a 11AM train coming from Central Station, foundation and mascara running until EVER (kasi naman mainit). Then, in one stop, Mr Surfie Boi walks in, wakeboard under one arm, small backpack and sando in the other arm… so yes, ladies and gentlegays, no shirt and wearing only board shorts which were undoubtedly two sizes bigger than it really needed to be. He was definitely in his late teens, more or less 19 years old, around 5’8” (yes, pandak in Aussie ranks) but my gulay, very trim and very gorjuice! Ganda his face, kahit medyo ma-fimpol! His hair was a bit long (actually medyo alanganin ang length niya) and a bit disheveled – it might not appeal to some pero alam mo naman ang ate – Megamall! Open to all!

Oh di vah gandah!

Anyway, he looked around, and in the upper car, there were only 6 people, including yours truly do. Because I was trying not to make him pansin, deadma kunwari – talagang Meryl na Meryl– with simple side glances when possible.

He looked around and sat on the empty row across my seat. He put his wakeboard on the empty bench across his, and strangely enough, put his bag on his side. He then turned to the side, so that by leaning against his bag, his feet were on the seat, and he was facing me.

Now, for one, I didn’t expect anything. Promise. I didn’t say “hello, nicetomeetchu, pachupanamanoh.” As in I had a meeting in an hour, so mega concentrate kunwari ako sa work. Kunwari lang.

KASI NAMAN DISTRACTED AKOH NOH! (Defensive! Daig pa ang performance review dramae)

Anyway, because he sat to my left and not directly in front of me, I could only see part of what he was doing. Mahirap a! But definitely, he was using his phone and surely not looking at me.

At first, hello, as if naman may mangyayari. So deadmash. But after a while, I noticed he was REALLY looking at his phone, and his hand was casually above his crotch.

At this point, curious akish, pero no cause for rejoice. However, alam mo naman ang Girl Scout of the Year, very resourceful. So I decided to lean against the wall din so that I can casually tilt my body. That way, kunwari reading pero really looking from time to time. Talagang Bond girl!

After a few minutes, nakuh. There he was, reading something on his phone with one hand, casually moving his junk with the other. He did not make me pansin so ako naman, to look.

Aba. Palaban siya. It was clear that he was looking/reading something na hindi dapat and his was definitely on the rise. As in he was “scratching” the side from time to time and “adjusting” when he can.

Now as a side note, most surfers wear Speedos underneath the boardshorts. However, not all. With this guy, he was wearing very very loose boxers. Actually, feeling ko fitting siya dati pero now, talagang hindi na.

How did I know this? Well, at one point, he reached in and started becoming more... aggressive. He didn’t jack off, pero naman, he was scratching his inner thigh and well, let’s just say that it left little to the imagination.

From time to time, when the train stopped, he looked around, especially when people got off, but when he did that, back to paperwork ako. Once, our eyes met, and he smiled briefly. Ako naman, manly nod. Kasi naman noh. Nasa train!

Anyway, at one point in the trip, there were only four of us on the top level of the train, and the other two were way in front. We were closer to the back, and once the girl two rows in front of us left, we were pretty much on our own.

That was when things turned for the weird. Once the train started to move, he again looked at his phone and started smirking. As in, super kilig ang binatilyo. He then began scratching his right leg and this time, he went straight for his inner thigh. As he was scratching, the tip of his dick, which was fairly hard at this point, popped out. I’m not sure if it was sadya or not but I swear ako medyo nyark! Fight ako pero (believe it or not) there are actually limits! Siya, talagang HELLO.

Anyway from the little I saw, I’d say it was around 5 inches, as usual uncut. Medyo maliit pero my God, with his frame, I’d say it was about right.

I think the weird part about this was that he was so casual about it. In a few seconds, he moved his hand to his dick, touched the tip for a second and then tucked it back in.

From time to time, he would stretch his legs on the empty row, and it would be VERY obvious he had an erection. He was quite fidgety and I knew he was raging to jack off. His face (I swear) was a bit redder then when he came in and he had that look.

Unfortunately, this is where the story ends. My stop came and no choice, I had to go. I got my things and stood up to leave. He was still leaning against the chair (super not comfortable) and his knees were propped up, his feet on the bench row still. Thanks to his oversized shorts, I could see into his crotch and from the little that I could see, I’d say he had a nice set of balls. His calves were covered in hair that thinned out the closer it came to his crotch.

I walked slowly towards the exit, and as I look one final glance, he leaned his head against the wall, his eyes, closed. I can only imagine what his hands were up to.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Back again - hopefully for good...

Where do I begin?

(First of all, ASH! Welcum back! Sis Conio: Sorrysorrysorry! Bad ghurl akish...)

Salamat sa walang pupas na global financial crisis, may i layoff ang company namin. Nakuhledesma. Buti na lang at may jobajar pa rin ang lolah niyo. Pero ang masakit diyan: pasan ko ang daigdig (odivah! blast from the past ang mga movie title natin)

So in effect ladies and ladies, kapag lunes at miyerkules, 12-hour days ako. No choice for goldilocks! Talagang overtime to death - wondermous sa paycheck pero no life. Gusto ko sanang mag-sad face pero baka masira ang botox.

ANYway, yun ang dahilan kung bakit kaloughkah akish the past few months. No gym whatsoever so talagang sirang sira ang aking Ms Universe swimsuit body. Hanggang evening gown na lang talaga ako - as long as may booztiyey.

Pero not all is lost. May happy times pa rin ako and i will try to ketchap with that soon.

Umpisahan natin sa pinaka-recent.

Dahil sa aking travah, I have to travel - a lot. As in, trains, buses etc. Most company calls naman are close to train stations so wis na hassle for me. Alam mo naman ang lolah niyo: flexibility is part of my talent portion.

Anyway, isang araw, may I punta ako sa Town Hall train station at dahil super tired na ako, I decided to go to the loo and then taxi it home. I was initially too tired to make laro - pero once I got to the loo, lo and behold. May gwapong Indian, SUPER cute smile, very stocky - perfect.

ABBA naman ako, super smile and sashay to the urinals. May I sunod siya and dimples to death kaming dalawa. I proceeded to make #1, at siya naman, he proceeded with something else - and that was when I saw da merch.

Maganda… Honest. As usual, may fore - the shaft was not overall too big, pero ang laki ng ulo. Plus yung ulo, medyo pink while the rest, very dark.

Alam mo naman ako - I love my men like I like my Hersheys - dark and creamy.

He smiled and nodded his head to the disabled toilet. Ako naman FITAH to the FUTAH.

I joined him in and that's when we got to play around a bit. His arms were quite big and chest to die for. His nipples were kinda small, pero never the mind. Kissable pa rin naman.

When my hand found his crotch, it was pulsing, and I just loved the feel of it. It was around 5 inches, but the head was just astonishing and I swear it kept getting bigger by the moment. We jacked each other off and his hand let go of my cock to rub my beard. He looked into my eyes and my God, they were happy to see me. Parang love at first sight. Kulang na lang si Kylie Minogue.

We just kept on kissing but after a minute, we both heard it - the sound of a police radio. Someone was coming.

I pulled up my pants and did my belt just in time as he opened the door and pushed me out. I just had enough time to sign: Telephone number?

He held his hand up - wedding ring. Pakshet.