Friday, 8 October 2010

Watta Papa!

Before anything else, helloes to...

Orally: Alam mo naman my skillsh! At least honest, divah.... GANON!
ImSo: I miss writing too, hon!


This story happened around a week ago.

I was sitting in the loo, and admittedly, I was horny as ever. EVER. However, the loo action was less than promising so at one point, I decided - whatevvv. I sat up, buttoned up and about to open the door for my final walk (with matching "You Are My Staaaaar" theme from Ms Univ), when a guy in a brown shirt walked in.

Ako naman, well, hello. He was around 5'10", white, around early forties with a lovely set of glasses. He was not ugly, but far from handsome - quite average one can say. Ako naman, as long as you are not visually offensive, gaym na gaym na! And the term "visually offensive" is very loosely defined in my book, I guarantee you.

He did his wee and being the curious little bugger that I am, I decided to see what his package was like through the glory hole.

Pu... tang... ina... Seriously, it was around 9 inches long - bigger than Merlot's. Seriously uncut and massively thick.

Like KFC: **Finger licking good!!!**

Of course, with that, I sat down again and got myself hard as he finished his thing. As he was finishing, he made a very long thing shaking his foreskin back and forth - and of course, after a few seconds, he was hard, as was I!!!


He looked down at the glory hole, smiled and continued the play. He made a thing about holding his dick at the base and slapping his semi-hard cock on his other hand. Such a turn on! At that point, I had already sat on the throne, pants down, and I was already holding my stiffening dick in one hand.

This was a super awesome catch, so I decided to speed things up a bit before someone disturbs us. I knelt down and he followed a few seconds after. With one hand under the stall, I jacked off Mr Big (just to confirm) and yes, it was ginormous. There are no words to describe how wonderful this dick was! Even though he was obviously sitting a few inches away from the wall, there was still enough dick to poke under the wall to suck.

And suck I did. The two inches that was poking under the wall was deep purple, a strong contrast to the light pink of the foreskin. And it was gorgeous. I found my tongue going around the curves and the nooks that the skin made and it was pure delight. It was like sucking on strawberries.

His balls were only slightly hairy (methinks it was shaved) but pretty big, the perfect companion to the massive tool. I could only hold them and I swear parang tennis balls.


I jacked him hardcore, with matching slight tongue action sa tip, para naman may extra sensation. Within a minute, he began to cum - not too much, pero parang gata. Medyo rubbery na yung kanyang ano - sign of not cumming in days, I think!

Anyway, this entire episode with him didn't last longer than 7 minutes, and though I had funfunfun, I really didn't want to push it too much (maglalaba pa ako, noh!).

I cleaned up and judging from the sound next door, so was he. He stepped out first, washed his hands and out of my life (DRAMIZ!!!).

I stepped out as well, cleaned up and out the door. I walked to the bus stop close by and I saw him across the road... with matching 5-year old boy. As in. Super shocked ako. At least that explains why he hasn't cum in days.

I turned away before he saw my gobsmacked face - but I looked at that kid and thought, "Dude, swerte ka paglaki mo."


romeo said...

ako malaki na, hayaan mong aliwin kita pare.

Anonymous said...

Footahng ina! Faglaki ng vhata, phedo- ka na! Tuhugin mo ang mag-ama! Saan vha itong magic loo? Tita, sa CBD ba itesh or North Sydney choovaloo? Kelangan ko ng vhagong rampa. Please help. ;)