Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Returning to form?

Dear friends,

Marami akong utang, I knowses. To be honest, the sex life has switched into super high gear and I don't know where to begin.


Pero before dat, kabayong bundat...
Hello to
Orally: I love you too, ghurl. (OHDIVA!)
Fickle: I love your writing, ha! Loveit!
Onai: Chenkiu! Pero wiss na my earring! Sadako...
Anon: I am currently in the Eastern Suburbs... pero thinking baka Annandale... or Leichhardt. Haven't had Italian in so long, eh! (GANON! Putatalagahhhh!)


The most controversial (controversial daw oh!?!) is Merlot. Yes, ladies and ladies, Merlot is back in my life. For those not in the know, Merlot is the reason for this blog (sort of!) and for that back story, basahin dinhi.

But he called me, out of the blue - and he was in his new flat in Sydney and he was... lonely. Ako naman, after the disaster that was last time (remind me, friends - have I blogged about that? There was a cat in that story.)

Anyway, I decided - sige. Will visit Mr Frenchy and see how he was doing. When I knocked on his door, he was topless - still a nice bod, pero nearing 30 was not becoming him, I think. I thought he was hotter than this, personally... but anyway. Hindi naman ako judge ng Ms Universe so whateverdiva? Plus, I myself have gained a few pounds (the hazards of turning 25) (GANON! Ilusyonadah!!!!)

"Hello, Merloooough"

"Hello, Marc. Come on in."


Enter naman ako. Punyeta. His cat was still there. I gave a subtle Halle Berry "HISSSSSSS!" and it went around the corner. It turned its head towards me, narrowed its eyes and ran off into the sunset.

"You scared my pussy."

"Well, I have that effect on pussies."

Taray ng vhakla!

Anyway, after the usual how-art-thous, he asked how I was doing. Ako naman, I'm ok. Still with Oli (long story friends but yes, kami pa rin. Immortal Guy-and-Pip talaga~! Walang kupas!). He said too bad. He was getting more into Asians (ha???) and was wondering if we could give it a shot.

Ako naman - heller. We have differing alcoholic tastes and we have absolutely NOTHING in common, other than the need for sex, which I would like to think is common among most men of any persuasion. He was talking about his other Asian men and how none of them panned out, and he missed the company of men. I suggested - HELLO. Mag-sauna ka kaya?!

"No, I prefer the company of men I know."

Well, I guess that's me. He asked if I was alright to visit him once in a while (fuck buddy??? isn't that what we have been all along anyway???) and I said, yeah, I can live with that.

Anyway, after that, I went to his room and without words, we took off our clothes and cuddled in the nude. His 8-incher was rock hard and hitting the back of my ass. His hands slowly explored my body and I was in no way going to complain about that. He was more tender this time around, and had an almost romantic edge to his approach. How very French!!!

We continued to spoon but at one point, I could not help it anymore. I reached around and jacked him off. He reached down on me and jacked me off as well. He said, "Oh, Brian (his previous plaything) was not as big as this."

"Why, thank you, Merlot. That is mighty sweet."

And with that, he jumped out of spooning and hoisted me so that my ass was on the edge of the bed. He placed himself in between my legs and rubbed his cock close to mine.

Wow, I thought to myself, is Merlot ready for bareback topping???

He rubbed his cock close to my hole and his foreskin was rubbing against my skin. It was such a turn on. I looked up and saw he was delusional! His eyes were riveted on my cock and I swear he was quite intent on doing the deed.

But in a few seconds, he said the dreadful words "I'm. Coming." and his dick shot a load worthy of the Commonwealth Games.

I was left with a hard on and a burning question - are we going to fuck bareback next time?

There is a next time, and I will post about that when that happens next.


orally said...

hahaha. na-miss ko to.
eto panalo:

You scared my pussy.
Well I have that effect on pussies.


imsonotconio said...

mizz u girl