Saturday, 8 May 2010

Anak ng Petchay!

Dear friends,

Sorry at super duper late itong entry na ito! Medyo trauma till EVER the last few months. As in, EVER.

But before anything else... Hello muna sa mga friends!

1. Yj: Sorry at bitin the kuwento! Ito na ang continuation, promiz!
2. Anon: I will try! Actually been very very busy here (As in!) pero talagang no time for chicka to the chenez!
3. HenryR: Thank you for the compliment. I do hope to make updates more consistent!... somehow.
4. Mac: Fight lang talaga, ghurl! Fight!


Anyway, I don't have enough time so I'll try to make this brief.

Updates: Love life is less than ideal. Oli moved away for business reasons so we no longer live together, PERO when he is in town, we still go out like a couple and believe it or not, his family still recognises me as his partner, so chicka! Win talaga ang family niya. Promise.

ANYway, work has been alright pero lagari to death! As in, I get sent off to out of town trips but because budget is tight, hindi overnight. Balikan and by the time I get home, I'm like Nora Aunor - dead to the world.

(Ang sama ko. Sorry, Noranians)

One day, in one of the towns I happened to visit (near the Blue Mountains), I had to use the loo, and as always, I like the public toilets. Just because, di ba?! Anyway, I was there, and it was a decent loo naman. Clean, especially for a public toilet, and I jumped into the farthest cubicle (force of habit) and did number one.

Now, in the middle of the deed, I noticed coughing next door. I looked down and voila! May glory hole. Not big enough to do anything physical (sayang!) pero definitely enough for an eyeful. After finishing my deed, I peered through it closely, and there he was - a beefy 40ish man, with enough body hair to carpet Malacanang and enough girth to be called stocky but not obese. He was bald but still cute - there was enough youth in his eyes so that he can be mistaken for a 30-year old, but a bit of his wrinkles and the touch of grays in his hair betrayed his age.

More importantly, he was cute enough and there was a hunger in his eyes that made me think: Why not?

As if, pihikan ko! Hahahaha!

Anyway, I cleaned the seat and sat down to warm myself up, and once in a while, I would stand up so that my package would be the same level as the hole. I was hoping it would encourage him to do the same - and yesyesyes, he bit the bait.

His dick was smallish (around 4 inches - common among big men) but my goodness, ang taba!!!! It was VERY thick - I would say as thick as my wrist, with his foreskin tightly clenching his head. Ako, I love dicks of all shapes and sizes, but I definitely love the interesting looking ones. This one was definitely a keeper!!! The only sad thing was the wedding ring on his finger.

Anyway, we did the whole show and tell routine repeatedly (with a number of interruptions along the way, sadly) until I couldn't manage it any longer and I bust my nut, with my cum dribbling all on the floor. I could hear him moaning and groaning next door but I could tell it was from the sight of my cum as opposed to him cumming himself.

Strangely enough, even before I could fix myself, I could hear him rustling with his pants and fixing himself. He somehow managed to get out of his cubicle first and leave before I could - as I stepped out, I was met with an empty room, save for a piece of paper on the floor which I slipped into my pocket. I washed my hands and stepped out into the sunshine.

And then I saw him - in the parking lot - looking at me with that hunger still in his eyes, despite the fact his feet were saying otherwise. He walked away, with his black Holden Sales shirt a bit sweaty from the action. I guess that answers what he did for a living: he was a closeted country boy/car salesman, with a family but a nasty habit on the side. His cuteness was definitely a plus, but me as a kabit? I don't think so....

... but he did leave his calling card, with "Next Friday?" written on the back.


We'll see.


Yj said...

aaaaaaaaay walang bongkang? hahahaha

oh well...

baka hindi mo pa alam teh, ang lola Nora may i come back na at talagang nagparetoke pa.... wait ka lang daw!!!

baka may himala!

imsonotconio said...

always malandi u tlaga lol

Mac Callister said...

hahaha landi takot ako sa ganyan buti ka pa!

sinong mac yun tinutukoy mo?may kapangalan pa ko haha