Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Another TGV post

Before the chicka:

1. Anon1: Lovely chatting with you, pero super busy talaga. Sorry!
2. Conio: Thank you for the link. Feeling loved na naman ako - GANON!
3. AnonOrig: Well, the last few months Sydney. Next week, Melbourne na naman. Then the week after that, Sydney ulit. Feeling ko talaga Wonder Woman with matching invisible jet! Sadly, hazards of my job.


Anyway, this is a strange post. In fact, this last week has been weird at best. I've been feeling mad and tired and excited - all at the same time.

I went to TGV last Sunday, all by my lonesome. The past few weeks have been so hectic that my brain just decided to shut down and by the time I got there, I had given the taxi driver a $10 tip (I told you I was tired!) and like a zombie, I went straight to the loo beside Fitness First.

When I got there, another gentleman was already standing in the urinals and I knew he was being a naughty naughty boy. He was older, around late 40s, a bald spot ruining his blonde tresses. Behind him, two cubicles were occupied and given the shadows on the ground, there was obviously some action going on.

I stood closest to the wall, and unzipped my fly. I let loose a semi-erect one, and that definitely got the guy's attention. He turned around and continued to jack off. He had the most interesting penis - horridly thick from the looks of it, and it matched his tall 6'3 frame. He had fairly loose foreskin which made me think that that thing has gone places and back.

Within seconds of us starting our sword play, the door behind him opened and out came a pair of cute almond eyes - an Asian guy, around early 20's, 5'8 and a nice 4-inch dick, hard as a rock, its foreskin barely covering the dark purple head. The door beside him opened promptly as well, and this other white guy came out - around 30 years old, 5'6", medium frame with a lovely hard dick to match. His was around 6" with a tight foreskin and trimmed pubes. He was cute - but the fake tan was a bit of a turn off.

But there we were on a Sunday late afternoon, in the toilet of a mall that was about to close for the day. There was no security about (they were doing other rounds, I guess) and everyone had gone home. The place was ours.

I walked closer to the guy beside me, the tanned 30-year old, and jacked him off furiously. He was looking intently at the older white guy and staring at the other guy's hard cock. The Asian guy was looking at all of us, but strangely enough, hid his nice penis most of the time. Admittedly, his was nothing compared to mine or the other two, but hey! It's a beat, not a Ms Universe contest. Hello! It's all about the thrill, isn't it?

Anyway, there I was, jacking the other guy off and looking at the others who were obviously having fun with the show. In a few minutes, the tanned man started cumming on my hand and onto my Armani shoes. To be honest, at the time, I didn't care - I was just in the zone. I got his cum and jacked myself off, bringing myself to cumming within a minute, all the while facing the other two.

The other Asian guy, who at this point was still covering his penis with the door, began to jack off furiously while leaning against the wall. He looked at me briefly and then closed his eyes in orgasm. The other tall white guy jacked onto the urinal, his cum making an audible splat on the tiles.

It was quite a thrill, but seriously irked by the Asian guy - napaka-selfish mo naman, sis. Share the love next time.

I washed my hands and walked out the door first, cum on shoes and all. I realised while walking home that this will make for an interesting story - but my head was tired and my mind, blank. I got on the bus, but because the scent of cum was so unmistakable, I got a few stares and snickers from fellow passengers.

I fell asleep.


Next story: In the red


orallyours said...

cum on your armani shoe, hawwt!
banyo queen ang potah.

pyrmont said...

hey there stranger,

you should have called me. tsk.
am 20 minutes away from TGV :P

Anonymous said...

Juice mio.

Parang shoe fetish ito, ah. Milk of human kindness nag-ala Monica Lewinski sa sapatos (remember the blue dress?).

Next time, Tita. Sabihin mo dun sa mga onlookers mo sa bus, kaka-laba mo lang. May tira pang chlorox dun sa iyong Imeldific shoes. Yun na!

N.B Tita, Nasa North Sydney ako. Alert me in your next rampa. Para may coverage daw oh! Ganooooon???

imsonotconio said...