Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Another! red! post!

Heeeeeello ladies and ladies~! How are you all? Before the chismax, a few pabati:

1. Orally: Yes, m’dear. Ako si Pootah… Pootah Kikinang! (for those under 30, that was a Ness reference)

2. Pyr: I wish I could be that organised with sex! Next time, when my head space is clearer!

3. Anon: Nakuhledesma! I have a North Sydney story pero next time.

4. Imso: Lol indeed!

Anyway, this is not going to take too long.

Because it has been tough, I decided to take a personal retreat. As in, to get away from it all. Away from Feld (haynakuh. Walang kuwenta.). Away from Oli (kami pa rin, I think). Away from the world.

But not from beats.

Again, it was a public toilet just outside of Sydney. I had stopped a bit from driving (tiring, noh!) and needed to take a leak. I entered the loo, and there were only four cubicles, each with a fairly high divider – not enough to squeeze through but enough to suck if one was agile enough.

Anyway, I went to the urinals to do the deed, but behind me, I could tell there was something strange going on. I turned my head quickly and yes, there was a pair of eyes peering just above the door. Our eyes briefly locked before he quickly ducked out again.

Gaym on!

I finished the deed and quickly went into the last cubicle.

When I got there, I wasted no time getting my pants down and squatting – letting the others know I am definitely randy and ready!

I peered under the stall to see what the others were like. The guy beside me had the athletic look going on, but definitely older than I first realised. He was around late 40s, and sometimes, the look just doesn’t suit the package. He wasn’t really that hot – and that time, I just had higher expectations.

The other guy though was quite cute – late 20s and had dark red hair. Loved his look. As this guy was farther away from me, we had to resort to under the stall communication and I think it was quite clear he was more impatient than I was. It took me half a minute to realise Red was not getting turned on by Sporty Old Spice, and Red quickly hiked up his pants, opened the door and rushed to the empty cubbie beside mine.

We then proceeded to do a little mutual JO – at this point, Old Spice got the hint and left soon after. Because we were alone, I decided to push it a bit. I let go of his hard dick – slender but long and uncut – and tried shoving my head to suck him off. I only managed to suck the tip – clean and so fresh! He had lighter pubes than his head, and it was like sucking strawberries. I looooved it!

Somehow he didn’t feel like getting sucked though and he moved away. Fair enough, I thought. I could live with just mutual JO.

I shoved my dick under the stall again, and waited for the warm hand. But this time, I felt his lips and hellough! BJ!

Now this guy was a fucking expert! LOVEDIT! He sucked me off furiously, like there was no tomorrow, and I loved every second of it. The feeling of getting sucked, plus the excitement of country town tongue drew me to the edge and there I blew! He pulled out just in time, and I dribbled onto the floor. I pulled out after a few seconds, and looked at the guy who came next to my cum as well, his big pink balls pulled close to his pink shaft.

At that point, he said thanks and got up to put on his pants. This guy was cute – and hot! I figured he was a tradie from what he was wearing, but I really could not tell what.

Anyway, I love this country towns. Love love love. And redheads will always burn me up in all the right places.


Anonymous said...

O, ha! Ning, I thought ang target demographic mo lang eh ang mga toilet cruisers based on age, ethnicity, built, dick size and shape(read: cut/uncut).

Avah, I can now see a new criteria. As Angelu would say: "Ang haba ng hair mo!" Yun mga na hadz mo na blonde, kalbo, jet-black, brunette, salt n' pepper and now, red-haired, syet ano na lang ang wala pa sa list mo? Neon Fink, Fuschia, electric green and icemint blue? Kaya pa kaya?

Anyways, thanks for sharing your own version of 'Little Red Riding Hood' (with references to his 'hood' down under. O di va lah, plangak!

imsonotconio said...

hahahah! katuwa ito!!