Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Jock lovin'

Hello to the world! Isa pang entry for the month of March! Anovaitich! World record, for siure!

Anyway, isang mahabagdamdaminghelloto: Onai! Hello!

*yun lang*

Tuloy ang ligaya... after the success that is the red hot tradie, I decided to cum back to the wondermous toilette! Bakit? Bakit hindeh noh?!?! I loved the fact that the place was so conducive to play, and because it was so open to the world, anything can happen.

When I came in this time, I went straight to the toilets. There are eight cubicles in this place, four on each side. So basically, when you are peeing in one of them, you get to see the back/butt of the other person if you look behind you. When I came in, there was a giant gym bag in the corridor, and the guy in the cubicle looked like he was a rugby player sa lapad ng likod niya.


Pero dahil hindi ko alam ang pakay niya, I decided to play it safe. I went to the cubicle across his and pretended to pee. After a minute, I realised na wala akong naririnig na sound.

Paksiyet – this is it.

I turned around to see his head cocked to one side, looking to see if I was game or not. Of course, as you know ghurls, I am always game game game. I turned around a bit more and got a better look at him.

He was white, around 27 years old, around 5’10, curly dark hair, very chunky – it was clear he was a gym boy who also loved to eat. Face value was ok - reminded me of a cuter Seth Rogen, but more importantly, underneath the shirt was a big body... and my gulay, his legs were phenomenal!!! They were like tree trunks and slightly hairy – lovely legs, I have to say! LOVEIT! LOVE-EEEEET!
Anyway, to continue, the guy faced the wall and it was only the angle of his face that made me think he was there for something else. I turned to face him and he turned to face me.
His dick was around 7 inches long and it had the thickest foreskin I have seen in a while. His head was VERY small, but the root was very thick and it really added to the illusion that his penis was massive. Eyelovedit.
I walked towards him, not caring if anyone came in and saw us. Actually, I had maybe 2 seconds to duck if someone did so alam mo naman ang lola. Fight fight. Anyway, I moved towards him, my hard-on protruding from my pants. I leaned against the door frame and we just watched each other jacking off - it was fucking unbelievable. His dick head was light pink, which was a stark contrast to his pale skin. He kept his pubes thick and luscious - so manly!!!
At that point, I could not help it. I reached out and jacked his dick for him. It was like jacking off that basketball jock you had a crush on in high school, and this was truly fantasy come true for me. His rod was really firm, and his foreskin was so thick - yummy to the touch! I checked his dick - super clean - and I thought to myself, mabango kaya? Only one way to find out.
I leaned down and took the first inch in my mouth. Putangina. It's like smelling the summer breeze - refreshing. I sucked him for a few more seconds, but somehow he pulled away. He turned to face the bowl, and within moments, he came onto the bowl. He quickly cleaned up, pulled up his shorts, excused himself as he got his bag and left.
I went into the cubicle and found a small gob of sweet, sweet cum on the toilet seat.
Well, you can just imagine what I did with that.


ONAI said...


anyway I can contact you outside of this blog ? :)

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Yes Onai. Email me kaya... badinggerzie at gmail

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't want to offense. In fact, I love reading your blogs, it makes me see things outside my world(or box). I'm a fan of gay men, I LOVE gay men. And I also believe that even if your homosexual, you can have your own happy ending.

The only thing that really bugs me is your current boy frend.I hand't read all your entries, just the few first and lasts).I'm not saying everybody should be a saint, hell no. I agree that sometimes, a human body will eventually find something new and something that will excite them. That's normal, we're humans. What I don't understand is that why are you risking all this? You have a relationship with someone who loves you and parents accept you(that's rare) and yet you can go around wihout thinking that you might be hurting him?

I don't know why but I've grown to like your boyfriend, I feel pity for him that you're dong this behind his back. And that..do you feel guilty?

Anyway, please, forgive my annoying message, it was just really bugging me. And I really like your perspective and point o view. It was so interesting I could barely stop myself from reading and laughing and blushing and smiling and...I have to say you're so good with words. So damn good at it.