Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hot hot hot Noypi!

Before anything else, can I just say...

Romeo: Good luck with your trade, pare. Courajuz!
Anon: Chicka, sis! Email me so kuwentutan tayo!


So ganito yun. I went to the loo, and yes, hayok. Hayok ako as in, tag-tuyot! Away si Oli so kati till Guy and Pip do us part.

So to the loo, I agogo. I know this beat attracts the younguns, so ako naman, why. not.

I entered the loo and looked around. The only one there was a hunky hunky man, around 5'8" pero my golly gulay, he was a bodybuilder for sure. Dark skin, crew cut, nice thick lips. He was checking out his teeth in the mirror, but I could see that his eyes were looking at me, checking me out.

For a second, I thought, "Pinoy?" but to be honest, who cares. For me, hot is hot.

I went in to one of the glory-hole loos, with matching hope that he will take the one beside mine.

And he did. Yes yes yo.

He wasted no time, taking of his pants, whipping out his cock and playing with it in front of the hole. His cock was not very big though, around 5 inches, cut and dark - as dark as his unkept pubes.

I didn't waste time myself. I took out my cock, and let him see my wares. Within seconds, he unlocked his door, and I took the cue. I buttoned my jeans loosely and stepped out into the open, one hand holding up my pants precariously.

I entered his cubicle, and he welcomed me with a bright smile - lovely! He reminded me of Ray, a childhood friend who I lusted after until he left for Cebu. *le sigh*

Anyway, there he was, his cock hanging out so firm and juicy. Again, nothing massive, but my goodness, the entire package was delectable! I looked at him, kissed him passionately, letting my tongue explore every oral crevice. He fought back - fighter! - and I knew I was in for a treat!

I took off his shirt - putanginis! Ganda the body and his nipples were big in width but small in height (I hope that makes sense!). His chest was massive - YUM! - and his waist trim. He had a six-pack to spare and when he pulled out his pants, his thighs were ginormous! As in! He was purrrrfect in so many ways.

We both started by jacking each other off, kissing passionately at the same time. His hand was exploring everything of mine down there, and I definitely didn't want him to stop.

Because we were both in the cubicle, we had to be careful - when someone came in, I had him sit in the toilet cistern, so that no one can see that there were two sets of feet in one cubicle.

While he was there, I had the chance to play around with his cock, then balls, then ass. He had kept himself washed down there, so when my tongue started playing, I could smell and taste Irish Spring.

Lovely! Ness!

He spread his legs some more, allowing me access to his hole. Of course, for me, an invitation like that, I could not resist.

I grabbed his ass cheeks, and noticed how rock hard they were! So easy to grasp! Yumness! While I was sucking his cock, my hands just kept on exploring, seeing what this guy had to offer.

And then I saw his undies: Bench. I asked, "Where are you from?" to which he naturally replied "The Philippines".

Well, duh! At this point, I asked myself, "Should I reveal? Or should I just play?"

Play. At this point, I figured he was a tourist who stumbled upon (a) or (b) some guy's blog - maybe even mine.

Anyway, I decided to shut my mouth by sucking on his cock. Although his cock was smaller than what I am used to, it was still quite nice - delectable for sure - so I continued to chug on that thing, like a choo-choo train on speed.

At the same time that I was sucking on that thing, my fingers decided to play around a bit. My fore finger found his butt hole, and began to massage the opening to his hole. He rolled back his eyes, and spread his legs to see me through.

I stopped suck on his cock for a moment, so that I could spit on my finger and lube it in preparation for the grand entrance. My mouth went back on his cock, and my finger went for the gold. It wasn't a very deep entrance. I could only stick in an inch of finger before his massively muscled ass decided to stop my finger going any further.

Still an inch was enough. I started to finger his ass, while chugging on his cock. He was moaning audibly at this point (good thing the intruder had left) and his cock had lost a little bit of its hardness - but that is never enough reason to stop me, to be honest. I kept on doing my deed and Mr Body Builder was delirious!!!

However, my head was starting to spin a bit, and I really had little time on my hands. I asked him if he was ready to blow, and sadly, he said it could take him awhile, as he could go all night. Putang ina, this guy is *hot!* Eyeloveim!

I told him I had to go soon, and he said he will give cumming a shot. Fighter! Continued to suck on his dick and finger his ass but at one point, he said "Sorry! I don't think I can cum while being finger fucked. I haven't done it yet."

Shet. Virgin ass. And I could definitely feel that as well!

I stopped finger fucking him, but continued sucking on his dick. Within a minute, he was cumming and I was slurping away. I know it is not safe (STIs and all!) but I just could not resist. And I have to say TASTY TASTY TASTY! I love foreskin and all, but sometimes, nothing beats the clean taste of Pinoy cock.

After he came, I turned around to come on toilet bowl, with Mr Hunk massaging my thigh (how very kind!). We both left the toilet with a satisfied smile on our face.

And, Mr Hunk, if you are reading this blog (aba malay mo!!!), contact me via email ( I have an ass that you might want to plow.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Watta Papa!

Before anything else, helloes to...

Orally: Alam mo naman my skillsh! At least honest, divah.... GANON!
ImSo: I miss writing too, hon!


This story happened around a week ago.

I was sitting in the loo, and admittedly, I was horny as ever. EVER. However, the loo action was less than promising so at one point, I decided - whatevvv. I sat up, buttoned up and about to open the door for my final walk (with matching "You Are My Staaaaar" theme from Ms Univ), when a guy in a brown shirt walked in.

Ako naman, well, hello. He was around 5'10", white, around early forties with a lovely set of glasses. He was not ugly, but far from handsome - quite average one can say. Ako naman, as long as you are not visually offensive, gaym na gaym na! And the term "visually offensive" is very loosely defined in my book, I guarantee you.

He did his wee and being the curious little bugger that I am, I decided to see what his package was like through the glory hole.

Pu... tang... ina... Seriously, it was around 9 inches long - bigger than Merlot's. Seriously uncut and massively thick.

Like KFC: **Finger licking good!!!**

Of course, with that, I sat down again and got myself hard as he finished his thing. As he was finishing, he made a very long thing shaking his foreskin back and forth - and of course, after a few seconds, he was hard, as was I!!!


He looked down at the glory hole, smiled and continued the play. He made a thing about holding his dick at the base and slapping his semi-hard cock on his other hand. Such a turn on! At that point, I had already sat on the throne, pants down, and I was already holding my stiffening dick in one hand.

This was a super awesome catch, so I decided to speed things up a bit before someone disturbs us. I knelt down and he followed a few seconds after. With one hand under the stall, I jacked off Mr Big (just to confirm) and yes, it was ginormous. There are no words to describe how wonderful this dick was! Even though he was obviously sitting a few inches away from the wall, there was still enough dick to poke under the wall to suck.

And suck I did. The two inches that was poking under the wall was deep purple, a strong contrast to the light pink of the foreskin. And it was gorgeous. I found my tongue going around the curves and the nooks that the skin made and it was pure delight. It was like sucking on strawberries.

His balls were only slightly hairy (methinks it was shaved) but pretty big, the perfect companion to the massive tool. I could only hold them and I swear parang tennis balls.


I jacked him hardcore, with matching slight tongue action sa tip, para naman may extra sensation. Within a minute, he began to cum - not too much, pero parang gata. Medyo rubbery na yung kanyang ano - sign of not cumming in days, I think!

Anyway, this entire episode with him didn't last longer than 7 minutes, and though I had funfunfun, I really didn't want to push it too much (maglalaba pa ako, noh!).

I cleaned up and judging from the sound next door, so was he. He stepped out first, washed his hands and out of my life (DRAMIZ!!!).

I stepped out as well, cleaned up and out the door. I walked to the bus stop close by and I saw him across the road... with matching 5-year old boy. As in. Super shocked ako. At least that explains why he hasn't cum in days.

I turned away before he saw my gobsmacked face - but I looked at that kid and thought, "Dude, swerte ka paglaki mo."

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Returning to form?

Dear friends,

Marami akong utang, I knowses. To be honest, the sex life has switched into super high gear and I don't know where to begin.


Pero before dat, kabayong bundat...
Hello to
Orally: I love you too, ghurl. (OHDIVA!)
Fickle: I love your writing, ha! Loveit!
Onai: Chenkiu! Pero wiss na my earring! Sadako...
Anon: I am currently in the Eastern Suburbs... pero thinking baka Annandale... or Leichhardt. Haven't had Italian in so long, eh! (GANON! Putatalagahhhh!)


The most controversial (controversial daw oh!?!) is Merlot. Yes, ladies and ladies, Merlot is back in my life. For those not in the know, Merlot is the reason for this blog (sort of!) and for that back story, basahin dinhi.

But he called me, out of the blue - and he was in his new flat in Sydney and he was... lonely. Ako naman, after the disaster that was last time (remind me, friends - have I blogged about that? There was a cat in that story.)

Anyway, I decided - sige. Will visit Mr Frenchy and see how he was doing. When I knocked on his door, he was topless - still a nice bod, pero nearing 30 was not becoming him, I think. I thought he was hotter than this, personally... but anyway. Hindi naman ako judge ng Ms Universe so whateverdiva? Plus, I myself have gained a few pounds (the hazards of turning 25) (GANON! Ilusyonadah!!!!)

"Hello, Merloooough"

"Hello, Marc. Come on in."


Enter naman ako. Punyeta. His cat was still there. I gave a subtle Halle Berry "HISSSSSSS!" and it went around the corner. It turned its head towards me, narrowed its eyes and ran off into the sunset.

"You scared my pussy."

"Well, I have that effect on pussies."

Taray ng vhakla!

Anyway, after the usual how-art-thous, he asked how I was doing. Ako naman, I'm ok. Still with Oli (long story friends but yes, kami pa rin. Immortal Guy-and-Pip talaga~! Walang kupas!). He said too bad. He was getting more into Asians (ha???) and was wondering if we could give it a shot.

Ako naman - heller. We have differing alcoholic tastes and we have absolutely NOTHING in common, other than the need for sex, which I would like to think is common among most men of any persuasion. He was talking about his other Asian men and how none of them panned out, and he missed the company of men. I suggested - HELLO. Mag-sauna ka kaya?!

"No, I prefer the company of men I know."

Well, I guess that's me. He asked if I was alright to visit him once in a while (fuck buddy??? isn't that what we have been all along anyway???) and I said, yeah, I can live with that.

Anyway, after that, I went to his room and without words, we took off our clothes and cuddled in the nude. His 8-incher was rock hard and hitting the back of my ass. His hands slowly explored my body and I was in no way going to complain about that. He was more tender this time around, and had an almost romantic edge to his approach. How very French!!!

We continued to spoon but at one point, I could not help it anymore. I reached around and jacked him off. He reached down on me and jacked me off as well. He said, "Oh, Brian (his previous plaything) was not as big as this."

"Why, thank you, Merlot. That is mighty sweet."

And with that, he jumped out of spooning and hoisted me so that my ass was on the edge of the bed. He placed himself in between my legs and rubbed his cock close to mine.

Wow, I thought to myself, is Merlot ready for bareback topping???

He rubbed his cock close to my hole and his foreskin was rubbing against my skin. It was such a turn on. I looked up and saw he was delusional! His eyes were riveted on my cock and I swear he was quite intent on doing the deed.

But in a few seconds, he said the dreadful words "I'm. Coming." and his dick shot a load worthy of the Commonwealth Games.

I was left with a hard on and a burning question - are we going to fuck bareback next time?

There is a next time, and I will post about that when that happens next.