Thursday, 20 October 2011

Updates from Down Under!

Sisters, super busy ang lola niyo – so sorry for not updating this blog. I was promoted in April to regional coordinatress, kaya super lagari the overtime until ever. Today, I got sick kaya ayuuuun. I promised myself a new iPad soon so may I blog ako while on the train/plane. Usually, sleeping beauteous akish.

More updates, Merlot and I are finally no longer… well, whatever you call us, really. Semi-sex buddies? The last we bumped into each other, he dragged me into his hotel room (DRAGGED! PROMISE!!!) and after we gave each other delicious handy happy endings, he ended up just talking offensive things about gay men. While some of them are true and I am guilty of some as well, his hatred was so venomous that I decided, no thanks. We saw each other on the trains again a week ago and while he invited me to sit with him, I smiled weakly and went back to my paperwork.

A few hours later, I deleted him from my facebook.

ANYway, very very busy akish. I’m on the dating scene yet again – akuhledesma! Currently dating two beaus at the same time, and my goodness, REJOICE talaga akish. Both are younger gents (cradle isnatsher talaga!) and lovely in more ways than one.

Jon is a few years younger than I, originally hailing from Posh Spicelandia. He came here when he was 20 years old and he loved it so much that he stayed on. He looks like a bit of a rough bulldog but the facade seriously hides such a lovely personality, very witty, caring and charming. I’m smitten I should say – we are still in the getting to know stage (alam mo naman – Maria Puta!) (este Clara…)

Nic is a different story. He’s in his mid-20s and my God, he is a sex animal. He is around 5’9, built like a tank and very VERY cute. He works in Newtown and I *ahem* bumped into him in one of the places there. He has tree trunk legs and arms that won’t quit. He says he’s a top but he loves LOVES having his asshole played with, so we’ll see.

We decided to see each other outside the haunting areas, and I have to say that the real chemistry isn’t there – just a few sparks here and there but no blazing fire, to be honest. However, the sex is grandiola! He really knows how to fuck and his dick, uncut and around 6 inches in length, is thick and seriously designed for pleasure!! He likes his sex just a teeny weeny bit rough, and while I don’t have issues with it, I don’t think I’m in for the long haul. Besides, he himself admits that he doesn’t want a serious relationship and well, that is his call.

I will update this when things progress – if they do at all. There have been very interesting side stories but that’s for another time.

Time to sleep for me, but let me leave this one message for Anonymous. Do I feel guilty about cheating on my BF? Yes. Definitely. But having said that, there are things about him that I do not like and some of the (for the lack of a better word) abuse I get, I do not write on this blog. Parang out of place eh.

Does this justify the cheating? Hell, no. Two wrongs don’t make it right. But I am no saint, and I admit it proudly. No intentions of being one. I’m single now, and in the future, I think I will be more into open relationships with set rules agreed to by both parties. After all, I feel it is my life and I would like to live in my conditions.

Any regrets? No. Not really.


ash said...

glad to have you back..pareho drama natin..resurrected bloggers! LOL!!! :)

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

True!!! Super dami kong kwento but no time for it. Love to know you are still up and about. Love the NY stories!! Geli de Belen!!!

imsonotconio said...

where are u? asan ang update?