Friday, 11 June 2010

Pusang Ina!...

So what is this blog? Dead ba or not?

Well, it's like this...

I'm juggling between two jobs (long story pero in demand ang lola niyo) and Oli (yes, he's sort of still around) and another, Feld.

Anong pangalan ang Feld? Ewan ko. Honest, I thought it was a joke - but that's a different thing altogether. When I know what the hell is going on, then maybe I can blog about it.

But that's for a time when I actually blog properly as opposed to writing furiously in between things to do.

ANYway, as always, pabati sa mga nagbabati:

YJ: In this post, may himala!
Conio: As in, you know naman me. Always foreverreadybatteries!
Mac: Itong post na itong, walang takot!!!


Anyway, it's like deeeezzz. As consultant (Feeling Fanny Serrano talaga!), I have to go visit clients and there are times I have no other time to myself - not even to pee. Files in hand, I run to the urinal, pee while reading (I know. Gross.), run to the sink, out the door. LIfe is tough that way but hey! What can I do?

Today was one lagari day. As in, I had seven meetings, one after the other, and all were within 5 minute sprinting distance. Ganda talaga. Running on caffeine and adrenaline, I would go from one to the next, sometimes with the minutes of the previous meeting still in one hand.

At one point, a client called to say she was 6 minutes behind schedule, so ako naman: Thank goodness!!!! I quickly drank a V, while running to find the nearest loo.

Upon entering this one, I noticed (a) other than this guy near the mirror, I was alone, and (b) this guy kinda cute! He was around 6'1, Caucasian with a thin build. He had dark brown hair with a natural tinge of red and he was definitely a sun worshipper - you can tell with the tan and the freckles on his neck. He was casually dressed, with a hoodie (medyo cold, noh!), and a manbag on his side, with the girly retro print CARL. He looked like a farmer's boy in city clothes - and I reckon he was only 25 years old. Cute overall - nothing to write home about but he is not bad on the eyes.

Now, I dropped by files near the sink where he stood, and I quickly turned around to do my business. After I finished, I went back to the sink where he was playing around with his beard. He looked at me while I was washing and smiled.

"Busy day, aye?"

"Yeah, one of those days."

He went to the urinal, next to where I had done by business and he pulled out his cock. Because of the angle of the place, I could see the urinals where I stood in the sink and shit, his cock was rock hard - as in springing rock hard!


He angled himself a bit so that his cock shows a bit more and he could look at me from the corner of his eye. Ako naman: (a) Cute, (b) matigas. Tangina - why not, chochnat?

I went the hand-drier that was conveniently beside the urinal and pretended to dry my hands, all the while look at Mr. Carl and his Carl's Jr. He was definitely hard and he was definitely not peeing. I looked up at him, and he was looking at me with a smile.

Watch check: I had two minutes. Gaym! Fight!

I walked beside him all the while looking at him. He angled himself a bit more so that I had full access to his rock hard dick, and there it was. It was small for his height - around 5 inches and thin, I have to say. Maybe it seemed short because it was still through his jeans, but ako naman, care! Walang pinipili ang lola niyo.

As I reached out the pull on his cock, he whispered,

"Did you want me to cum?"

"Well, can you do it soon? Gotta meeting in a few."

"I'm ready if you are."

So there I was, pumping his cock away, feeling the cut skin of his shaft and knowing that he must have throbbing for it. While I was pumping away, he was looking at me intensely, his body thrusting against the movements of body. In less than a minute, he started slowly moaning and cum sprayed onto the urinals. I looked at his face and he had his slightly bearded chin raised, his eyes closed, his smile glowing. He had cum all over the urinals and some had landed on my hand.

I lifted my hand to my mouth, licked the cum while looking at him. He looked back and smiled.

"Thanks," I mumbled.

I washed my hands and ran to the meeting. And yes, that bitch was still late.

**I don't know how often I can update this, but I promise I will try. Maybe once i get an iFag, este iPad. Hmmmmm.**


Herbs D. said...

its nice to see another pinoy down under, no pun.

imsonotconio said...

i miss you as in!

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you again - keep them coming!