Friday, 13 August 2010


Ever since "the Great Drama" (too tiring to talk about in this blog, sadly), I've been tired galore. The nice thing about work is that I can focus on (a) getting money galore and (b) getting my own place. Right now, I'm still in Oli's place, pero time for a move out, I think.

Kami pa rin ni Oli pero hindi. So, I don't know what the final tally is on that front.

I've decided to start seeing other people (cue: Dingdong: pero nothing serious.

I am kinda curious about John K, Greek guy siya. Older man, around early 40's. Hindi ko pa alam the sex but if he is anything like Theo (have I spoken about him? Email me if I have not), then yes please!

When I opened this blog, I wanted to talk about Mr Speedo-50 (a 50-year old man I had a play with in the gym), but maybe next time. Super tired me because of the driving around. Sobrang mahal talaga ang rent dito sa Sydney. Kahilo!

Sorry for this non-event entry. Promise next time is more exciting.


orally said...

Ooooh DILFs
so i forgive you lolz

Fickle Cattle said...

Interesting life, and very interesting sex life. :-)

ONAI said...

hey Marcus nice to have caught up with your blog again... cool profile pic...


Anonymous said...

Lolabelles, anoah itech? Fag eklavu, eklavich, fagod-a cold wave lotion ang kumukulot sa iyong mental fhowerrzh (powers, in bekimon-speak), ma-serious osmena naman ang vhlog jentry mo. "Vhakit va ganyan"...(segue: Dina Bonnevie singing -> Vring back the Sandara krung-krung in you! Are you in or out? (

Kidding aside, mama, saan ka ba nag-house hunting sa Sydney. I can point you in the right direction being a Sydney-sider through and through.