Friday, 2 July 2010

Language or the Kiss

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JR: Thank you for the affirmation. To be honest, comments like yours keep me going. :-) Super thanks.

Anyway, back to the new entry.

Super dami the stories so let me start with one of the earlier ones.

A project of mine required me to go to a university in Sydney (anonymous daw!!!) so ako naman, game. Of course, I had to check the local scene and yes, this uni had one promising beat. Thank you,!

When I got to this loo, there were two doors (as required by law! Hooray!) and hearing the first door meant that we had a couple of seconds before we got caught.

Anyway, it was after my last meeting for the day (6pm! TAMA BA YAN!!!) and with a whirling head, I reluctantly went to the magic loo. To be honest, after a long hard day's work, one cannot be blamed for not being in the mood.

However, as I am rarely in this neck of the woods, I had to do my moral obli-gay-tion to try the local flavour.


When I got in, someone was already in the urinal - and he was obviously not there to pee. He was a biker guy, with matching helmet in one hand, dick in the other. He was an older white guy - around mind 50s - but the biker jacket definitely made things look more interesting than not. His dick was the most interesting part though - he was around 7 inches hard with more foreskin than normal. I loved it.

I stood two urinals away from him - siyempre Maria Clara, noh!!! - but within a minute, I knew I could not resist. I began jerking myself off and soon, I too was rock hard. The guy looked at my dick and then at me - and he tilted himself so that I could get a full view. I did the same while walking towards him. Soon, I could smell his minty breath as he jacked himself off furiously - one hand on his dick and the other on mine. He looked at me the entire time, all the while muttering "how do you like that? You have a hot dick. Can't wait to see you cum."

You get the drift.

However, two minutes later, we heard the front door open and we had enough time to set ourselves proper before the second door opened and in walked Mr Fatty.

Mr Fatty was around min-30s, but (as you can tell from the monicker) he was left in the kitchen as a child and he had never really left. Still, face value, he was very VERY cute.

Instead of going to the urinals, he went to the cubicles, which were a few meters away. From there, you get to see the urinals so it was a nice vantage point. I turned around, and confirmed: Yes, he was looking at us and he had his dick out.

At this point, Mr Biker had lost interest and left. He was interesting, yes, but something about Mr Tub was more intriguing. I got the impression that he felt not a lot of people wanted him and he was content to watch.

Well, I am not.

I walked to the cubicle, hard cock in hand. He looked at me, looked at my dick and smiled the sweetest smile. Ako naman, yes, I am here to have fun. I grabbed his dick and noted how small it was (around 2 inches, common among fatties) but it was quite thick! As in VERY thick. As a cock connoisseur, I appreciate originality and his was definitely outstanding in at least one aspect.

He grabbed my dick and looked deep into my eyes. With my other hand, I started to explore his body and ended with his nipples. They were silver dollars - huge nipples to complement his huge chest. I don't mind though - there was clearly some muscle underneath the fat, and his face really made up for the tubbiness!

He raised his shirt and said "Suck it" - and boy did I have fun with that. I am a nipple person to begin with, and he had more than a nipple and a half to spare. I loved sucking that thing!

After a few minutes, I stopped and noticed that he was in a state of ecstasy - his eyes were closed and his hand was furiously working me over. He then opened his eyes and his lips parted.

Well, I'm game.

We kissed torridly and his hand became more impassioned. In a few minutes, my hand felt cum all over it and my dick went over the edge. My cum dribbled onto his pants as his seed fell on my hand.

We kissed one more time and I went to the sink to wash my hands. He slowly closed the cubicle door, but not before looking at my direction and smiling.

Nice. The kiss was definitely more exciting than the words.


Anonymous said...

how can i contact you? am here in sydney, pyrmont area to be exact.

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Email me, hijo. Bading.gerzie@gmail.

imsonotconio said...

ilink mo na ko marcus, i think you know who i am na

this is "toot" lol!

i can see my previous blog still linked here eh hehehe

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Coni: O sige. I added you na to my list, pero you, ha! I'm not on your list. I'm so galit. You better add na me!

Anonymous said...

Tita, I'm a little bit confused. Nasa Sydney ka ba or Melbourne? Sagana ka pa rin sa chorva. Old habits never die. ;)

- The original Anon -